Reviews For AudioslaveVideoPodcast

If you think you can do better,run for President or shut up and sing.Your music is timeless it's a shame to see you date it with politics.
Looking forward to the new album. I hope they do some longer episodes in the future to give some more details about their lives.
I am a big audioslave fan, and a podcast with them is just amazing. I just think that they are too short because they are only around 1 minute or less
Great podcast, looking forward to the new album
Revelations Is A Great Album. I Believe Audioslave's Best! Yes Even Better Than>Self Titled
i was kinda disapointed that they didnt release the first two episodes at the same time. also for the month of august 2006 you can get this full video for free download on an xbox 360. over all good material. keep it coming