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I really enjoy listening to Gary , the wisdom he imparts , and the interviews with individuals he helped. Thanks Gary
I came here looking for some other podcast who I had heard on Insight Timer. I searched Happiness, as that was the title of that meditation and I guess what we all go searching for... This gentleman is crystal clear brilliance. There is mind opening stuff here that you know to be true already and needed a mirror as crystal clear as this brilliant one to shine the light what needed enlightening.
I have been a subscriber to this podcast for very many years. I’m so glad to see that Gary continues his awesome work. Great podcast!
While much of what Gary says is not new to me, his presentation pulls it all together in an accessible and practical way. His information is current. I have found his exercises very effective because he presents them in small bites. To echo other reviewers, his verbal presentation of the material is superior, and perhaps a big reason I keep listening to the same ones over and over.
I can't even begin so express how grateful I am for Gary and his reassuring guidance through the murky tangle that can be our relationship with our minds. He made plain so many traps and attachments that I'd been living with almost instinctually for years. I happily bought the audio series and it, too, was wonderful. He's soothing, centering, and never, ever tries to sell you his material. He doesn't have to. It's that good. If I ever meet him, I'm going to give him a hug and thank him from the bottom of my heart. You won't be disappointed.


Gary has a really unique perspective that he shares through this podcast and on his website. I had become quite allergic to most self help teachings. A lot of them feel very superfishal to me. This podcast is different in that it inspires authentic happiness by helping me to see the unhelpful patterns that tend to obscure the point of view of joy and love. These podcast's also inspired me to work through Gary's Self-Mastery course on his website and that's been so helpful to me. If, you've tried a lot of self-help/spiritual techniques that have left you frustrated I really recomend checking out this podcast and his website. My only criticism is that I wish their was more new podcasts and I also love the interviews with his clients as it's so helpful to hear others thoughts about the journey. More of those please!
Thank you Gary for such a great show and helping others to find happiness through self awareness.
My life has changed. I thank you with my whole heart.
This is one of my all time favorite self awareness podcasts! Please continue to make more episodes :)
really enjoy this podcast and find it very helpful. it's always a boost of motivation. i definitely recommend to anyone looking to better themselves
I am so thankful for the information and lessons Gary van Warmerdam offers in this podcast. I have found it to be a great complement to doing his Self-Mastery program and reading his book. Thank you!
Adding to my earlier review - So glad Gary is back with his podcasts! A real gem - get to it completely - rather than a lot of quick-fix band aid approaches that we see around. ******************** As I've listened to his podcast I've been amazed at the revelations he shares. He is a master who seems to have spent a great deal of time and effort understanding and exploring first himself and then learning how to teach the practice to others. He doesn't believe in platitudes and gradually shows you how to peel off the layers that we have built to cover the real truth. He teaches self awareness and how that is the stepping stone to happiness. The path is not easy, neither is it quick fix. But it appears doable with Gary showing you the light. With just a few podcasts behind me I'm already noticing myself notice some patterns of behavior. Thanks Gary.
Thank you Gary :)
Been listening for a couple of months and enjoy Gary’s insight. Keep up the good work.
Listening to this ineloquent man recite mundane, basic and banal story-telling concepts is uninspiring. If it is in fact a joke, then is actually kind of inspiring.
If you're just trying to get your self improvement ball rolling, this podcast is a great resource. Start with episode one and be prepared to learn things about yourself that can help equip you to become a happier, healthier person.
Thank you Gary for this podcast and your website. It has changed my life and I am deeply grateful for this experience. Thank you so much.
Gary van Warmerdam is the real deal.
Simply overjoyed that Gary speaks with understanding so that i can understand and apply these core findings about the self and reciprocity of love and gratitude - in my life. Thank you is an understatement.
I have been listening to Gary van Warmerdam for a couple of years including his Self Mastery Course. It's wonderful! What I most appreciate about his approach is the depth of discussion linked to a few basic concepts of self awareness. He doesn't just provide cursory explanations he uses helpful examples.
I bought the self mastery program on his website and it was well worth the price. For me, the paid program was really where I gained some great insights into my thinking process, while the free podcasts were mostly helpful to just round out the whole practice. The paid program is set up where you pay the whole fee up front but only receive one lesson every two weeks. At first I thought that was a weird way to do it, but mid-way through the series it made perfect sense. I would also recommend looking into Adyashanti and Gangaji, two other people that I found after doing Gary's program who are also teaching the practice of not believing your own thoughts. It's all very interesting.
I happen to stumble on these podcast while I was browsing on I tunes. I can't thank you enough for posting your insight. So many questions I had for so long are starting to be answered. Though Im new to this I am starting to see things different and if that's the only thing I get out of this I am extremely grateful. I recommend people listen with an open mind. If its for you its for you. I started the grateful exercise this week and I'm looking forward to whats next. Thank you again!
I would give this podcast one million luminescent, ethereal, eternal Stars! I feel such horrible sorrow for anyone who listens to this podcast who doesn't realize that the answer lies right here.
24 years sober, listened to many podcasts, this one hits the mark.
I have listened to his free podcasts and now in the basic series. I got to a point in my life where I didn't want to be on "metote" horseback ride and it all started with "I agree..." And you can change into (a process) from a fearful creature to a loving person... Teaches you to love you and not the illusion one has created in mind... That life is beautiful just the way it is and doesn't require us to believe or add values to it for it to be true. I agree to live in love and stop the judge and victim character by first building a new house, a house of gratitude where I can accept or acknowledge I am where I am and the things going through my mind and not changing it but first by just observing it and recognizing that the voice in our minds is not who we are but chatter to what really is going on. Changing my life one day at a time. I love me more before I started and want to love me more as I grow
Although I do appreciate the insights and considerable information that Mr. W. puts forward…. listening to episode 13 was a bit like listening to an adolescent tell a story. I mean really, how many times does he say"….this is the most important thing"… a dozen or more. If that was the humorous aspect to this particular episode, well, I think stating that it can be a bit complex getting to "the most important" thing might be a little more user friendly…. and then tell a joke.
I was so lucky to have bumped into this podcast today. It helped me in such a time of need and hope to hear more. I will definitely be looking at the website.
Please please return you are an inspiration and truly missed.
I'm such a fan of yours - your podcasts are life-changing if you let them sink in- I am still working on the gratitude meditation-I look forward to so much change as a result of your teachings! I am a huge fan of this podcast
Gary's teachings have changed my life. I totally recommend him.
The host promotes is classes thru this podcast. It is annoying that the entire hour is all referencing how you should sign up for his courses on his website and is not helpful at all.
These podcasts inspires and brings wellbeing. I would recommend listening to these!!!!! If you are looking for advice and calming clarity, Gary will help. He has GREAT views and advice that in turn you can listen to again and again and should be thought about because they make so much sense. His podcasts are great for the car and comforting as well.
This is a great podcast. We have a wonderful podcast that we'd love to collaborate with you on. Our podcast is GluckRadio (search for us on iTunes)... We've had some great guests, as have you. Let us know what you'd like to do.
I have been consciously on my journey for about 5 years now, and am always learning and re-learning, and applying and re-applying the techniques and insights Gary outlines in his online course and this "free" series of podcasts. I have travelled and met many seekers, healers and "gurus" over the years, and yet I still come back to Gary's simple, and sometimes long-winded, messages of truth and self-love. Long-winded isn't always a bad thing though, is it? At first I thought there was no way I'd be able to digest what seemed to be a million podcasts that averaged 30 minutes each, but as I dug in I became immersed. Having perviously been an engineer, as Gary had, my mind was used to creating super-structures of visual thought and concept - in the end not only was I able to listen to everything he had to offer, I found myself going back and listening to it all two and three and four times over. To this day I use his insights as reminders, and listen to these podcasts when I'm feeling out of touch with myself. This is rich material. There is alot of universal truth being conveyed here, and if you have the guts and commitment to stand and face your own fear, try this series out. It's cryptonite to fear based living...
Thank you Gary ! I added you to my favorites I have been lessening to Kurt Stevenson on line for 2 years , meditate w Deppak ...,and now Gary ! I specially like your hands on approach - mentoring To tackle negative beliefs I am in a 12 step for 4 years and my the recovery level allows me know to take full advantage of your teachings Maybe Mexico next year .... Tkz again !
Sometimes it's painful to listen, because it's the "stuff" you would rather suppress but always beneficial!!!!
Been listening to the pod casts this past week as I traveled on business. I have been wanting to change my attitude but have not made the commitment. That has changed. I just signed up for the course and am now on my journey. I cannot wait to see what is around the next corner.
I found the way he breaks down fear to be very informative. Once you apply his way of thinking to your own life, you free yourself from old baggage. At least in my case, I did. Take your time a listen when your ready, and your ready to focus. Enjoy.
I have enjoyed the message delivered in this podcast series. I wish that the message was delivered with more passion or animation, but again, the message is real and worthwhile. The author is not up there to stroke his ego in an attempt to confuse or appear better than everyone else. It's accessible and a great way to start your journey into increased awareness.
Helping me in my recovery.


