Forever Smallville

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Why is this even listed? It should be removed.
Just wanting to know why there is only 1 podcast?
Where is the show?
Ok now....Smallville producers! This is just great and all but I wish you guys would stop talking about the show and just put the episodes on itunes! It makes me furious because I want them for my ipod so badly. I am a HUGE smallville fan and I understand that you want people to buy the seasons with the dvd's but I do have them ALL!!! And I love it!!! Never miss an episode on Thursday nights on the CW at 8:00 sharp! Now please put your episodes on itunes. I LOVE SMALLVILLE!!!!!
this pod cast is guy as ipod in the comebacks


Why is this still on here? Or why was it in the first place?
This is terrible, and they obviously realize it since there was only one episode.
Great start, but where are the follow-up episodes?


this is one of the best i have ever heard!! great job!