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I love the narrator he has my favorite voice for the podcast Great podcast for many seasons
I would have given this podcast a 5 except for the narrator. He unfortunately has a funeral-like monotone voice that is not appealing at all.
This is the very best history program with the same crew from the beginning of time. The programs are selected by views, along with the podcast crew. I have learned a lot of information I knew nothing about. In short this has been remains a very long running podcast. I have listened since the very first. Paul
Fantastic! So well done! History done right! Very nice!
Well done and covers a huge amount of ground historically. well done brother. Keep it up
Nicely packed. Content is great, excellent job with the descriptions allowing me to skip what I want.
To anyone interested in Military History, it doesn't get any better than this.
I’ve had an interest in military history ever since I was a kid and I find this podcast to be very informative.
I totally love this podcast. Try it and I think you will love it too. Great topics!
If you're going to take the bold step of reciting a portion of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the one political speech more than a few Americans actually know something about and perhaps even have a bit still committed to memory from their school days, then you'd best get it right. You don't.
Growing up in small town America in the 1970s-1980s, there was little to keep a young mans interest. I became fascinated with world history. I truly appreciate this podcast. The host, writers and contributors bring the past to life. Thank you.
This is one of the most, if not THE most, professional history podcast offered. These folks are academically accurate so far as I have been able to discern, and the presentations are crisp. Many of the discussions are punctuated with brief first person observations, most of which indicate a serious level of research has taken place and all of which are interesting. With the expansion of ersatz historians and the shear pretensions being offered as fact (How Stuff Works comes to mind), this offering stands out for its obvious quality. There is of course a British influence to the approach but it should not impact your listening pleasure inasmuch as their pronunciations are readily understandable and any interpretive historical judgements tend to enlighten rather than vex, nettle or advance some agenda. I will forgive them the slight error of calling Lee's troops the Army of "North Virginia" as opposed to the Army of "Northern Virginia," as was historically accurate. These people do their homework and the results are most enjoyable and thoroughly positive.
These guys are consistent. Short but very informative. Good to listen multiple times. Cool intro music. Well presented material.
Fascinating topics. Well researched manuscripts. The highest production values. Try it. You won't be disappointed.
The History Network's podcast series on military history are erudite yet easy to understand and cover a wide variety of topics. The episodes are released on a biweekly basis and seasons consist of ten episodes each. They provide a well-narrated introduction to an array of topics, some obscure and very interesting (see, for example episodes 1002 and 1003, regarding the WWI General Lettow-Vorbeck and his geurilla defense of German East Africa!) The episodes are all professionally written and recorded using an excellent narrator with a great voice. 5/5 stars.
This podcast is great, I like how he brings out the tecnology and people and battles and other things, and how he uses accounts from people there. keep it up
One of my favorite history podcasts. Each podcast is well researched and presented brilliantly.
Great sound, wonderfully researched and edited. Wide range of subjects to keep you wanting more. You will enjoy
Would be nice to have a video version though
this podcast will not let you down you will learn even if you dont want too
History Network is a Pod cast worth subscribing to and is on the whole quite good... However, last weeks pod cast completely ignored German efforts in the Area of Camouflage (as well as the USMC). If all the History Network Pod casts are this poorly researched you need to fact check just about everything he says. Maybe you should donate some cash to the show so they can buy a few basic books on military history. I challenge History Network to do a whole episode on German ww2 Camouflage specifically to “atone” for this travesty of historical facts...Awful episode….
Great listen!
Awesome, can't say enough. The content is first rate, well written and well organized (a real plus); the entire staff from researchers to writers to vocals are all first rate. I listen to these over and over again. Unlike other podcasts, high on fact, low on opinion or guess. Some conjecture where warranted, but basically unbiased (in my opinion :) The wide variety of topics is a real plus, you never know what you will get from week to week. Probably the best "military" history podcast around.
