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One of the best comic podcasts available! I enjoy their reviews and comic conversations! I just bought Wika. Dammit! (In the best way possible!) Highly Recommended!
Really sounds like the group honestly enjoys each other and loves comics. The conversations here are what I would expect everybody would want to hear at their own LCS.
The best thing to happen to comic books since the second issue.
Really enjoy the group’s insights and way they play off of one another. Highly recommend!
It was a relief to have your latest podcast to listen to. Not only social distancing but I’m going through a sudden divorce so I’ve been marathoning your show. I’m at episode 243 so I have plenty of good times left to listen to. Your show has always been fun and enlightening but it’s become a real comfort for me. Thanks for what you do.
I didn’t even know what podcasts were a few years ago, but a long commute got me to try them out, and I randomly stumbled into EOC. I’m slow to change, but very quickly podcasts, particularly EOC, became one of my favorite things and a near daily habit. There are many things that I love about David, Jason, Vince, and their podcast, but the chief thing is how palpable is the love they have for both the medium of comic books and for each other. Every episode makes me smile multiple times, and wish that it was longer.
There seems to be a trend for podcasters to move from the topic of the podcast to personal matters that have zero interest to listeners who tune in to hear info about the designated topic. Suggestion, get to the point and spare us the personal stories and pattern endorsements.
They never let their guest speak! They just constantly talk over their guests and ramble on amongst each other. Very poorly done. And their questions, when they bother to ask them, are as bland and trite as can be. I’ve come to resent when my favorite creators sit down for an interview with them because it means I have to endure their sloppy, clumsy charade for hours just to hear the creator speak for maybe 20 minutes. Don’t waste your time.
... is how much you rely on each new episode. It's a bit of a conundrum really, I expect this podcast to be available first thing Thursday morning, but I drag the listening of it out for several days because it shortens the amount of time between weekly episodes. It's similar to the way I read a great comic... and these guys have pointed me to some really great ones with their impassioned treatises on graphic storytelling offerings from the big two to the smallest indie publishers. Keep it up VinceB, King DAP, Christopher and Woooooooooood!!! 2019 UPDATE: At 600+ episodes this podcast is still going strong, and they still don't miss a week. More importantly, they never phone it in. Long live EOC!
EOC is relentlessly entertaining. Listening to these three pals chew the fat is like listening to your brother and his buddies talk comics and more. They have great discussions and always lead me to new books that I didn’t know about before.
I’ve been listening to them for over a year and they are very entertaining as I drive to work. Vast knowledge about Comic Books, great guests, and they cover independent/more obscure comics as well. I would have given them 5 but I wish they would cover a little more Marvel than they do....ahhhh hell with it they deserve a 5!!!! If your especially on the east coast you should check this podcast out!!!
11 O'Clock Comics is the ONLY comics podcast I still listen to regularly. As someone who's fallen away from superhero comics (which they still talk about plenty of capes books, if that's your thing), the EOC crew regularly turn me on to new comics across a wide spectrum of non-superhero books. Their critiques are always thoughtful, always entertaining. Moreso, after years of listening, these guys really feel like old friends, even though I've never met them in person. For additional community-building & shenanigans, join their Facebook group. It's an amazing group of comic lovers. Can't recommend this podcast enough!
The premise is simple: Three guys who are extremely knowledgeable about comics talk about whatever they are currently reading (from any and all genres and eras) as well as touching on the comics-related topics of the day. Sometimes it’s silly. Sometimes it’s philosophical. Sometimes it’s both! But it’s always fun and interesting if you love comics. Plus the hosts are always active on social media and other forums, so very quickly it starts to feel more like family than just a show. Check it out!!!
Vince, David, and Jason are the adamantium standard for all comix podcasts.
Vince, David, and Jason deliver the most astute, perceptive, and entertaining comic book conversations week after week, like a well oiled machine. The gentleman are well rounded in their fandom, balanced in their assessments, and notably plugged-in to the industry. You’ll find no better podcast than this. Also, the wine suggestions are lit.
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ - if you are looking for a normal podcast that give generic reviews of books then this is not the podcast for you. If you want an in-depth review that goes beyond the panel on the page then Vince, Jason and DAP are your guys! Love the show and the content they give!
