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I enjoy the podcast and look forward to seeing how you develop it as you transition to the left coast!
You are going to love the jazz scene in San Diego! They will be so happy to have you. Good friends over there
Great music, way too much political commentary.
I love learning more about jazz through the commentary and facts provided in the podcast.
With all the Covid-19 pandemic in the world it’s comforting to know JAZZ is alive and well.. came across your podcast just at the right time..working and staying safe at home.. thanks love the music selection.. my kind of jazz
Love the show. Such great music. Ken’s voice (and commentary) is also wonderfully soothing. I’ve been listening for years. Thanks for the wonderful production!
Enjoy the show, but have really had enough of the political commentary. Leave the political opinions out and your show will be all the better. We get inundated with politics and opinion all around us, music transcends and give respite. Let the music speak for itself. Ken’s music knowledge and variety are what keep me coming back. Hey, how about Brian Auger?
I have listened to several episodes so far, and each one was PERFECT. Great choices, including some local/contemporary stuff. The Joni tribute episode made me cry. Wish I lived in Connecticutt, but I'm stuck in Alabama. Thank you, Ken!
I’ve been listening for years! This never disappoints. Great jazz and commentary.
Love to listen to the music. Big fan
I’ve been listening to you for years now and loved this last funky episode . Keep it up Ken, you make my workday in the Texas heat easier !
The music on this podcast is nearly always first rate. But occasionally the host makes political commentary that is pretty offensive to a significant portion of his listeners. It is off base and hyperbolic and detracts from the program. Stick to the music please.
This has been my go-to jazz podcast for two years. I love the selections! Good jazz, not smooth jazz.
Thank you Ken for playing Sly’s arrangement of this tune. I haven’t heard it in years!
The host is knowledgeable, the selection is extensive, and themes are well thought out. This is now my favorite jazz podcast
Highly Entertaining
I just found this podcast! The best I've ever listened too. Thanks!
I have been listening to this podcast since about 2007 while I was in college and spent many a night in the dark room listening to this show. Ken doesn't just play you jazz but he lives it. His passion for jazz spills right into the show. He's introduced me to many new artists as well bringing you back to the greats. As Ken would say, "Yeah!"
Ken, thanks for the fantastic podcast, but I cannot wait for a week for a new episode. Is that possible to put out reruns everyday and new episodes once a week as you do now?
Great music
Great mix of Jazz styles, and of new artists with legends. Always enjoyable.
The mix of new music with the classics, this podcast really helps me find new music in the ever-evolving world of jazz. Love it.
Great show to listen to!
I’ve been listening for at least 5 years and look forward to each episode. It looks like no one has posted a review in some time, so I’d like to let everyone know that Ken is still the best.
No waisted air time! Lots of tasteful Jazz! This podcast is what helped me further explore and appreciate this incredible American genre.
Near perfect mix of Hartford relative-obscure and legends. Great hunks of music for free. I buy CDs and loose tracks because I hear them here first. Thanks for the podcast.
I never bother to rate, but really like the diverse styles of jazz on here. Cool! One request: how about playlists? or showing what track is playing while it's playing (I think this is doable with metadata…). Keep up the goodness!
No shuffled playlist can ever match a finely hand-crafted show like this one. The wonderful music is from all eras of jazz, and Laster's brief comments are informative. He clearly loves this music, and I can easily picture him blissing out in the radio station while it plays. His vocabulary amuses me, because it sounds like it came straight from the 50's: he "digs" some things, and thinks others are "hip."
iTunes should pay this guy. Always spending. Ken get moving if you ain't yet but you get my password running.
