The Deer Park Dharmacast

Reviews For The Deer Park Dharmacast

I listen on my phone and is a great way to stay calm and serene. :D
I am new to the Deer Park Monastery and unfortunately my personal life does not always allow time to attend the weekly Dharma Talks so this is a fantastic way to still be connected in the community. There are some great talks on mindfulness and guided meditation.
These recordings are a fantastic way to help my understanding and practice as a layperson. Great topics, clear vocals, and the collection of talks is hugh now. I like the collection weekly programs the monastics have started to give.
i am new to the buddhist teachings and live 55 minutes from the temples in portland oregon. i love your teachers and your community there at deerpark, and i have adopted you as my sangha. thank you for your compassion, kindness, and wisdom. your podcasts are helping me find a better path through this life. thank you ever so much for these free teachings. -nate in longview wa.
A good way to stay connected to the dharma.
The darhma talk by Larry Ward was really helpful! Also loved the Touching the Earth explanation - touching the Earth as a reconciliation. Please offer more of the basics on mindful breathing, sitting meditation, walking meditation. Would also like to understand the steps of "Begining anew". Thanks!