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Jade and kidders podcast needs the explicit tag


By Baasima
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Where is the podcast Miss you all
I enjoy listening to your podcasts and have even gotten my wife to start listening also. We have learned a lot from listening and would like to thank the SIF crew for everything you have done and plan on doing. Oh and Kidder, you will be greatly missed on SIF, but we do listen to bathtalk too.
We've been listening to the podcast for about a year now. Love the show! Hope all goes well with Kidder and Jade..Loved hearing from Nina Hartley. Keep up the good is so refreshing to listen to good un edited content on the topic of all things sexual...I truly hope we continue to accept these topics as a whole in our society!! B&K....Wisconsin
I understand that it's cathartic for Kidder to record, in a creepy, desperate voice, his feeling on the Jade situation, but to air them and mar 200+ fine previous episodes is unprofessional. We know you're hurting, dude, but work it out a bit on your own. This is not Fun to listen to right now.
To be involved in the lifestyle you allow your spouse to have relationships with other people. It is free and open but not without the risk of your spouse finding someone who is more interesting or a better partner. When that happens is comes with the territory and you just deal with it. To get jealous or upset is counterintuitive to the lifestyle. Kidder is acting immature and should back off. Jade committed the act of "omission" and not the act of "commission." Her response was a result of knowing that Kidder could not handle her feelings toward the man from Desire. She knew that he would have an immature response, which he did. Jade did not do anything wrong. Kidder did and continues to do so. I think that Kidder should take up bowling because there are not the same emotional risks.
Great pod cast I'm only on episode 78 but I love you guys and the way present topics even if some topics arnt my particular life style I love listening and I have my wife listening to you now and ps she swallowed for the first time after learning how to do so without tasting it
As informative as it is fun, this podcast is one of my "don't miss" podcasts.


Grate shows love them love the comics
The show started out great but they are running out of ideas to talk about.


By JD Dibs
Awesome podcast and Very informative.
I've enjoyed the show for quite a while now. I think it's a light hearted and fun approach to a subject that can be viewed too seriously and with too much taboo. I find that their information is good and I like to hear all their opinions . Their conversations on the podcast help me to form my own opinions on the subjects they discuss. They seem be the kind of people that would be fun to have at a party or just have a beer with.
You've got a point. I'd give the show one star except that the rest of the people on the show are so great at what they do I feel it would be unfair to them. So tell you what, I'll give the show four stars, removing one for my crappy performance, yet still giving props where they are deserved by the rest of the contributors. I don't know if I'll disappear, but will be making some changes and heading into new territory. Not quite sure what I did to stink up your cornflakes but it must have been rather personal for you to come back here special from time to time and post new reviews letting us all know how terrible I am at what I do. Either way, I appreciate your input and will work hard to be less crappy in the future. That said, only 27 more episodes to go!
Kidder has become so full of himself that he doesn't realize how bad it looks when he has to use his own name on 5 star posts that say nothing. Hopefully his latest that there's only 27 more shows left means they will finally go away since the majority of the reviews in the past year have had comments against Kidder. If the show doesn't stop hopefully at least Kidder will go away. Arrogance and stupidity don't work well together as the majority of the one star ratings over the past year will attest to.
The show would be a lot better if one of the hosts, Kidder Kaper, wasn't so self-aggrandizing. I have enjoyed the podcast, but it's been harder to listen to recently.
I see the episode has already been pulled. Was it for the rampant unprofessionalism of ripping their guest after he hung up? A guest who is apparently putting this trip together for them. A guest who probably demanded they pull the show after hearing the rip job. Or, was it the hypocrisy of selling people on a resort that seems to have many rules that are counter to what they purport to believe in. I don't blame Rick and Laura Rad for being put out by the whole show. Would anyone be surprised to find out the SIF crew gets free rooms if they get enough people to sign up? I really used to like the show, but I find it harder and harder to listen. Actually Kidder I've been listening since before Laura Rad was a regular and I very much enjoyed the show. I've noticed that my enjoyment of the show has declined with time. I'm sure it coincides with the increase in the popularity of the show and with it the increased commercialism of it. I still quite enjoy the other hosts. I have found you have become the weak link in the show.
I've learned a lot from this podcast...maybe even some things that I didn't really want to know about. But fun to know little tips,tricks and new things to try
This podcast has changed my life for the better. Fantastic content and quality. I don't miss an episode.
I have been listening since early in the "broadcast". I love the personality of everyone involved. This podcast makes air travel much more pleasant. JP20918 has no idea what he/she is talking about. (see crappy review from April 9). Kudos to Kidder and the team!!
How do you view explicit content
I just discovered this great podcast last month and I can't stop listening to it. I am suprised at how much I have learned and just how sexier I feel after I listen. These four hosts are hysterical! I look forward to more each week. Keep it up!