By Joyjw33
Practical and life changing!


By Gma us
Great stuff Gary! Thank you!
If you listen to these amazing podcasts and they speak to a place deep within your soul, you are ready for the life changing message Gary has for you. If you listen for a couple minutes and it's like fingernails on a chalkboard, you still have lessons to learn that will bring you to the point of readiness. And from personal experience, it is infinitely less painful to wake up earlier in life rather than later. I have even given copies of these podcasts to my psychologist and she was amazed at Gary's insight. If you can allow yourself to view your life through eyes that see how your own actions brought you to needed lessons, even though painful, you will begin to see that willlessness does not exist and nothing ever happens against our own will. When we remember that our will works only for our higher good or the higher good of humanity, then we can look at what our trials demonstrated to us and what they demonstrated to those around us. Life gets easier to understand. Understanding internalized is wisdom. I have gained much wisdom through Gary. If you don't know how you got somewhere, how can you avoid ending up there again? Lessons keep coming back over and over in life with increasing intensity until you learn the lesson. -rebekah
I appreciate Gary's directness, his insight and ways to help you breakdown your understanding of what it is that is holding you back...and he tells you how you can achieve the desire to let go of old agreements that are destructive and limiting. It's a practice and not a quick the work...if happiness is what's important to you...
This podcast is really great to listen to. There isn't much to add that others haven't already said. I wish there were more.
I thought this would be just like the other millions of self development stuff I've reviewed but truly, this man speaks deeply and doesn't just help one to fix up problems in ones life...he teaches WHY they happen and the prophylaxis for them. Thank you and pleeeeeease do continue!
This awesome content has started to change my wife has noticed it as well..I would definitely recommend it