Reviews For Japanese Podcasting Lessons: Learn to speak Japanese and write Kanji symbols

Terrible quality, not worth anyone's time.
There is no way to UNsubscribe from this podcast. Once they have an email address, you're on their list(s?) for life. Most of the emails want you to buy something. or have something translated. Good idea, questionable value & implementation.
The audio tracks and the videos are very very helpful, but one video is intoducing the website, which by the way totally increases the amount you learn and the speed. But overall i give it 5 stars because ive learned alot from this. Sayonara!
The one that says, "Learn Japanese with the video" is worthless! All it was is a guy comes on and says "Thank you for watching my video"! It's not even a minute long. The sound is very weak and nearly incoherent. It's a good idea, but with bad implementation.
This is a great learning tool if your hoping to one day write and read in Japanese.You learn Kanji,Hiragan, and Katakana symbols.Wen i stumbled upon this podcast I was automatically addicted and wanted to learn more more.I have teched spanish and trying to teach people with no bilingual back round is not easy.So i thank Takanori Tomita for this great podcast.
Its cool and interesting , and very easy to get