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By troncon
You can tell they put a lot of hard work into their podcast and have a passion for film.
The way they described the show was the worst thing ever. Though they sound like they watch anime all the time, they missed so much info. I agree with some parts of their expectation vs delivery from the show, but overall it just sounded like they had a grudge against the show. Just no. Y’all are bad. Low stars because I assume y’all go into a show with prejudice and just talk mess the moment the whole group finds something y’all disagree with. Bad bad bad
This show is pretty much exactly what I want out of a film review podcast. I’ve listened for years and it never disappoints :)
This is a fun, informative podcast that actually focus on the movies. I’ve listened to too many other podcasts on films and anime where people just launch into tirades and yell at each other for an hour. The GME podcast helps me get through the workdays and does and tremendous job of recommending films and anime that I’ve never heard of before. I look forward to watching Gasaraki.
Paul, Your pod has given me quite a bit of pleasure over the years. It's gotten me through road trips, introduced me to some fun b movies that I otherwise might not have heard of and made me re-evaluate the way I value movies I enjoy. Thanks for the work you've put in and keep plugging away.
Thank you for continuing to cover these greatest movies ever. It made me happy just to see the title this week.
I trully love this podcast and always look forward to the next episode. A number of podcasts I subscribe to I'll let the episodes just pile up at times, this one I always listen to the new episode within a week. I even enjoy the anime episodes very much and I don't watch anime nor have I ever. Their love and interest keeps me interested though. Very enjoyable and a staple of my entertainment.
I'll probably never watch the majority of the films reviewd here but who the flip cares. Great show about awesomly good bad movies.
Once upon a time this show was the bomb. If you start this podcast start from the first episodes. Long before it flushed itself down the crapper
Have enjoyed listening to years of podcasts Paul and his friends, colleagues and family have shared with the world. Dry humor, very descriptive plot summaries, and fun energy abound. Recommend as a great way to spend a work day glued to your desk. Love it when they cover oddball movies I have heard of but have never seen. Keep the decade long train rolling!
I love this podcast. The main host, thealmightygooberzilla, is a witty engaging host and makes forgotten movies and shows interesting and fun. My only request is that this show would review more anime and cartoons, as those are some of the better episodes.
Despite them liking My Little Pony, this podcast is fun. They aren't too serious or pretentious about what they like. Also, the host has a normal voice and not the stereotypically "geeky/nerdy" fanboy voice that these podcast hosts usually have. Consider me a fan.


By Ryumoau
There are far more interesting bad movie podcasts out there other than listening to these mouthbreathing weeaboos. I recommend BMFcast or How Did This Get Made instead. Both alot more funny and don't have a boring host like this one.
Really good stuff, leans towards humor in style, mostly covers horror, and chop-chop action flicks. Mix of technical merits of film making versus what's in the plot that the reviewers liked or not. Mom the reviewer can be hard to hear compared to the host. Some of the contributors would be well served to get better internet connections, as their Skype connections can also make them very hard to hear.
First off I love the listen to most of yours guys podcast How about you guys review "True Lies"
A great unicorn loving host with a wide array of equally comical rotating co-hosts that breakdown and make you think about what really makes a movie "great". I have found many great movie titles that I have watched for the first time or re-watched with new insight since listening to this podcast.
I have to admit, some of the earlier episodes with the sound effects were a little annoying, but the host gets the knack of it. After a few episodes, he gets pretty good. His hosts are likable, and he himself is very well-informed. He talks about a bunch of crazy movies that I saw on HBO about 30 years ago and had compeltely forgotten about. The Last Unicorn. Congo. The Apple! I have to admit, this show can get quite addictive after awhile. Highly recommend!
I really enjoy this show. This movie brings back some awesome memories of hundreds of crazy movies I've seen as a kid. Paul Chapman is very insightful and entertaining. I love all the hosts. I love Mom, I love his sister, and of course Hollywood Hunting is great. If you have a long road trip with time to kill, this podcast is it!
As a long time listener spanning back to when sound effects and the Wilhem scream was the “it” thing, the day it was announced that Katherine The Great and Paul were, in fact, SIBLINGS was more shocking to me than Tyler Durden. I love this podcast more than I should, and while I would never admit it to my real friends, I have no qualms about gushing on the internet. Keep up the great… and unpaid… work! (PS, I donate)
I actually clicked on this link on iTunes by accident, but saw some of the podcast titles and decided to check out some of the movies I had seen and listen to what The Almighty Gooberzilla had to say. I found him and his cohosts, inparticular Sean 'Hollywood' Hunting, Katherine the Great and his dear mother, fun to listen to and they honestly remind me of some of my friends. I hope you keep putting out good shows.