If you like jazz or think you might like to like jazz but don't want to spend a ton of money finding out what you might like to like, "In the Groove, Jazz and Beyond" is definitely worth a couple hours of your time each month. Laster's tastes are so wide-ranging that you get a sample of almost everything that's been happening in jazz for the past 60 years (I haven't heard any Ornette Coleman yet, but I've only been listening for a couple of months), from "must have" classics of the 50s and 60s, to today's up and coming stars. Plus, every now and then, he'll take a look at the interminglings of pop music and jazz, giving those who are just getting started a familiar jumping off point while showing jazz fans some new areas to explore (see the 4/29/12 episode, "Aja" and the 4/15/12 episode, "A Spacey Groove" for examples).
on another level...artists I am glad to have listened to
This show is relaxing, fresh and just plain coooll.... i Love it!!!! thanks


By jayw72
This is THE best music podcast on the web--Thanks Ken!
The Good: As a long-time jazz fan and history buff, I recognize KL's musical and theme choices are very helpful for those just discovering this amazing, original American classical music known as jazz. I really love KL for his first-person knowledge of national and regional artists. He obviously loves the art-form and wants to spread the gospel. Listeners can learn much through his first-person encounters with these artists. Great jazz taste and a great teacher for the rest of us. The Not-So-Good: We could use less time between songs telling us the artist is "fine", has "good chops", or was "smoking". If the listener hasn't already connected with the music through the listening, does such commentary really add anything, especially when repeated? Perhaps there should be less commentary beyond the facts of personnel, composer, place in jazz history, and maybe his take on club encounters.
I've been listening to Ken's jazz show on the stitcher app for over a year and realized the best way to show support was to also subscribe through iTunes so the numbers show. This show has opened up the world of jazz to me. It's just plain great music and with new up and coming musicians. I think paying tribute to the jazz founders is fine but too much and you don't give credit to the new generation of greats. Ken gives them a venue. Thanks for all you do and never stop! I have to put a plug in for supporting this show with a donation. All he asks is $15, I spend more on my data package!


By bca1904
I love this podcast I'm just now starting To get in to jazz and I'm lovein it Ken always has good music From old school to the new
I subscribed it some months ago, this is really hot. Jazz Bank for sure.
Great shows Ken. I have been a fan since I started listening several months ago. I'm in Atlanta where we get the music but not many live shows as NY, or other major cities. You have exposed me to lots of young talent and I know Jazz is alive and thriving in America. Keep it up my friends listen also. Thanks
Ken really has a super and current jazz show. I enjoy the range of music and Ken's detailed knowledge of jazz. He visits clubs and knows his musicians. He knows music and he knows jazz.
While many of the other podcasts under jazz are primarily talking and educational, this one actually playa beautiful beautiful music. Don't think just do.
This the best jazz podcast ever, I look forward to listening every week. Keep it going Ken.
Fantastic collection of styles and artists in every podcast. Love it!!
Mr Laster Thank you for the wonderful music! This has to be one of the best podcast on itunes.
Two years ago I was a newby Jazz listener, and due to Ken's fine podcast I can now hold my own in almost any jazz conversation. ITG offers straight-up fine jazz, no fluff, no smooth. Ken and crew have introduced me to a variety of new jazz artists--both Hartford-area locals and nationally known artists--and ITG plays great tracks from the masters. My perfect world: all ITG all the time!
I have thoroughly enjoyed this podcast. The music is very good and refreshing to hear. It would be difficult to find better jazz than this. Get this podcast if you're not a jazz fan, and you WILL become one. Thank you, and keep up the good work guys!
A friend turned me on to this podcast, and it gave me hope for jazz radio. I'm a new subscriber and am slowly making my way through the shows. I'm so grateful to be exposed to new releases and hidden gems, all thanks to Ken. My new favorite music podcast!
This podcast does cover a range of old and new music. However, far too many giants are overlooked. One can discover some fine music here. Overall, though, KL has a tendency to play too much of noodling. Thankfully, he does not play any smooth jazz but he needs to play more jazz that has "soul", that has musicality not just a display of technical skill and fast playing.
I'm using my moms acount, anway I love and have allways loved jazz. I can finaly take it around with me so I don't have to listen to all that trash that me peers are listening too... I'm fifteen. This podcast is the best!