Understanding the Scriptures

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Thank you. I have been looking for something like this. Comprehensive and well designed.
One of the best, if not the best, bible timeline / story of salvation studies I've ever heard. Well done, Carson!
Really wonderful studying of scripture in which i learned a lot
This is an excellent Bible study for someone who is just a bigger or wants to dig deeper into their faith. Thank you Carson Weber for saying "Yes" to the Lord and serving him in this great ministry. You are in my prayers. God Bless.
This is perfect for anyone looking for a serious bible study that covers both the New and Old Testament. Carson Weber is an enthusiastic and engaging speaker. It was very enlightening and I am eager to read the books he recommends throughout the podcasts as well. A true wealth of information!
This podcast is so good, it will have your jaw dropping often. You will be astonished at the things you will learn. I've listened through this podcast probably 4 times now and each time i still pick up something new that i over looked the previous time. it's truly amazing and Carson keeps it fun and does a great job with this class. He's funny. I highly highly highly recommend everyone who has a hunger for knowledge and wants to know more about Old Testament Life, Old Testament Clues into the New Testament Fulfillment. So far everyone who I gave this podcast to has come back to me smiling ear to ear in amazement. They just love it and can't believe how much truth is in the Bible that we "lay people" would normally NEVER get or figure out. Get it now and start listening! Thanks again for doing this class and sharing it with us Carson. May God Bless you for this.
This podcast is an absolute MUST for any Catholic! Carson Weber brings the Scriptures alive in a way I've never heard and connects what we believe with why we believe it. the AH HA factor is amazing. This class should be taught in every Catholic Church everywhere, especially in RCIA and classes for kids who don't or can't attend Catholic schools. I can't stress enough the fantastic way Dr. Weber's style is, while casual, still gripping. GET THIS PODCAST!!
This podcast is outstanding. I use it to help me explain and further teach our faith to my CCD students. Carson explains our wonderful faith in clear terms. He gives great examples and offers a fine explaination of our Catholic faith in the Bible.
This is simply the best bible study podcast on iTunes. Carson does an amazing job of keeping the podcast fun and entertaining over the course of 30+ hours of content. The Old Testament especially is brought into great clarity here and the context provided is extremely helpful. Look up Carson on twitter and the web for further information about his ministries.
I'm so disappointed because I finished this Bible Study and can't find another one near as comparable. My wife loves it for me because I listen while doing the dishes (i.e., she doesn't have to wash dishes)! Seriously though, any thought to continuing the study? Maybe a podcast walking us through the Gospels in depth (hint, hint)? May God continue to bless you and your ministry Mr. Weber. Thank you for this podcast.
This really helps alot
An excellent scripture study both with Dr. Hahn`s textbook Understanding the Scriptures, and without it. The theology of the Covenant is throroughly explained. I defintely recommend this study!
Carson Weber's podcast is a wonderful companion to Scott Hahn's "Understanding the Scriptures". He is extremely knowledgeable about the subject, and his presentation is clear and precise. His playful humor and interaction with the audience makes you feel you are really part of the class and adds to the enjoyment of the course. I would recommend this podcast highly to anyone who wants to get the most out of this volume in the Didache Series.
I came across Caron Weber's brilliantly done presentation about a year ago. It remains at the very top of my list of 'must have' tools for anyone wishing to be introducted to understanding salvation history. I return to it again and again, always appreciative of it's clarity and depth. It is easy to follow and extremely well done. Should be required content in every RCIA program.
I highly, enthusiastically recommend this podcast to anyone interested in a deeper and truer understanding of the Bible and Christianity. Carson does an excellent job presenting the work of Dr. Scott Hahn and other master theologians and brings his own charming presentation style and impressive knowledge to the lessons. The content of this thorough scriptural study is amazing in its insight and scope. You WILL learn a ton and be blown away by how much you didn't know already. Each 'chapter' is about 80 minutes long and is great for listening to on the go. At the end of a day listening you will have not only a deeper understanding of the Bible but by extension a deeper relationship with Jesus. The study is great for Catholics and non-catholics alike. You will not be sorry if you take this journey. Bravo Carson!
Carson Weber is a gifted Catechist, wonderful lover of truth, and pursuer of holiness. This podcast is such a gift to the Church of today. The content is deep, the recording is crisp, and the insights are profound. I pray you jump into this Understanding the Scirptures podcast with a heart willing to learn and grow. You will not be disappointed!
This podcast is GOOD! No, Campbell Soup is mmm mmm Good! This podcast is GREAT! No, Kellogs Frosted Flakes are G-R-E-A-T! So, what is it then? Quite simply the best in what Catholic Bible study is all about! BRAVO!!
Insightful, scholarly, engrossing-- this is a fascinating walk through the bible you thought you knew. Against a backdrop of careful scholarship and deep historical knowlege familiar stories take on a new luster and relevance. Brew up a cup of tea and get ready for a wonderful journey...
It has been such a blessing to have this bible study to listen to while I work throughout the day. Carson does a great job of presenting the story of salvation history with enough detail to make it real, but not make it confusing. He also has people read from the bible during the class, so that even if you are listening without your bible at hand you can understand where the readings are coming from and recognize some of the passages.