Had hopes for this podcast but it was just all bad. The host had no energy what so ever. It seems they also don't do any research on the movie that they talk about. A simple Wikipedia read would give them some background on the movies. Just horrible all around.
Great show, usually very funny and entertaining. Works best when his cohost is one of the non-geeks, Sean, his mom, or Catherine. Sometimes with other podcast "nerd" types the program gets a little dry and hard to follow for non super-otaku like myself, but I listen to and enjoy almost every episode
I stumbled upon this podcast and it is great. I drove from Kansas City to Boston to Charleston on a massive rpadtrip with over 200 hours in the car, and this podcast kept me completely entertained during the entire road trip. I had other podcsts dowloaded, but I pretty much listened to this. The host Paul and his firend, including his Mom, are a lot of fun to listen to. It's also a trip down memory lane regarding old movies you may have loved once, but totally forgot about.
But in a good way.
that is all
First: don't come to this podcast for genuine movie advice. Second, don't come to this podcast to have your feelings validated. Third, don't come to this podcast looking for genuine reviews of classic films. Fourth, do come to this podcast. Paul is the kind of interesting shut in who could go on to be the next Gene Shalit if he had a little more ambition. He's the kind of hairy otaku that you can appreciate on a few levels, even, or especially, if you don't agree with him. Paul is unquestionably a straight man in a comedy duo. Because of that, this 'cast is fully dependent on a slew of co-hosts for success. Luckily, Paul is well tapped into a particular scene of Internet nogoodnils who complement his dry sense with a slap of quality Internet humor. Perpetual host Sean Hunting is the prefect balance to Paul, and the two of them have an amazing interplay. Various others sit in with various levels of success, but the show is generally great. If you listen to this show, and it doesn't want to make you watch the movie in question, then it's probably not the podcast for you. Everyone else, check it out.
I was really excited when I ran across this podcast and saw the episode list. Unfortunately, the hosts are hard to listen to for more than a few minutes and most episodes turn into the kind of pretentious rambling that you'd overhear at a Magic: The Gathering basement tournament.
This podcast is just that, wicked fun.
I only recently discovered this podcast--ended up listening to every single episode in roughly 3 months' time. Unlike so many podcasts of a broadly similar kind, Paul et al. don't feel the need to resort to humor, badly executed, every 15 seconds. (For reference, listen to almost any Game of Thrones podcast.) There is humor, but only when called for and appropriate, making it all the more funny. (Daryl and Sean are especially entertaining.) The primary focus, however, remains on careful analysis. Indeed, this is unequivocally one of the smartest podcats I've ever heard, and certainly the most intelligent--yet fun!--concerning pop culture. As a college English professor seeking to include multimodal/multimedia compositions in my lower-division courses, I will definitely introduce TGME to my students. (Love that Paul is a writer and English major himself.) My highest recommendation.
Always interesting and always entertaining. I have been listening for going on two years now. Haven't heard a bad episode yet! As a connoisseur of B movies the host has the ability dig into the heart of the movie and find the qualities that make them great. This has all the components that make for a good podcast, someone talking about something they are passionate about coupled with co-hosts/guest hosts that bring another, and often entertaining view point to the topic at hand. It's funny many of the movies reviewed are movies I haven't seen and would not have seen left to my own devices some are movies I probably will never watch, yet that doesn't seem to be necessary to enjoy the podcast. You seem to get the experience all the joys of watching a good cheesy movie with your friends just by listening to the show. Keep up the good work!
i've been listening to Paul and crew for years and have always enjoyed the shows. even when we disagree on what constitutes a great movie, the show is always informative and usually hilarious. i love the insights of M.O.M., siblings, friends, and swift martial gentlemen (especially the gentlemen). i'm lucky enough to have a career that provides a private office. i listen to this and a number of other podcasts as i engineer projects. this is one of the podcasts that never gets deleted. i keep the entire catalog and often cycle through some favorites. keep up the greatness.
as are the movies. It's shorter than most of its ilk, which is good, and pretty entertaining on a consistent basis. The bad is Paul at times comes off as a pretentious yahoo, talks down to the audience and co-hosts, but freely admits he watches a lot of the movies on TNT, which equals panned and scanned, edited to fit the time frame, and commercials, so not even close to the directors' visions. I find the episodes with Katherine the most enjoyable as she won't hesitate to knock him off his self-imposed pedestal, whereas most of the others will back down, loudest voice in the room, squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that rot.
