Robinson Crusoe

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I was following along in the text and noticed entire chunks of the reading were missing. Particularly when Defoe would go into detail about Crusoe's religious thoughts and reasoning, but other bits too. It would skip with no warning and, as I read this at 2x speed to have it done in time for class, it was very confusing when I had to pause and read what had been skipped.
I enjoyed the reading. Although there were vital chapters that were skipped. Ignoring the whole work, reflection, and depth of Defoe's excellent novel. I am a little disappointed. I am hesitant in using this reader again due to the possibility of missing other great literature I have not read.
Gets two stars for an adequate reading... should have been British rather than American, as Robinson Crusoe was from York. But more disappointing, is the fact that this version is incomplete, lacking large chunks of the story, and the chapter breaks are randomly inconsistent. ...and the repeated apologies for DeFoe's racism... PUH-LEEZE!! The story was written long ago and far away, in a time and place that we can scarcely comprehend. That is why these classics endure - to give us some understanding, and a look at those times and places. The story, itself, explains DeFoe's (Crusoe's) attitudes and behaviors... long-winded apologies are worthless and irritating interruptions!
This recording is as good as any commecial version.
This was incredible! The recording is very clear and easy to hear and I would download another book from this reader simply because he does such a great job. Not to mention the fact that it's free!
Robinson Crusoe is a classic of the first order. The narrator did an excellent job of making this story come to life. I last read it as a boy some 40 years ago, but he made it seem as if this was the first time I had ever heard the story. Well worth your time to dowload and listen, great for children.
The narrator does a fantastic job reading a fantastic novel. I hadn't read this in over 20 years, and the narrator made it seem like it was the first time again. Excellent job!
This is the only podcast where I can't wait to hear the next episode. The story is good on its own, but the narrator is really pushes it to the fifth star. If you only have time for one audiobook, this should be it.