Reviews For Affirmations for Spiritual Health and Well-Being

I listen daily
Beautiful affirmations they lift my spirit! Thank you💗
Such a powerful podcast and it's free! I stumbled upon this just today. Listening to this is gonna be part of my daily routine. Thanks again.
Such a blessing I found these podcasts! Helps me rest peacefully and wake up bright with light. More importantly, it truly keeps me grounded. After such a busy hectic day sometimes dealing with toxic people and situations, I feel centered and I am reminded of the path I choose for myself. Thank you Christina!
These affirmations are wonderful: brilliant, concise, & empowering. I listen to them often, and they easily brighten my mood, attitude, and days. Enjoy them!
It is beautifully narrated with just enough muisc. The voices are soothing which makes listening easy to focus and become aware of your being!
This is the best affirmations podcast I can find on iTunes. It is so relaxing and the music is just right. I like the combination of both male and female voices. Thank you
I would recommend these affirmations, they are great. Listen to them, and keep the ones that pertain to your goals, or that you think will help you in this journey called life.
I have recommended these affirmations to dozens of people. They are inspirational and so very well done. Thank you 'christina' who ever you are!
does anyone know if we can download these? thanks!
Excellent production. The voices are melodious and the background music serene. Just wish you were still posting new podcasts.
The voices are easy to listen to and the message hits me just right. The music is soothing, and it makes me feel better after listening to it. I wish they would put out more episodes per month.
This is a great podcast. I listen to the affirmations each morning and evening during my drive to and from work. They are fantastic.