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Thanks for keeping up with the podcasts. Sometimes I can't make it every Sunday and this helps keep me connected
The content is genuine and awesome. Thanks
This is a great way for me to stay connected to Central when I am on the road traveling.
My wife has attended for years, I work nights but share with her through Central's podcasts. What a blessing!!!


By deehbow
I've been attending Central for several years now and I'm always amazed at how challenged and uplifted I feel after each weekend. Jud's an incredible communicator and his teaching is REAL.
Before I first attended Central, I was afraid that because it was such a big place, they must be watering down the message. However, the first time I heard Jud preach, all of those concerns completely disappeared. Jud is not afraid to preach exactly what the Bible says, but somehow he does it in such a fresh, engaging way that speaks to how we live today, while basing every part of his teaching on the scriptures that have been around for centuries.
Love listening to the messages at Central! My faith has grown and been stretched here. It's amazing to see people reached and baptized on a regular basis as the truth of God's amazing grace is told in a relevant and authentic way. I'm thankful for the leadership God has in place and the vision God has give this church!
Central is one of those churches that takes ancient truths and makes them clear and applicable. I've been listening for years and have grown so much as a result.
Central is a real church that I am very thankful for. It has changed my life and I am forever grateful. Thank you Jud and Mike!
I'm so thankful for Central Christian Church...it has helped me embrace the true grace of God in my life and in my view of others. Jud Wilhite's teaching is authentic, relevant and conversational, with God's Word as its foundation. Jud is very authentic and transparent. His love for people and the desire for all to experience God's forgiveness, healing and deliverance, and to experience a personal relatiionship with Christ, is evidenced in every message. I have been forever changed...my relationship with Christ is deeper and my compassion for the lost and hurting has been increased! Thank God there is a church like Central that is touching lives with the grace message of Jesus Christ!
This church honestly changed my life and is the only reason I have my faith. Pastor Jud is fantastic, and so is the High School pastor, Robert.