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Steele looks fantastic, Martin looks fantastic, and Mooner is money! Listened to these episodes tens of times, they just get better and better. Miss you boys!
This show is Money, even with Los Edwardos. 30 episodes in and lovin it. I know I have 180 more to go but can't help being sad(mad) that they don't do it any more. I hope they come back someday. Favorite episode is 4. Favorite guest is Mooner.
do the show again. on sick and wrong you mentioned possible quartlery show. oh my...I like the sounds of this.
These guys were put on hold early but, they shall return. Go ftv...
Can't wait- also check out sick and wrong
Mike plays the game. Look out!


Sick and Wrong ftw....


From the Ville is pure hilarity for those than don't know the meaning of offensive, and want a unique, funny, and somewhat childish point of view on everyday news and events. Everything from world news to the lives of Martin, Steele, and their group of... associates gets covered in this one of a kind podcast, and you don't want to miss it. Once you get going, you get hooked. It's a podcast addiction! I can't stop!


By yo_zen
Somebody tell Martin to stop being a pansy and turn the mic and cameras back on. Who's in the lead on the death pool?
Well, the boys have hung it up. This is all she wrote. Their website has a final farewell and a final salute to all their non-supporters. Long live FTV!
STEELE is just like I knew him in high school (maybe he matured a little bit) he still has great vocab skills and understands the innards of a human person like no other doctor. martin is gay.still.
From the Ville features two co-hosts with faces that only a mother could love. Be prepared for laugh-out-loud nonsense for the internet's dirty white boys. I cannot recommend this show enough. **Warning: this is for adults only**
As martin says time and time again there's only 2-3 good comedy podcasts out there right now from the ville fluctuates quite nicely between those upper tiers. Just watch out for dna covered futons running amok, and the faint heavy breathing from martins surgically implanted african lipbowl. All in all the best I've heard in 2 years of listening to podcasts. Keep up the good work, I mentioned the lip martin...but your my fave.
All the good makes up for all the bad - 5 STARS my good men!
The title says it all. Avoid this cast.
This podcast isn't for wussies, but regular, open-minded people that aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, or most importantly-each other! Martin and Steele do this type of podcast better than anyone. Listen at least once, and if you don't like it- SUUUCK IT!!!