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Best patriots show ever. In depth coverage that can’t be duplicated
Megan, it is so disingenuous how you have gone from a Tom Brady fan to basher. There hasn't been an episode you don’t drop a rude comment about Tom. 20 years of greatness. Why can’t you let it go? It looks bad on you Megan.
I’m an OG fan, back to PFW days. Fred is a great host who is humorous, Paul is passionate about the team and Eric provides some insight as well.
This podcast lost its punch when Andy moved on. It’s simply not as good without him.
At times, this podcast can be lively and entertaining and insightful. Particularly for Patriots fans, of course. In the past few weeks, though, it's become a show based on beating up on one of the hosts. They bully him for his tastes. They bully him for how he talks. They mock him for his relationship experiences, and then they mock him again for not having more confidence. I can't tell if shelter-in-place has driven them to be their worst selves, or if they were actually this loathsome all along, and it's only becoming clear due to COVID. The best podcasts are ones where you enjoy hanging out with the hosts, and these hosts have shown themselves recently to be terrible people, bad colleagues, and horrible friends.
There’s not a better New England Patriots Podcast out there. The radio shows don’t cut it and the others, while fine, don’t provide the same entertainment factor. Fred, Paul, Mike, Megan, and Erik all bring something to the table and make two hours of your day fly by!
Some people can’t stand a football podcast covering social issues during the off-season. What a bunch of snowflakes. I greatly appreciate the discussion the crew brings and generates. This is an very unusual 2020 offseason; COVID-19, BLM, Tom leaving and Cam arriving. These topics are fantastic to listen to and is just a savior during these trying times. Appreciate what you guys do. Keep it up.
Without Paul, a real football guy, the show would suffer
Used to be a football podcast. Unsubscribed use to bring EVERYONE together. If this show continues this political agenda I won’t be listening going forward. Fred’s mindset of tough, don’t listen, don’t watch is a horrible view!
Been listening to these folks since my dad was obsessed with them in the early 2000s. The crew brings a fantastic combination of coverage and comedy and each contributor is awesome. Love the PU crew and never miss a show.
As a lifelong Patriots fan and STH, this show is a good listen with great perspective. I do miss getting my Patriots Football Weekly in the mail but this is a decent weekly replacement.
This is an absolutely horrible podcast. As a Pats fan I tuned i to check them out, these guys are horrible football analysts and not very entertaining to boot, who listens to this?
Awesome pod. Must have for anyone who considera themselves a Pats fan.
So I’ve been a loyal listener for a few seasons now, and having given Deuce and Hey Girl a tey I can honestly say they’re not even close to a replacement for Andy. I get it’s a big headset to fill, but the two together don’t even come close. That Paul tho, when he goes so will the show.
Fred, Paul, Megan, Erik and Mike do a great job of producing Patriots related content during the season and offseason. I began listening about a year and a half ago or more and have become a big fan. The bickering takes some getting use to but has an authentic New England vibe that I can appreciate. Thank you for all that you do. Cheers to the PU gang!
Best Patriots Podcast Period!! The Guys & M.O.B. Are Amazing . Must Download
Started listening to this show last season and since been hooked, catching every show. Give it a listen, and you’ll be happy you did
I’ve been a loyal listener To PU/PFW for (at least) 8 years, and would give this show my highest rating. There isn’t any other sports podcast anywhere that I know of which consistently brings such fair and in-depth (and inside) analysis to a sport and team I love - while combining it with so much off the cuff humor, fellowship, spirit, banter, and (dare I say) soul. Fred, of course, wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to the PU team for the continued greatness of the podcast and great off-season shows. They have really helped keep us Patriots (and PU) fans engaged in a familiar and beloved pastime - during very difficult and disruptive times.
Andy leaving really brought the show down a level. i do like deuce but hes not nearly the energy and entertainment that andy was. If you get a chance to bring andy back do it because he was the fire starter for this show.
Best podcast out there for Pats fans. Paul is the straw that stirs the drink, as he has always been. Fred is the master of getting under Paul’s skin while moving the argument goal posts and they carry the ship. Only downside since Andy left is that Douce is the typical blowhard Belichick fanboy who has no objectivity at all. Can’t wait for the draft show when Bill takes a safety in the first or second round with a 5th round grade and Douce tells us all how awesome the pick is and that we’re rebuilding a great defense that never existed.
Patriots Unfiltered, formerly PFW IN PROGRESS, is smart, informative, juvenile, hilarious and packed full of Patriots and NFL content. I can’t say enough about the wide ranging quality of this show. I would kill for it to be a daily podcast. Fred, Paul, Eric, Deuce and Megan “M.O.B.” are fantastic. I’d give it six stars if I could.
