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With so many worthwhile RE podcasts out there don't waste your time with the snake oil sales.
This is a podcast version of the late night ads you see on t.v. with the bikini clad women in a hot tub overlooking the ocean. No money down, do it in your spare time, so easy anyone can do it. All you have to do is send thousands to the featured real estate guru and all your dreams will come true. The facts: real estate is hard work (at first) that usually requires money and know how. Also the 99.9% of the material the “guru’s” are charging you for is free. I wish iTunes would take this informercial off its available list as it takes advantages of rookie real estate investors.
There's so much potential here, but it gets obscured by pitch after pitch after pitch...would love to hear more value added, and less incessant selling. Please start thinking more along the lines of "Jab jab jab right hook" by Gary V...way too much asking for buy ins for the amount of actual useful content. I'll check in periodically, but for now I'll be spending my listening time elsewhere.
Buy this, Buy that, Buy my book, Buy my CD .... ( you can't do anything without me ) SMH .... Money grubbers
I am so thankful for these quick podcasts to help learn a little about the market and what to expect. I will be a first time home buyer (not an investor) but it was very educational to find out how the process works, so I can walk into it more informed as I dive in! Thank you very much for these podcasts!
I just saved you a lot of time by telling you the truth. You're welcome :)
This is more like trying to make you buy their learning materials. Like late night tv shows. A waste of time
Really good non-indeph info and starting point. The asian guy is a little too animated and it's hard to focus on what he is saying sometimes because of it. But overall good stuff, Thanks!
The bottom half of the podcasts are a little hard to hear, but the remaining ones are perfectly fine. And the vital information seems to be in the remaining. This was recommended and I'm glad it was. I was directed to the website that has more information to utilize and with it I have been able to strategically generate a plan that will make my investments turn for more money. Thank you thank you thank you thank you!
Very cool! I love bonuses man, really. My opinion is I like the podcasts and what's even better is that I got a free survival cash kit from the website to help with getting started. The goal is to make my investment work for me right? I hear some of the sales info and honestly; I can see why its in the podcast to help with affiliate companies are also trying to make an invest work to its advantage. Fact is I wouldn't have been able to get as far as I have without the cool bonus and this subscription. For those who can't hear it, check your speakers. :)
Seriously if it wasn't for these podcasts I really wouldn't know what to do. I knew that the Real Estate was the perfect way to invest, but I didn't really know much about it. It breaks it down here. The sound can be a little muffled on certain casts, but you can still understand it. Plus the purpose is the information and it's very informative. It serves its purpose.
I can see why there are negative reviews regarding the podcast; but I think it's because people are unsure as to what they're listening to. The point of this podcast is to learn how to invest in real estate and that's exactly what they provide. Their website is great! And I was able to get a free bonus kit to help with the beginning of my investing. It's a great time to do so and I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a successful new way to invest in Real Estate. Thank you for this!!
All the get rich quick with no money down scames are covered in this series and passed off as ground-breaking. I could only listen to a couple shows before vomiting. Just a bunch of ads trying to get you to buy their stuff, which is how they really make their money. Have fun trying to find a buyer to pay cash for your "flip". Do you want to pay 100% cash for a house? Why would anyone else these days with interest rates below 4%?
Aside from any information, it took me 30 seconds to realize I can't listen to it.
The guests sound very canned. Seems like every episode they are trying to sell you something. I have listened to many and not learned anything.
This is a great podcast. I can't believe these are free!!