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Reviews For Critical Issues Commentary Radio

The two hosts compliment each other so well. They are both so knowledgeable.
Love Bob but the girl is not needed for sure. Very disruptive with all the right okay and heavy dialect
Bob DeWaay consistently delivers first-rate, relevant and reliable Bible teaching. If you need clarification on ANY issue, you’ll find it at CIC.
Really enjoy the teaching on discernment issues but Bob always has a young pup interjecting as he teaches saying/ yep., right - etc - kind of distracting !
There are so few teachers who are teaching and preaching God’s solid word, it’s like finding rare opulence in a shell. There are some sites which even offer insightful teachings sometimes fall short in their selection of or who they allow to minister to the body of Christ; shame on them. I’ll be so happy for our Lord’s return and He destroys Satan and man’s sordid mess! Jennifer Mason
Bible teacher Bob Dewaay and Pastor Eric Douma are two tag-team commentators each sufficiently versed in the Hebrew and the Greek of scripture and preach the entire gospel message with fear and trembling! Though they are first and foremost teachers of good doctrine, for those of us who have read many interpretations of scripture, they offer to untangle numerous verses that we may have heard misinterpreted. This is a joy and a blessing to receive the benefit of such verse-by-verse explanation. Their commentary inspires further study. Thanks to Pastors Bob and Eric for preparing this commentary. A minor request that I believe helps the student: CIC, please add a theme (music) to the beginning and ending of the production because music helps focus the listener on the depth of what one is about to study and preps the mind to concentrate fully for the brief 30 minutes of the podcast, etc., though even without the theme music, it's a five!
Pastor Dewaay and his guests expose the popular false teachings and teachers that have arisen within the church. They do so in a non-emotional, reasoned fashion. His foundation is the Bible. I also highly recommend his book "Redefining Chritsianity" if one is interested in learning the unbiblical teachings in a most popular Christian movement.