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The notebook you shared on Ash Wednesday was awesome. I shared with my vey Catholic girlfriend, who shared with her parish. They loved the simple but eloquent message.
This is one of the best podcasts I listen to! Great reporting on timely information. You can count on David to give you the truth! Big fan! 👍 5 stars
I absolutely love the Reporters Notebook podcast, as an aspiring journalist the daily tips from David Begnaud and others have been very informative and inspiring.
This great for that you get to her point on something. The only downside to the Podcast it that it very short.
Wonderful. I respect her views.


Now interested in hearing what President Obama and the media think I should think.


By Bo rod
What makes this hot? 3 votes, 1 review, regardless of quality, it appears no body really cares to even review this thing much less listen. Sorry Katy, and CBS. But I ask again here what makes this "what's hot?" on iTunes?
While some may view this as short, Couric's views are contained in a tidy comment so done as to not drone on and on. I think that this feature is refreshing, allowing Couric to focus on positive aspects of feature stories, de-politicizing them by providing a personal, humanistic perspective.