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My parents moved to Warsaw for a brief time after I was already out of college. While living in Warsaw my mom intended Warsaw community Church. I had the pleasure of going to this church several times and hearing Pastor Denny Wilson in person. I grew up in the church but personally have not recommitted my life as an adult. I find these podcasts to be not only interesting but also educational. There was a particular series of sermons "becoming" I believe. It was probably two summers ago and I still go back a listen from time to time. I highly suggest this series of sermons to anyone. Pastor Danny Wilson does not "preach" he "converses". He is also quite funny.
Love having these sermons available! It is great to get a reminder of what was said whenever you need it. Great idea WCC.


By wccbob
These messages are life changing! Would definitely encourage you to subscribe and listen!
Putting WCC on Itunes was an excellent idea. It is neat to be able to just suscribe to WCC and get each weeks sermon within minutes. It's nice when you're gone to be able to get online and download the message that you missed. It is also nice to be able to listen to the weeks message again.