"A Tale of Two Cities" Audiobook (Audio book)

Reviews For "A Tale of Two Cities" Audiobook (Audio book)

Narrator is very good. It is a tad slow, but I won’t take any stars off for that because you can just listen at double speed. That’s how I listened, and it was great.
My favorite novel read so well I cannot distinguish between memories of my own reading experience and the audio experience. It’s a wonderful tale of two formats.
Excellent book! A well done audiobook.
Amazing but I love the woman who narrates it.
This is a life saver for students who are crunched on time because it keeps you at a good pace.
I have read Tale of Two Cities a couple of times. I consider it to be a timeless tale I can easily relate to. Dickens’ use of imagery phrasing to convey the emotion and atmosphere of the settings in his novel is the work of a master weaver of epic scope. Ms. Akers’ reading does great justice to this masterpiece, which in itself is no small accomplishment.
Amazing audiobook. I love the STORY (it was my first time hearing/reading it), I love the READER (she has a GREAT VOICE, she does different voices for different speakers, and she doesn’t talk too fast or too slow), I love Dickens’s writing techniques and imagery, and love that this audio book is FREE!
So nice to listen something without an intro and ads every episode. Great narration
I really dislike being read to, and always have, but this is a necessity on busy nights. I have to read this book for my English class and being able to hear the voices change and make distinction between characters while I work on other homework every night is extremely helpful to my understanding of the text. It makes long nights seem not-as-long. Having to speed up the audio is a bit annoying though because it doesn't seem as natural, but normal speed is much too slow for my liking. Otherwise it is a great tool!
that's all. The librivox version 2 is also good
This audiobook brought the book to life. The madam who lends her voice is wonderful and she does a fabulous job the entire time!!
I usually do not write reviews but I had to write this one as a thank you to the people who produced this excellent podcast.
Jane A. Is a fantastic narrator. I enjoyed every moment.
I've had frustrating experiences with audiobook podcasts in the past and was a little apprehensive about this one at first. But Jane's reading is steady, clear, striking a perfect balance between drama and restraint. I really enjoyed this book, and I know it's all because of Jane and her passionately constrained interpretation. Thank you so much for offering such a high-quality audiobook for free!
Thank you to Jane A , an impressive narrator. It would have been very easy to over dramatize the narration and accents, and entirely botch the depth of the author's intent. The narrator read each passage so beautifully and yet in such an understated manner that I was compelled to stop the recording to reread and reconsider particular passages of exceptional beauty. In summary, the narration enhanced the prose and brought what could have been a very cumbersome text to life I have a new appreciation of Dickens and the depth of his humanity. I had previously thought of him as merely a serial writer of lugubrious Christmas tales. Thank you librivox for a literary and auditory experience i will always cherish.
I not very good with old English but the audio book helped me understand. Thank you for creating this
Loved reading it many years ago, loved to listen to it.
I have a hard time focusing on books with old English, but we have to read this for my Honors English class. This made it alot easier for me to understand and concentrate. Thanks for creating this!!! 
I literally cannot focus when I'm reading by myself, so to have this eBook is simply amazing! Got the highest quiz grade (personally) of the year after using it! Really great tool! Thank you!!!


Glad to see a free audiobook, but I wish it was formatted as one, rather than as a podcast. Speaker is dry and slow; using the double speed function on my iPhone is a must. Book is long, drawn-out, and unnecessarily wordy, but that is no fault of this work. Fell asleep while listening first time I heard this.
this is not "stupid summer reading" it is in fact widely considered one of the most important pieces of literature ever written. but what more can you expect from a lax bro?
I had to read this book for my summer project for school and I hate to read. So it help a lot to listen to the book
I am going to be a freshmen this upcoming year and we have to read this book. It is probably the most boring book I have read but I had to get through it... A friend showed me these an immediately I was hooked. I will be glad to recommend this to all of my friends to help them get through stupid summer reading to.
i loved jane aker! she really livened this otherwise slow book that i'm required to read and made me appreciate the true greatness of the book. she really helped me follow the book thoroughly,thanks! :)


