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Joe Schimmel and this church is amazing! My faith and knowledge of Biblical truths has grown exponentially over the past year thanks to this ministry. I can’t get enough of it! If you have the time to start copying some of the older YouTube sermons into podcasts, that would be great, I’m running out of episodes real quick!
Love this guys- found him from Good Fight. He loves the Lord and he loves Souls. He knows how to deliver a faithful Biblically based expository message. His Knowledge of Scripture is excellent . So much truth. Not for those who want their “ears tickled” by easy believing popularity gospel.
I discovered pastor Joe Schimmel after watching the DVD “Hollywood’s war on God” and I’ve been listening to his sermons ever since. His message is delivered straight, no sugar-coating, no tongue biting etc. I also love how his sermons are so contemporary, dealing with prophecy and the spirit world in today’s world.
Joe Schimmel does a very good job at teaching us what the Bible has to say. If you're looking for a biblical podcast that moves mountains then this is the one for you. It's hard to find a pastor rooted in the truth and looks to the word to establish their perspective. Solid teachings.
Great place to hear God's Word presented in an uncompromised, truthful way! God bless you, Pastor Joe, and the entire BHC family!!
It is so hard to find biblically sound preaching these days. Thank you for feeding souls, Mr. Schimmel.
Pastor Joe does not mince words !! He preaches directly from the Bible. Never adding a word to a bible verse or taking away a word from a verse; straight scripture delivered to a world that is in desperate need of our savior Jesus Christ !! Preach on my brother and may God continue to bless your ministry 👍🏻🙏😊
I’m so blessed to have come across Pastor Joe being referenced in a YouTube video and then finding out Blessed Hope was near my house. Unfortunately, I moved to another state but I listen to the podcasts every Wednesday and Sunday. His preaching through the Holy Spirit has transformed my walk. I also love Good Fight ministries.
Pastor Joe Schimmel is the best. I am so blessed to have found his ministry. He is truly a man of God’s word and integrity. He knows the Bible and has an amazing anointing on him. He speaks the truth in love and he never sugar coats the gospel. His messages are fascinating and eye opening and I always learn from him. He pulls out treasure from scripture that I never saw or heard before. He is a protector of the flock of God as he faithfully exposes the evil works of darkness, false teachers, false doctrine that has crept into the church. May God raise up more men like Joe Schimmel in these last dark days. I am so blessed by his ministry. If you love the truth then you will want to listen to his bible studies. You will be encouraged and convicted. Lord bless you Pastor Joe!
Pastor Joe is a good Bible teacher who boldly declares the counsel of God. I've listened carefully and agree with 99.9 % of what he teaches. He is unlike most preachers today who interpret the scriptures under a theological overlay that prevents an objective interpretation. I highly recommend you listen to the current series on the Book of Revelation. We are in the last few minutes of the hour! We need to be spiritually ready for a time of testing that is very near.

By DSK09
I have started watching your videos and now have subscribed to your podcast. Very nice and beautiful message!! Keep up the good work pastor!! God Bless
As I began listening to this podcast I couldn't help but see quite clearly that you don't understand what your even trying to refute. You state your 5 reasons or dangers. But never use the Scripture to refute anything. You just stated lame arguements about what you THINK Preterists believe and say they are bad. You constantly misinterpret what (Full) Preterists believe. I would like to see you debate in open forum an Actual Preterist, who would show your Ignorance concerning Preterism. Not to mention, all the things (too numerous to state here) that are either down right lies or something you made up. Or even worse something you read or heard from another author or speaker and just repeated their nonsense because it sounded good to you. The Preterist understanding is not for anyone who wants it easy or is looking for a "bed of roses." Preterists are among the most studious because we are looking to understand Scripture from the Scripture. As for your saying that "Preterists believe they already have the Resurrection" is a true statement, but misleading. I will end with this from 1 Cor. 15, and you decide for yourselves what it means. In 1 Cor. 15 Paul uses the Present Passive Indicative (PPI) right where, if your a futurist, makes no sense. I will give the literal rendering . 1Cor 15: 15,16 "...He raised Christ, whom he did not raise, if in fact the DEAD ARE NOT (PPI) "BEING" RAISED. 16And if the DEAD ARE NOT (PPI) "BEING" RAISED, not even Christ has been raised." edit: Futurists say that the dead "will not be raised till the Final Day or sometime in the future, if that is so they disagree with Paul, and thus ,by Paul's logical inference, Futurists are saying 'Christ has not been raised." 1Cor 15:29 "If the DEAD ARE NOT (PPI) "BEING" RAISED, why then are they (PPI) "BEING" baptized for them?" 1Cor 15:32 "If the DEAD ARE NOT (PPI) "BEING" RAISED, Let us eat and drink for tomorrow we die." 1Cor 15:35 "But someone will say, "How are the DEAD (PPI) "BEING" RAISED? And with what kind of body are they (PPI) "COMING?" 1Cor 15:42-44 "42So also is the Resurrection of the dead. It is (PPI) "BEING SOWN in corruption, it is (PPI) "BEING" raised in incorruption; 43 It is (PPI) "BEING" sown in dishonor, it is (PPI) "BEING" raised in glory: It is (PPI) "BEING" sown in weakness, it is (PPI) "BEING" raised in power; 44 It is (PPI) "BEING" sown a natural body, it is (PPI) "BEING" raised a spiritual body." As I said, decide for yourself what this means and BY ALL MEANS CHECK THE GREEK! This is nothing more than Greek 101, yet all modern translations, except Young's Literal Translation, do not translate the impact of the Present Passive Indicative. But if your the Futurist who can't possibly be wrong! Go ahead, explain into oblivion the PPI and its significance. But if your honest with yourself and the Scripture then your understand something just ins't right with Futurist Theology/Eschatology. I have no doubts that many Preterists believe things that aren't true, but we are all, as Disciples of Christ (more meaning intended than most will get), seeking, knocking, asking for a deeper understanding of the Word of God. Please don't take any of this in a hateful way, It is definitely not intended that way. You may however, see my fustration with Futurists.
You teach according to the Word and not according to man...what a concept these days! Keep up the good on! May the Lord protect and continue to use you to be a light in such darkness.
One of the best bible teachers of this day. Thank you for not compromising the truth! God bless you!
Praise the Lord for men of God and a ministry of valor in a world full of false prophets and deceit!I can say that you guys are a blessing and an encouragement and I thank God first for using you and thank you guys for letting God use you and being sensitive to the spirit!Keep up the good fight !
My hope and prayer is that God will continue to lift up more watch man like pastor Joe to warn the nations and bring conviction by preaching the true word of God Lord protect and bless pastor Joe and his family and ministry
Pastor Joe is by far the best Pastor and teacher I have ever heard!! His teaching is strong, powerful, and right to the point!! If you want to ditch your lukewarm walk, change your life, and learn Gods will for your life, this is the podcast for you! I have listened to sooo many other bible teachers, and I even went to bible college. And still, no other teacher compares to Pastor Joe! Please just try the podcast! :)