Reviews For Teach and Retire Rich - Talking teacher retirement savings plans.

Even though I’m not a teacher. I’m a classified employee I find this podcast very informative. I came across this podcast through Thanks for everything you do!
Like a really good teacher, this podcast is informative, educational and inspiring. If you are a teacher or anyone else with a 403(b), this podcast will ensure your financial well being when you think about retirement. I’m so thankful that the two hosts have the integrity and dedication to give us the information teachers need.
I have read some of the posts over the years and joined the Facebook page, but I am really enjoying and learning from the podcasts during this Covid time. I started listening backwards with the most recent podcast. I highly recommend Dan and Scott to all teachers. I just retired at 65 but have learned a few things to help me with my small 403b and to help my kids (also teachers). Teachers, please don’t wait to start saving like we did. And, don’t save in a TSA like we did. CA teachers have a good choice in CALSTRS Pension 2 and your district should have others. (Are Dan or Scott musicians on the theme song “Banned from the NTSA?”)
Really enjoyed segment that featured David, the teacher budget coach. It looks like his business serves a much needed niche market. Like his practical approach and the analogies to teaching and coaching. Valuable information.
This podcast is essential for teachers. Dan and Scott provide tons of helpful advice every episode, and keep information up to date during the uncertain times of COVID-19. They’re also usually good for a laugh or two.
Teach and Retire Rich is a must-listen for any teacher who cares about his/her long-term finances. Dan and Scott explain things in easy-to-understand terms and are always willing to answer the most basic questions, which is great because most teachers like myself know very little about personal finance. Dan and Scott are the “good guys” in a world where thousands of teachers have been and continue to be taken advantage of. Keep fighting the good fight, Dan and Scott. We are all lucky to have you both on our side!
I like the podcast, hosts seem nice enough (i.e. not annoying, not trying too hard to be entertaining if you know what I mean), but I have to blast the sound to hear them. Then, when my run tracker tells me the time, I’m having to be scared half to death by its voice’s volume.
Chris does an amazing job hitting all the pressure points in this brief interview. The average educator has little-to-know financial literacy (myself included). This is an eye-opening insight into the mistreatment of educators and their 403(B)’s by finance companies they are mislead into trusting from Day 1 of their careers. I have sent this to all my contacts still working as educators.
Chris provides so many compelling reasons why teachers can and should take action. This podcast is easy to follow, inspiring and just pure genius!!! I wish I heard from Chris sooner! Thanks Guys... it’s official, I’m spreading the word. I hope you will too. Sorry, not sorry, AXA.
I am a teacher and have just found this podcast so helpful both to me and my fellow educators. I feel like I have been able to make much better financial decisions that should have a big impact on my financial future. I would love to see this core message get out to all of the educators out there.... important!
I've only listened to about six episodes, and I'm learning so much, I'm astonished!
I read Teach and Retire Rich back in 2005 and I set my world on FIRE. We are hard savers and learn tips and trick in every episode. Dan and Scott are advocates for teachers across the country. Sharks have no place in our schools.
Finally a place specifically geared to teachers with a 403b and 457b. Our circumstances are so different having pension options. Enjoyed the pace, information and thoughts. Will recommend to my peers.
One of the only podcasts that has talked about 457B retirement plans! Love it
I love this podcast and learn so much with every episode I listen to. What really sets it apart is the sincere passion the host has for educating teachers (and others) about their 403b and other parts of their financial life. Very genuine! I was so thrilled to hear that he is now going to be doing this full time with a partnership with Next Gen Personal Finance! Jackie
Great information for Certificated & Classified employees. This podcast gave me the tools to research my current 403b plan and to avoid the all to common pitfalls of high fees low quality products in the Wild Wild West of 403b’s.
Thank you so much for creating this podcast! I have learned more about my retirement options through your podcast than I learned in 19 years as an educator. Your shows have pushed my thinking on the meaning of retirement, encouraged me to become more frugal and helped me make multiple small choices that will maximize my retirement income. Thank you for making me a better steward of my resources and equipping me with the knowledge to make wiser choices that strengthen my financial position.
This is a MUST if you are a teacher, if you are married to a teacher, or have any type of relationship with a teacher. The hosts speak in regular terms (NOT Wall Street jargon). One is a teacher and the other, a financial planner, is married to a teacher. It is the best podcast I listen to.
Best resource around for understanding your pension and 403b options. The first four podcasts should be required listening for all teachers. I purchased two copies of the book Teach and Retire Rich. One I have on my bookshelf. The other one I have been circulating through my building. Spread the word!
This podcast is an absolute must listen if you are planning on properly saving for retirement, especially if you are in a field like education which offers a 403(b) plan . Dan and Scott do a wonderful job of discussing the aspects of all types of retirement plans and really go in-depth about what teachers need to know when beginning to plan for their retirement savings. This is exactly the kind of podcast that I wish I had listened to when I first started teaching because it would have saved me THOUSANDS in fees and expenses. Plus, you can clearly tell that these guys are just terrific people who are putting in the time and effort describing these issues so that educators and others are not taken advantage of by poor investment options. And as an added bonus, their commentary and interviews are really funny and entertaining. If you are in education and are thinking about or currently investing through a 403(b) or IRA, please do yourself a financial favor and listen to this podcast!