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Hi, this is Amir from Iran. I think it’s just a couple of months ago I followed you on YouTube and here. By listening to you and your very nice accent I improved very fast but the most important thing is the motivational messages which are coming to my mind, each time I listen to you. I wish I could see you one day. Take care! With lots of love from your followers 🌹🙃
Where is the comment that he reading during the show?
Are this episode have any lyrics??
Stop eating and drinking while talking! Is it too hard to understand?
Thank you for your time
I love AJ it’s a very good teacher, your advices, and methods of studies are very good, he has a lot of interesting topics.
Hi I enjoy listening do you share your transcripts of podcasts. I am waiting for your answer Thanks a lot
I really enjoy the show. I started listening like a year ago. I realize my improve when I listen and talk. Thank you. Silvia from El Salvador living in LA USA
I like how you teach English but the reason why I’m giving u 2 stars cuz you talk too much about politics and religion you have your opinion so keep it for yourself and stop giving wrong information everybody has their own opinion about that! focus on teaching English and not other things! I was going to buy your VIP program but I’m not now because of that.
Finally after listening for hours head-on, I cought up with the latest podcast. A.J has got more than just English in his podcasts, he's a true life instructor, caring. I highly recommend it
This is all about the teacher and Not the teacher.
The podcast is mostly sales pitch and endless self promotions. Speech sounds unnatural - slow and graded.
No matter what I say, I will never be able to show how I am lucky that I found AJ. AJ is the one who opened my eyes and made me love to learn English after spending years indulging in those boring grammar and text books. I really recommend AJ for all the ones who wants to improve their English! Mustafa Al-Jasim, from Iraq!
This is the best way to learn english... Thanks!


By Nyiphyo
Thanks so much Aj!!!

By Queu3
I love A.j. his voice is so clear to understand, and his courses are great is really true, about 6months I could speak english and has chance my life for good. very good podcasts too, love them all.
Thank you for your lessons


I understand all your audios but I can't translate to my own language at the same time when I'm listening, I speak Spanish.
Thank you so much for your great job Mr A.J hoge. This podcast has been tremendously helpful for me in my learning process.. I started from absolutely cero few months ago, and now, I can say that I understand better, read better and most important, speak better..! Thanks you so much. God bless you and your family, and keep doing your great job!!!!!
I'm a native english speaker, but my wife is an ESL student and was enjoying the show, so I gave a few of them a listen. AJ does a great job of combining clear pronunciation and new vocabulary with interesting, "adult-sized" topics. I especially agree with the premise of the "Independent Learners - Masters of Life" episode. Keep up the good work AJ!
Thank you so much for this podcast, very good teaching.
Recently, I purchased his effortlessenglish book and cd, I felt in love with his program.
I just want to thank you,, my english has improved a lot ever since i listed you telling us that our english would improve our speaking if we listening a lot english so i did and it definitely works i feel more confident speaking english,, yes we definitely can:)
Thanks AJ. I think it is really helpful for english learners to listen this great materials. Efforless English cannot be measured by such star rating. It is much more valuable than anyone can rate.


مشكور Aj فعلا تستحق كل معاني الشكر والتقدير
Best course out there!
كل ما فضيت .... استمع .... وبعد فتره .... بتحس بالتطور
I live in moscow and listens to this podcasts - its great
Thank Mr A.J so much. It's very useful for me.
Для совершенствующихся в изучении. Эмоционально окрашенный метод основанный на многократном повторении прослушивания. Слушаю в машине и не надоедает. Темы и лексика интересные и разнообразные, но не трудные.


By Phd2007
I like his podcast they're very useful


By osn94
It helped me a lot.


I like a j hoge ..your teaching style is very unique Thanks god I ever see such good guy like u
That has been the best way to improve my speaking English, it's very helpful. Keep helping us AJ. Thank you
Finally someone understood our problems and made us-ppl, who study and speak English as our second language, know a lot of grammar but just can't speak a long sentence without a grammar mistake or incorrect pronunciation realize that it is not impossible to speak good English. Thank you so much for giving us these valuable lessons and podcasts. I already feel so much more confident because I believe too that I can speak English like native English speakers if I follow all of your instructions and practice hard.
I just love this podcast. It seems I found it a bit late though, it still has lots of helpful lectures. Thanks for your good quality of explanations. I hope this podcast gets more popular.
this podcast is helping me to learn and understanding a lot,, I have studied English for many years with traditional books and methods and realized that did'nt work thank you very much for your explanations that motived me to keep trying...
Thank you so much for posting " Effortless English Podcast" I am greatly benefited from your tips and courses . I send my millions of wishes for the people who contribute this great program
Great if that's what you're into but definitely not for everybody.
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