I started listening to this podcast as a way to kill two hours at a horrible job, and have continued downloading it every week for almost ten years now. These guys really know how to enjoy comics, and how to express their excitement with more than a fist pump. Their suggestions have given me insight to a side/type of comics that i never knew existed for which i am eternally grateful. And the members of their forum (as well as the podcasters themselves) are always willing to help you with suggestions or questions you may have.
If you already know comics, join in on the fun. If you want to know about comics you've only heard about, they got you covered. I am often astounded by the width and breadth of these guys knowledge for minutia that only comic book fanatics possess. My trips to the comic book store are that much richer and longer after listening to Vince, David, Chris and Wood speaking passionately and admiringly of the awesome world of comic books. Edit- Wow, 10 years ago I wrote my first review! Since then I’ve become friends with not only the hosts, but many brothers and sisters who all love to gobble up comics and chat online, sharing our love. EOC has kept us up to date and continued to enrich so many people.
Great podcast these guys know there stuff and open up new book ideas and have filled my bookshelf. Listening to these guys banter about the little things about artwork or a writer has given myself different views on what books I generally look for to read.
I’ve been listening to this podcast forever. It’s honestly the best comic book podcast you could listen to. The three hosts cover a wide variety of comics and give themselves a Rogan amount of time to discuss the nuance and subtler detail of each. They didn’t just get to the party either. These are long time comic fans. Subscribe. Do it.
Such a great podcast. The best for comics related discussions.
One of my favorite podcasts to listen to each week. The hosts each have distinct opinions that make their conversations both knowledgeable and funny. That and Vince is my love child.
I look forward to the 11 O'Clock Comics Podcast every week because there is no other comic podcast (that I have found) like it. 4 friends get together with some drinks and discuss comics. They all have their own slant (be it D.C., Marvel, Indy or just plain wierd) but they share an unabashed love for the medium. I can not reccomend this podcast highly enough. They have a blast week in and week out talking about comics and we (the listeners) have a blast hearing them get a little tipsey as the night goes on. All I can say is try this out and see if its your thing. Bean A few years later and they are down to 3 hosts, but still the best Comic Book Podcast.
Vince, David, and Jason lead an amazing comics community promoting a love of all things comics. Their subjects are varied and their conversations are always thoughtful and funny.
Love the guys and I've loved the new format of the show! My favorites are the book of the month and the guests they bring on, but the best part about this show is the three friends that hang with each other each week and just talk about funny books.
Best comic and various BS podcast in my opinion...I could listen to these guys rambles about history or the benefits of Mylar all day...some times great personalities meet great content and you get a great podcast..there are you happy, Wood..
I heard about this podcast via Around Comics and checked you guys out instantly. I love the format where all the mainstream titles are not the main focus. You guys have caused me to buy more grahic novels/trades in the 7 months I have been listening than I had bought in the last 3 years. Thanks for introducing us to so many different sides to the comics industry. It is great that even though you may agree on liking a book, it 's more enjoyable when you guys give each other crap about liking a book - no 'Cumbaya' going on. Thanks for all the work and giving me something to look forward to each week. Updated - Still been listening religiously every week and the guys never phone a single episode in. They give a great show every single time and you can tell the sincerity they have in their love for comics.
These 3 guys are a pleasure to listen to every week. There comic knowledge and love for the books is unmatched, and the friendship these guy's have will make you want to go out and find new friends! Great listen, keep up the great work guy's! Best comic podcast around.
Not my cup of tea any longer. Guys tastes and mine have moved in different directions.
The EOC guys are very entertaining and knowledgable. They love comics, and I find their positive energy extremely engaging!
Cool intro by Ed Piskor, that’s when the fun stops. These guy bs for a while before introducing themselves and their podcast. It’s long, drawn out, and ain’t nobody got time for that.
So good you'll shake your fist!
Always the best comic podcast. Consistently delivering new content and working at making a better listening experience. These guys are pros.
When seemingly every source of media has succumb to liberal politics, this has been no exception.
Been listening to these guys since 2012. Only comics Podcast I’ve listed to on the reg since. Like talking to your boys, they really know what’s up and give great recommendations.
I came across this podcast only recently after searching for some new podcast's to check out. I'm just sorry I didn't discover these guys sooner. 11 O'clock Comics dive deep into past & present where the funny book art form is concerned. Love the long discussions & the terrific analysis on characters, artists, writers, etc. The show's funny & brutally honest, & its clear these guys love the medium. They cover a vast array of titles beyond the main publishers (eg; Marvel, DC, Image, etc.). If your a comics fan this is a must listen. Have gone back & am burning through some older episodes since I recenlty unsubscribed to a few different comics podcast's because I was listening to a few too many but happen to enjoy this one the most.
