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Great set of podcasts that are entertaining, informative, varied, & very well-done. I use these with my students and all ages love it!


By Cufuchl
It is a pretty sweet podcast, very good and inspiring.
Awesome podcasts... I'm a teacher in Virginia and we've been watching these for a couple of years now. They are always fun and educational! You've definitely inspired us and we've learned a lot from you. Thanks!
Interesting and entertaining!
Worth While! You can tell that so much effort goes into making this show, it is original and interesting and has nicely long track lengths as compared with other p-casts. Good enough to watch more than once. -6 Corners Chicago
Solid flow of information, simple enough for kids to get, fascinating enough for adults to enjoy and get something out of as well, long enough as a stand alone tv show, short enough to engage a great conversation in the classroom. Not only is that a tough line to walk you seem to handle it with ease. I'd change the "Category" from "K-12" to something else. Other "big name" nature shows should take note of this series, as they may have more than an equal on their hands with this show. I can't believe some of the shots you get. It's great seeing you guys have fun with it too. Keep up the great work!
You all are aweseome. this is amazing stuff. I can't wait until the next episode!
EcoGeeks is shaping up to become an excellent source for teachers, kids, and young adults to turn to for fun and exciting natural history. So glad to see a group of dedicated and energetic scientist/filmmakers out there exploring the world through science, and sharing what they learn with the rest of us. Ecogeeks serves as a wonderful example of the web making a positive difference.


Just saw podcast, awesome. Great for adults and kids. Kids wanted to see all podcasts at one time. Thats a first. Keep up the great job, we need more!!
It's so hard to find good educational science 'shorts' to show to my middleschool classes. My main objective is content and this podcast delivers science topics with a fun, fast-paced style. The presenters seem really passionate about their work and the kids picked up on that. We need new teaching tools such as this podcast to get kids excited about science, ultimately we need more young adults entering science fields!
Geeky sure, but entertaining. Love the faux indian accents ... not bad. I'm not a biology teacher or a primary school student but this stuff is worth of a wildlife filmmaker. I'll admit, the snake video (#1) was my favorite so far. I'd like to see some underwater stuff! Who was the guy who did the David Attenborough. That was good. Anyhow, nice twist on wildlife filmmaking guys. A+
I think that this is a good format to get school kids "into the field" and excited about biology. The enthusiasm of the presenter is contagious!
This video is great! Super informative, entertaining, and generally well-done. The producers (and stars!) of this video do a great job in conveying their passion for the subject pf biodiversity. Check out the website for more awesome lesson plans, links and information. Great Job, Guys!!
Awesome! Finally a program that I can watch with my students. This really is amazing. It's not only going to be good for my students but I learn a lot too. You have to do more and more of this so that I have good quality programs for my class. Maybe something on photosynthesis or cell function. Oh, who is the Indian guy, the Crocodile Hunter and David Attenborough in the Snake Video? They were great!