Happy Shooting - Der Foto-Podcast

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This has been a staple diet for a long time during long car rides for a few years now. Its entertaining, and you learn a lot, not only about photography. Warning: if you’re not into geekdome (sometimes), silly jokes (once in a while), and overall connections to photography (always!) you might not enjoy it. My wife, as a non photo geek, starts screaming after five minutes, I love it :-)
Most people won't end up wasting their time with this. Chris is an arrogant man.
Chris and Boris have a weekly photography podcast that covers the whole range of photography. They both have very well founded technical knowledge and have a very understandable way of sharing it. Their approx. 1h show is a nice mixture of edutainment and photo gosip. Bi-weekly photography tasks keep the listeners involved and help improove our skills. Chris also has a podcast in english language, called TipsFromTheTopFloor. He does Workshops here in the US and just recently at the Mount Everest Base Camp. I herewith want to thank Boris and Chris - keep going! and HAPPY SHOOTING