Salty Dog Blues N Roots Podcast

Reviews For Salty Dog Blues N Roots Podcast

Knows his stuff and plays blues musicians from around the globe. Roots? Once in a while.
Fun to listen to. Plays a wide verity of blues styles.
I would not know what is happening in music without Salty. Love this podcast. Real music for grown men.
Glad I found this podcast
Every week, two full hours of the best blues and roots rock available anywhere. Great mix of familiar artists and stuff you've never heard of, and all of it sounding fantastic. If you're sick of the tired old stuff on you your radio, plug this into your ears!
Great mix of old and new blues! I finally found a reason to open iTunes on my iPhone. Great for my long runs!
I'm a blues player here in brazil and i'd like to thank you all for this perfect and power program!my brand new band Will play a lot of musics that we've listening here! See you
Thanks for making my IPOD worth the money I spent on it. Keep it up, we love the blues in Oklahoma.
Fantastic! I can't believe the guys down under are sooo tuned into the music. Take a toke, a chilled brew, close your eyes and let the Salty Dog carry you away.