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Best Podcast Ever
I've only listened to episode 11 so far and I'm hooked already. I wish you guys would keep making these great podcasts. I used to get my ska fill from launchcast player on yahoo but that doesn't run on my new mac. I NEED YOU GUYS! Please make more of these!


By skaian!
hi john its ian
This is the most amazing playlist of music I have ever heard in my life. I would normally never write a review but I just can't help it, because I love this podcast so much. You mention how dull you are and how you don't have anything to talk about, but that contributes to how awesome this is. Just keep putting 'em out. I'm loving every second of it. The only criticism I have is the sound quality, you need to work on that. But after a while you get used to it, so I still give you 5 stars
this kid sounds really lonely but he has an excelent taste in music. the sound quality might not be all that great but its worth it to subscribe
Hey Guys. You play the best music, but the quality is bad. Seems like you are micing the speaker... What about splicing this all together for a better sound?
Before iSkank, I was paralyzed from the neck down. Now I'm better! Thanks iSkank!
New podcast coming out soon called Skank with your boots on. My name's short for Attention Kmart Shoppers, by the way. Keep up the good music, you were my inspiration.
Amazing podcast, pretty much the only one that advertises ska, proving that it's not dead. Keep skanking!