By kunz841
helps me concentrate so much!
this is soo helpful. i need to read this for school and listening to it on my ipod while i read along reeeeeally helped me. this is a tough book! dickens is tough! this is really great. i highly recommend to anyone like me who cant focus when reading a hard book.
The book itself is very hard to read but is SO much easier to listen to! Thank you!! :D
Using this audio book set at x2 on my iPad, I'm making great time on this book, much better than if I were reading it silently. I can finish these difficult chapters in 15 minutes per chapter, tops. Plus, it's free. So helpful, thanks again!
This is great. Would recomend to anyone who has to read this for an English class. Loved it!
Free...this is what I like in life. I've also downloaded other books as well (for example, Great Expectations) and best of all, it's free, helping all those in need of finishing a book, not all too peachy on the idea of actually reading the words, and the penny pinchers of society.
This podcast was perfect for helping me keep up with the reading in my college English Lit class. I love how they include the text so that you can read along if you like. Only small issue is that some of the text is cut off at the end. Even with this little flaw, highly recommend!
Powerful story. Masterfully narrated. Thoroughly enjoyed every word. Highly recommended.
I have not read the book, but thought it would be interesting to listen to. I had a hard time following along and staying interested in the story. I got about half-way through the entire thing and decided to move on and find something else to listen to. I do like how they performed it though, the story was just not for me.
I have to read this next year for school, and it really helps that this book is free! Also, I really like the fact that the reader conveys emotions well, and the plot is more exciting than if I had just read it myself. I will have to read it in print anyway, but this helps me understand the book much better. Thanks iTunes for allowing this to be free!!!
Thanks so much for making this free!!! I definitely didn't want to have to pay like 18 bucks for this kind of thing, but I really needed the podcast to keep myself focused while reading it for school. This really made my life easier!
I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Aker's spirited reading of this classic. Her obvious love of a good story carried me all the way to the memorable last words.
Just download it, listen to it, get over the flowery arcane language, and simply enjoy some of the best works of man...simple as that. The words and story are unforgettable. The interpretation is excellent, and the finest literature in the world is yours. History repeats itself daily. Believe it!
wow this podcast saved my life. i had to read this book for my english class , but couldn't stay focused and when i could stay focused i had no idea what i was reading. So thank you Jane Aker!!!!
im so glad they have this, it helps find thing you would have never noticed!!!
thank you for the podcasts. Made my confusion in the plot of the story more understanding. A great tool to use for those who are more of a auditorial learner.
Well done. Thoroughly entertaining, Jane Aker does a marvelous job. Looking forward to additional programs.
A Tale of Two Cities was fabulous! I was hooked. I really liked the fact that it played at least two chapters an episode. Using the different voices was also very helpful.
I was apprehensive about listening to such a boring story, but Jane Aker really brings it alive. I listen to many podcasts, and many of those are literature related, and her presentation in clear, well produced, and informed. If you are interested in reading great literature but need a boost in getting started (or if you enjoy audiobooks) I highly recommend this podcast.
This is one of the all time best novels and the narrarator did a wonderful job of conveying the emotions and attitudes of the characters. Her voice was so lively and entertaining, you almost feel like you are there talking with the characters!
I am a freshman going into the International Baccalaureate Program, and this is one of the books we have to read. Im usually a good reader, i enjoy books and all, but this book was being a bit stubborn and harder to read than anything else. I bought the Cliff's Notes for it, but figured in the end it would be easier just to listen to it. I expected to have to buy it, but in this case, i could just download it! I completely enjoyed this, and i made it through the book! I highly recommend it!
Ms.Aker is clearly very talented and brings this story to life!
Superbly read by Ms. Aker. This makes a long train ride home everyday relaxing and entertaining.


This really helped me out with my book report! It is a very slow reader but that helps you to understand it. Thanks so much!!!
Thank you so much!!!! This audiobook is so great!!!! All I can say is "thanks"!!!!! <3