Reviews For Undead America: Adventures in the Buffy Verse Podcast

just wanted to show some appreciation for the podcast... I listen regularly and enjoy the subject matter and your views you bring to the fore... Sincerely, Lorwen


By Rea314
this would be a great buffy podcast if she didnt talk about how she was busy all the time and procrastinates, hence there have been like only what 2 podcasts?


Lots of good infomation...I want more.
A fun show that delves into topics in the Buffyverse, and extends them outside the verse as well. Another must-have for any true BtVS fans!
I'm a huge Whedonfan and this more than compensates for a lack of Joss, Buffy, and Angel right now! I love it!
Okay, so I'm a contributor... but I dared to contact Aly and humbly submit stuff because this podcast is so awesome! Good production value, great segments and format. If you are into Buffy and want to be privy to all things past, present, and future - canon and AU - in the Buffyverse as well as the Whedonverse at large, this is the place. Buffy forever! Go Aly!
While I really do like this podcast, I could do with less focus on toys and collectables.
I love Alyrenee's podcast. She makes me interested in aspects of the Buffy fandom I've never been into - like all the merchandise. She's also a main source of Buffyverse news of me. Her podcast is great for staying up-to-date on the 'verse & Joss happenings. I've also been tuned into some other really great fan Buffyverse/Joss 'verse podcasts thanks to her suggestion. The podcast itself is put together really well - great sound quality, well organized (you tell how much work she puts into it beforehand), and fun sound clips. I love how she segments the podcast for the iTunes edition. Makes it very easy to move between sections if you need to go back to one or skip one because it's not an area of interest for you. Content-wise it is definitely one of the best and most diverse out there. Like I mentioned already she has a news section and merchandise section plus the podcast can include episode reviews, tie-in book reviews, discussion of other shows that were influenced by Buffy and more. A must listen for any Buffy fan!!
I listen to a number of podcasts regarding the Whedonverse. Alyrene does a great job with this podcast. She has a great format and does all the work so that the rest of us can keep up with the lastest in the 'verse and what the Whedon alum are doing now. Her reviews are thoughtful and inspire me to look at the shows with new eyes. I can't recommend this podcast enough.
This podcast is one of the few good sources of up-to-date Buffy/Angel/Firefly news... and it's entertaining, too! I'm a huge fan. Keep up the good work!
Undead America is to my iPod what cookies are to Cookie Monster, yummy. This podcast is fantastic, it has easily become my favorite of the batch of impressive Buffy related podcasts out there. It has news from around the Whedonverse, great info on collectibles, reviews on comics and books, episode reviews and essays and just nifty stuff us fans appreciate. Give this podcast a listen, it's warm delicious cookies.
If you have ever been heavy into the Buffy then this would be a respectible place to get your geek on. It's hip, fun and eclectic. The voice talent is good.
This is a great podcast about the Buffyverse. It features a wide variety of topics, from toys and clothes to critical examinations of the shows and a look at where the actors are currently. A great tribute to Joss and those who love his work.
I love this podcast. Great features, unique content and enjoyable insights into the Buffy world.
This is a great Pod-Cast! There have been a few Buffy-Casts floating around iTunes but they all lacked sometimg...Either they were too broad and over-reaching or they were just retreads of episode summaries and reviews featuring insight that any true Buffy fan would already know. Undead America is the best of them all. I love the format of the cast, with all of the different catagories. it is very organised and easy to listen to! I LOVE IT! Keep them coming!!