It doesn't take long and every week it's just like hanging out with friends. Thanks guys!!!
Great podcast - like an audio trip to your LCS on a Wednesday. Highly recommended!
These guys are great to listen to. If you're a veteran comics reader you'll enjoy when they deep dive into an older series or spotlight a legendary creator. If you're new or newer to reading comics they will get you excited and interested in tons of books that you may not have known were worth reading. This show goes well with iFanboy and Comic Book Club because it offers unscripted free form discussion while iFanboy is great for succinct talk on the current books and comic book club has segmented comic talk. 11 oclock is fantastic
This is an amazing podcast! I have been listening for a long time (I came to the show from Bullpen Bulletins), and have enjoyed every episode. This show is often the highlight of my comic’s week. The podcast is driven by the three co-host, who are friends and remarkably knowledgeable about comic books. Below is a quick introduction to each of them with loose reference to Freud’s structural model of the psyche: Vince B.: Vince is the id of the show. He knows art at a molecular level. Vince has encyclopedic knowledge about comics as a medium. To a first time listener he may sound a bit sexist and fixed in his ways, but this would be selling him short. Listen carefully; everything he says goes back to the art. If you pay attention and are willing to be challenged, you will learn something new. DAP: David is the super-ego and heart of the show. I’m not sure if the show would work without him. He may not speak as much as the other co-hosts, but when he does it is always meaningful. David is also crazy passionate about the books he loves. It is infectious. For example, growing up I never cared much for Teen Titans. However, after years of David talking about the Wolfman & Perez run I gave the book another shot with the context provided by DAP. I love Teen Titans. Jason: Jason is the ego of the show. He is super organized and is often the most measured in his reflections on a book. Personally, identify the most with him. In the early episodes, Jason was mainly a Marvel zombie but as the show has progressed he has developed an eclectic taste in comics. My comic book taste has shown a similar progression. However, what is great about Jason is that he still appreciates good comics from Marvel and DC. Furthermore, I have never been disappointed by a book he has recommended.
You need this podcast....David, Jason and Vince talk about comic books once a week. Their knowledge and love for the medium is off the charts. Highly recommended!
This is absolutely my favorite comic podcast. I've been listening to 3 or 4 other comic podcasts and found this one and was absolutely enamored from the jump. Very friendly dudes with a lovable atmosphere about the whole podcast. Cover the spectrum of comics from the big 2 to indie stuff, and always have interesting new comics to talk about. Their opinions are always insightful, and will leave you curious for all sorts of comics comin out that week. I recommend this to anyone from those new to comics or veteran readers.
I listen to quite a few podcasts and 11 O'Clock is one of my favorite comic book podcasts. Entertaining, funny, and in depth reviews. I have picked up so much reading material based on their topics. Keep up the great work!
I really wanted to like this after hearing a shout out from Word Balloon, but everything about the audio is unbearable. Usually if it's the guest I don't mind since they're probably skyping in, but the host had the worst gainy, peaky, mic I've ever heard. The guest had the best fidelity mic but you could barely hear him since the balance was off to the point of complete amateur. If the host is reading this, please consult a professional and fix the audio. I'll probably check back in a few months.
One of my top three podcasts. Never miss a week!
I have no one talk comics with. Listening to this show, I learn so much I'm at
Vince, David, and Jason are the friends I wish I had. I look forward to their weekly discussions of every aspect of sequential art. Mainstream, Indie, Web Comics, Original Art and more are discussed, dissected, and debated. Vince's enthusiasm is contagious and opens my mind to new and different comics. David's erudite comments and Jason's love of original art reaffirm why I love the medium. Add to this a drink roll call and the show is always a fun listen.
I lapse in and out of reading comics on a regular basis... but this podcast keeps me connected to the scene and the chemistry of the hosts (miss you, Chris, you angry angry man) is wonderful. These guys genuinely love and enjoy each other and that love and joy shines in every episode. LOVE IT.
These guys are truly fantastic. They get deep into every comic they read and give the creators as much love as they deserve. Now this is me showing them the love they deserve. Thank you guys for an awesome show.