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Really enjoy how the Austin Stone approaches and delivers messages through the challenges of expositional preaching.
I love the humility of the pastors and their direct preaching verse by verse, right from the Word of God!
Stone doesn't shy away from hard truths and pushes to proclaim the glory of Jesus and His status as savior of the world
This was such a good overview of Ephesians and set the book out clear and really seemed like a course from Bible school yet in terms the average person can understand. A few of my favorite quotes or statements are: “God acted first, worship is obedience and Jesus will say “well done", not well believing…" This is a huge issue in the Western Church today. We gain more and more knowledge yet do not do what He says or has told us to do. We do not obey and Jesus has strong words for those who don’t and have no fruit. Wake up Church and back up what you believe by what you do! Thank you for this message.
I used to attend the church, and the sermons were always good. The only negative is the occasional tendency toward radical Calvinism. When they aren’t harping on that, the sermons can be quite inspirational and applicable.
I am 100% hooked on these sermons and I have told tons of people about them and gotten them hooked on them too. I wish more than anything I lived right next to this church and I hope to one day raise my kids in a church like this. I am addicted to listening to them and I have learned so much and do learn every time I listen to a new one. I am so inspired by each one. I truly believe every one should have the privilege of going to a church like this one


By Bcmo11
Matt Carter puts together some of the most incredible sermons. If you live in Austin and you are looking to try out a church, this one should be on your list.
I used to attend this church when I live in Austin and since then I have found nothing like it. The BRCC in San Antoino is the closest thing to it, but I wish they did more preching and less singing. The stone lifts you up and then allows you to view your false then gives you answer on way you can correct them alll doing so with the help of Jesus Christ. I wish all men would look for and listen to Bibical Manhood. It changed my life, and brought me closer to God. this is a podcast you wont regret.
Good church doing Gods work in Austin, Texas. Truly For The City.
Never actually been... But have been following on podcast for 3+ years. Lately though, I've missed hearing Carter... Where you at brotha??!
Austin Stone is an amazing church with a group of leaders who speak the truth about the word of Christ. Being able to listen to podcast every week has been a blessing since I live in NC. Started listening to the podcasts after I was introduced to The Stone by my wonderful girlfriend at the time. We would attend service when I came to Austin but I wanted to keep up every week with her and what they were teaching at Austin stone when I was in NC. even though things have taken a step back between us, I have continued to be inspired by listening to podcast in addition to my home church sermons. We all need to keep learning what it's like to have an intimate relationship with Jesus and walk in the holy spirit. The Stone helps with that every week. Thanks Austin Stone!
I went to school in Austin and the holy spirit changed me and my girlfriend's lives through the Austin Stone. We currently reside in Houston but continue to podcast every week as well as listen to older messages. Realness is what we all need to search for. Stop being pretend Christians! The Austin Stone BRINGS it every week, Carter, Mangum, they all just bring it. Gotta love it!
This church in Austin is doing an amazing work in communicating the Gosepl. Really enjoying the different speakers and unique perspectives on Scripture each week.
I went to the Stone while I lived in Austin and I'm so glad I can keep 'attending' even while I'm thousands of miles away. Thank you for the messages! I'm only sad it's not video (with the music)!
The truth and nothing but the truth no matter how much it may hurt. That is what you will get from the Austin Stone. I've been downloading sermons for a few years now and my life has been dramatically challenged. It is rare to find a church these days that deals directly with scripture and does not candy coat the gospel to make it more appealing to sinners. This church truly is a gem among the body of Christ. I am glad I can be in California and still benefit from the wisdom coming from the pulpit at The Austin Stone.
as a youth that goes to the austin stone this podcast helps me through out the week
In a Christian culture that encourages watered down preaching with an emphasis on "relevance" rather than the Word, Austin Stone is a breath of fresh air. My wife and I used to drive up from San Antonio every once in a while to get a bit of a refresher. I am thrilled that these sermons are now online. Now, if only we could get the worship times in the podcasts, it would be a great bonus.


By JoWiKi
Matt Carter brings the Word in a real and applicable way. You walk away from these sermons having something to apply secured in the Truth of Scripture. There is little wonder why Austin Stone is reaching it's community.