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Rich is a talented podcaster who will give the listener a hard days work, and entertaining content.
Rich is a thourough host, when you believe the details are over, he brings out more. A solid host with solid content. Great job Rich!
Just a perfect podcast for those interested in MMA, Movies, Video Games and Wrestling. Really perfect combination of topics and Rich and gang are always informative and entertaining. A pleasure to also have then on my show. - Gary
He explained why the episodes comes out late and I have a clear understanding why now(BlogTalkRadio). I just thought he was being lazy or something like some other podcasters. I enjoy the show and his rants are truly entertaining. I was just expressing my frustrations with the show because we have to wait weeks and weeks for a new episode,but anyway,keep up the great work. I hope you can cut off all ties to Blog Talk Radio.
This is BigBoss From Unveil Gaming NYC. We had an interview with MTR last night discussing competitive gaming. It will be the next episode on here & I have to say this is one the best blog radio shows I have been on and or have listen to. So thanks Rich and keep up the great work.
First time listening to the show, heard the latest pod cast up an I loved it! I would recommend this to any lover of video games and mma. The forums are great too, keeps everything fresh!
I've been a listener of this show for about 5 years now, before it was even on iTunes! Rich tells it like it is and doesn't BS around anything. He doesn't pull any punches and his personality really keeps the show moving along. Highly recommended if you're a fan of MMA, wrestling, video games, or movies.
This is not your typical show about video games, movies, mma, and wrestling. Rich is the host and he is really terrific at giving his own take on the things he likes to talk about. You will tune in to hear about the topics and stay for the host and his loyal following of regular callers. He recently did an interview with the guys from Deadliest Warrior on Spike TV and it was fantastic! Can't recommend this show enough! Can't forget to mention that you can listen live and call in live as well! Listen to this show!