Love this podcast, very informative and interesting. I've seen some complaints about accents, but I've listened for 3 seasons now and haven't heard a one. Perhaps it was in the much older ones? At any rate, there are no accents, there IS a lot of info delivered in a concise, interesting manner. Definately worth a listen if you have any interest in military history of all sorts.
Entertaining with a wide variety of subject matter. This is a good podcast I have listened to since I first came across it over a year ago.
This is a supremely good podcast, and it is the use of primary sources that makes it so. My only desire is that they would do more podcasts.
This podcast is great, nothing more need be said. Download it.
I like this history podcast
I came to this late and had the great experience of listening to all four seasons concurrently over a couple days. Now I need my fix, but as these guys have "real" jobs, new episodes are at a premium. They do a great job of boiling complicated topics down to their simple essence without dumbing it down. Often poignant and poetic. Of particular note are the episodes on Zhukov and the Battle of Balaclava. Hope these guys find a way to make a living at this because I want more episodes!
to say this podcast is bad is to say that podcasts themselves are "the work of evil and that we should all give up on them." This simpley is not true for this podcast is podcast with the highest of quality. It is amazing that this can be of such quality and at the rate they make these mastery of the art of podcasting. Unfortanley this podcast is made by a large brand rather than an independent artist, altough even I a strong supporter of indie arist this is a good show.
well written and well read, a standard by witch to judge educational military podcasts. even when they cover a subject familiar to me, i learn something new. Mr. Barker does pour over battle statistics with excitment, but with the mature sincerity of knowing a life is held in each number; and i appreciate it.
After to listening to many of the podcasts, especially the history ones, this is by far the best one I have heard. This offers good information that details many aspects of the battles or subjects. The only gripe I have, and it has been said before I noticed, is the accents, or attempts at accents. I gotta admit, that southern drawl sounded like Forrest Gump had been kicked in the head. LOL. Still, the best podcast money, or non-money, can buy.
Great podcast.
I enjoyed the Podcast very much, and many have filled in alot of gaps in my education of world events. Thanks for all the effort.
i think the material is valid, brief and to the point, and accurate. with the exception of the Chindits episode which makes mention of B-52 bombers that i dont think were first flown until maybe 1955. but hey, thats the way of the road.
Very interesting and informative. Obviously the creators of this podcast take criticism to heart as the annoying accents used when quoting historical figures are no longer part of the podcast and haven't been for a while.


By mddrph
I love the podcast but the volume needs to be boosted.
More more more more more more more. C'mon blokes, I'd like at least a new one every week. chop chop. Fantastic job. Good scope of subject material too. I'd get well excited if you's did something on the reforms of Marius.
Interesting and informative, lose the accents.
This is a must get it explains every moment of the battles as well as the general's strategy
how do you get all the episodes?
This prodcast is great for a history buff. It is kinda hard to get used to listening to the narrorator w/ an english accent. When you get used to it, you can get very valuable information.
I really enjoyed listening to this series and was disappointed at the lack of new episodes. I thought the change of voices (not an easy thing for most), helped draw the listener in. The best episode was the Battle of Thermopylae.
This is the best history podcast that I have listened to yet. My biggest gripe would be the phony accents. The fake Russian accent in the episodes about Feild Marshal Zhukov was hilarious. I had to listen a couple of times before I could make it all the way through without laughing out loud. The only other problem would be that they are to short. They are so well done I want them to go on much longer. With that said it is a simply exuisite podcast and a must have for any "history buff".
Overall, an excellent podcast content-wise. My gripes center on the blandness of the delivery and his penchant for quoting individuals in an accented voice. The "acted out" quotes detract from the material through their sheer ridiculousness. His Patton and Zhukov voices were comical at best, and just plain bad at their worst. Just read the quotes in your own voice and spend more time on your delivery.
This is a wonderful podcast, I am suprised it doesn't have a ton of rave reviews by now!!!!!!! There is a shortage of good history well presented in the podcasting world, but this an exception. One of my absolute favorites: professionally done, and in the same league as the Discovery Channel or History Channel offerings. Try one, and I promise you will download them all (assuming you dig military history!)