Blended! DJ Tony M

Reviews For Blended! DJ Tony M

I loved the top 40 remixes in "Sing!". A good mix of remixed top 40 hits just exuding fun Europop qualities.
His transitions are very clean. You can tell he's experienced because he skillfully blends Moto Blanco and Bimbo styles like silk. One of the basic rules for a DJ is to keep the flavor of your music as pure as you can. In other words, you can't be everything to everybody. Tony keeps his niche and yet somehow manages to make new commercial house tracks in a vibrant and vivacious style.
Maybe it is the x-aerobic instructor in me, but this music gets me moving. I haven't listened to one podcast that isn't a keeper! (and I don't mean goalie). This is one of my favorite podcasts and I look forward to them every month (and wish they were every other week). Good JOB TONY!!!


Nice to hear that someone still knows how to truly funk it up...Awesome keep them coming. I will be here as long as you keep playing these uplifting beats
Hmmm....There really catchy and they definitely get you dancing by the first 30 seconds! So hey, if you like dancing around to funny noises and lyrics--its your cup of tea! Its mine!