World Passport

Reviews For World Passport

This is the soul of humanity at its best!
What a joy this world music is! Give it an hour: So wonderful, beautiful, uplifting, different……… Joyous! A raw energetic trip to another land of beats & rhythm that can't help but open your mind and heart. This music might even restart those living room hips that sat down way long ago! I'm bobbin' & weavin' as I write this love letter to this African beat music. Go NOW, fast and listen.
This is my favorite resource for amazing music. Love to live, excercise and work listening to this collection. When I wanted Congo highlife I found this podcast. Please enjoy
Spectacular, Kalil. It's all great but omg the words soukous and Congolese rumba are not here, so rumba fans won't find it!! Well I hope I'm fixing that with this review. It's here folks, it's here!! Rumba! Soukous! Congo!! And the Cuban Son that influenced it! And West African sounds too! Highlife! And genius selection on every mix. A thousand thanks, Kalil. Hey everybody make a donation!!
A great selection of world music! I love it! Please DJ Kalil play more calypso, mento, and anything from the caribbean.
I have to say it has been nothing short of a eyeopening listen with each podcast. Thank You.
I've only heard the High Life mixes thus far which are great. The melodies and progressions in this music sound as if they come from my own heart. I have quite a bit of High Life and Afro Beat in my personal collection, but DJ Kalil has definitely dropped some jewels on me in these mixes. Very impressive.
Love it!
Thank you. Now I don't have to die and go to heaven to listen to this music. I was watching the old documentary about Idi Amin, and amidst the mayhem, the music is fantastic (even the murderous General himself is a dab hand with the accordion when he's not stuffing heads in the fridge) and it reminded me I hadn't listened to any great 60's and 70's African music in a while. To come across a treasure trove like this is incredible. Great selection