Andy knew about football. I really don’t want to hear MOB or Eric talk about football. Show would be better with just Fred, Paul, Deuce.
The best Patriots & NFL podcast.
I have been listening to patriots unfiltered for over 5 years. It is informative, entertaining and the right blend of sarcasm. It is my top 5 podcasts to tune into. I live overseas but am from Boston area. It is my dose of New England reality ... much like Boston clam chowder, but with a bite lol
I’ve listened regularly for the past 7 years, the best source of Patriots news and entertainment. Phenomenal crew
Pretty good local takes and great guests. Commercials are very long and repetitive. Also, it blows my mind that these guys eat food while doing a podcast. I'd figure a producer or someone would recognise how gross this is.
Football talk for anyone who’s a novice to those who know the game in and out.
Have been listening for 11 years and love it’s my favorite podcast. I do miss Andy on the show for all the laughs and usually had great perspectives on the patriots and the nfl.
Been listening for a couple of years. Love the addition of MOB and Mike. If you need help digesting the season and off season, listen in.
I love the knowledge each of them bring to the discussions. They have opposing views at times but they always cover the bases. However, there isn’t a podcast I listen to that has so much over talk. There are episodes I can’t listen to because everyone is talking at the same time. Exhausting to my ears at times.
Only sports dopcast I listen too weekly, been following the podcast for a long time and it never disappoints.
Don’t listen to the haters. There the dumb ones
I’ve been listening to this show for years. Really enjoy the knowledgeable insight, and banter among the crew. Great way to keep up to date on everything related to the Pats!
This is my 3rd season listening to PU and only recently discovered their podcasts. So now I never miss any Patriots news. I feel like an uber fan after hearing it first here.
Been listening for years, and was sad when Andy left but am loving this new chapter of the show. Always fun and informative, keep up the great work!!!
Only complaint I ever had about this podcasts was that your ears would hurt due to the antics of Andy. He was funny but always had to yell. Other than that I didn’t think content could be better. I was wrong. Mike, Megan and Matt, The M & M & M’s really do improv the show. Old timer Paul carries on the tradition of hating fans and arguing with anyone at the drop of a hat. He is fun and relevant. Just don’t get him started on AB. I hope he comes back if only to aggravate Paul and the crew. If your a fan or not. The information is up to date and the conversation humorous and honest.
Much better without Andy Hart shouting his bias opinion over everyone else eliminating the ability to have an intelligent conversation, really like the new guy mike’s commentary and insight. Best Patriots podcast out there!


By mesbag
Pleeeassse get rid of Megan. She brings nothing original to the podcast and just chirps She is setting back all women analysts
Inside news and discussion about the Pats. Fred, Paul, Megan, Eric, and Matt are the best! Very entertaining and informative.
Great podcast, wayyy better now that Andy is gone
Easily the most entertaining sports cast that exists, whether you’re a Patriots fan or not. Every episode is a must-listen. You will always be entertained!
For casual fans to the hardos, this is the best sports podcast around. Though focused on the Patriots, the Patriots Unfiltered crew discuss all NFL teams with fairness, wit, and humor... and a touch of homerism, Fred. From current news to TV/movie references from the 80s, the Unfiltered crew will take about anything. Call, email, or just simply listen along. It doesn’t take long to fall in love with everyone. They’re basically like family, except you like them.
I could only listen to the hosts speculate on the injury to a kicker for 40 minutes before I had to turn it off.
Even though I appreciated the viewpoints Andy brought to this show I find it much more listenable now that he has moved on. He was too domineering and abrasive with the others on the show and lacked professionalism with his wild volume fluctuations. He made this show hard to listen to. The new additions fit right in and make it fun.
The new additions have really brought the show down. Megan’s lack of knowledge compared to the other hosts is very apparent. And Mike sounds like a guest who got to come on the show for the day.
The best pats podcast, hands down


By T-Lur
As a Pats fan who lives outside of new england your podcast sure helps bridge the gap...I try listening every day...keep up the great work folks
OK, I don’t really write reviews but I love the Patriots and used to really enjoy the content. This new lineup isn’t working. Previously I thought you folks talked over each other for too much; but my goodness it’s now gotten worse. Can you be more professional please? The new person regularly talks over Paul (classic millennial behavior), when someone starts shouting I literally have to turn down my audio in my car or wherever I’m listening. It’s super annoying. I don’t have to do this for ANY other podcasts I listen to and I listen to A LOT of other shows. Please improve the quality of the show and tell the new host to keep it together and not be so annoying. The Patriots are professionals and A+ players. Provide us with an A+ show please. Or at least a B+ show as you provided with your previous lineup. This one is a solid C.