Listen and enjoy people celebrating movies for all their good and bad qualities. Be warned--when you finish you will immediately want to go and seek out the movie under discussion because Paul and his guests do great work in their analysis of the film. Keep up the great work to all involved producing this show!
In a world where snarky internet "reviewers" seem more interested in making a name off of things they hate, the Great Movie Ever (Podcast) showcases the people who genuinely love films and have something of substance to say about them. Paul Chapman and his rotating cast of co-hosts have entertained me for over five years now, and I implore you, random iTunes stranger, to let them entertain you, too. A truly great podcast, perhaps one of the greatest... EVER.
This podcast is AMAZING ENTERTAINMENT! Likely skewed to the educated male movie junkie born between '77-'85, but this podcast reviews only THE BEST movies of all time with thorough and hilarious critiques from a very likeable cast of characters. Paul orchestrates it all as the Gooberzilla but Daryl, Sean, Katherine, Dave+Joel and all others contribute wonderfully as well. All cohosts have great chemistry and I really enjoy listening. Keep up good work! Favorites: Surviving the Game, Running Man, Perfect Weapon, and In the Name of the King Requests: I want to hear TimeCop, Big Trouble in Little China, Gremlins 2, Best of the Best, Last Boy Scout, I Come In Peace, Universal Soldier, Kindergarden Cop, and a few other personal favorites. I know they'll get around to it.
Keep up the good work Gooberzilla, LOVE the podcast! Johnny Neumonic and Dune are my fav editions yet!
If you want to try this show out go for The Last Unicorn and Heavy Metal episodes. Your life will be better for it.
I can't help but feel there has to be a middle ground between dully mainstream movie review podcasts and "guys in front of mikes talking about movies" - as there are B-Movie magazines out there like SHOCK CINEMA, PHANTOM OF THE MOVIES VIDEOZONE, VIDEO WATCHDOG and the now-defunct PSYCHOTRONIC. I keep waiting for the day Joe Bob Briggs shows up doing a "Drive-In Movie Review" podcast, to show everybody how it should be done - but until then, The Almighty Gooberzilla and his very pop-culture aware family and friends are here to take some of the sting off of the "Beevis & Butthead Review Movies" podcasts that the iTunes Store seems to keep promoting. Gooberzilla, aka anime reviewer Paul Chapman, has been doing THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER Podcast for almost six years now, in which he and a co-host ironically praise some B/schlock/cult film as this episode's "Greatest Movie Ever". Running the gamut from Godzilla movies to drive-in classics to anime to played-out horror sequels to obscure chopsocky, he and his co-host cheekily discuss the strengths (if any) and weaknesses of the film under discussion. There's more of an attempt here than in most similar podcasts to provide some context to the movie and a genuine critical view, which is very welcome. Gooberzilla's roster of revolving co-hosts are another reason the show comes off so much better than its competition. Unlike many other similar 'casts, his show isn't the same sausage fest week in and week out - the co-hosts run the gamut from hosts of other podcasts to lifelong friends to his own Mother (M.o.M., the "Mistress of Malapropism" and a serious *kaiju eiga* fan!) and sister (Katherin the Great - who provides tart counter-commentary on many films). If you don't like a co-host, wait a week - he'll have somebody else co-hosting with him!
I can't download the Eraserhead podcast. It would be great if you could do a review of Brazil.
With Mr. Chapman's dry wit and Mr. Huntings roguish charm, this podcast will teach you, that yes indeed, friendship is magic!
This is one of my favorite podcasts. I've been introduced to some great movies by Paul and his numerous guest hosts. Keep up the great Job.
Thanks for the podcast. I download it and listen at work. Shawn Hollywood Hunting is my favorite cohost. He should get some work voice acting for Adult Swim or Family Guy, but then he would be without his muse, the mighty Gooberzilla.
Funny and insightful at the same time. My personal favorite podcast.
Love this podcast it short and sweet it's so useful when riding bikes or play halo or mw2 but I want more godzilla reviews but one should have catherine
I really like this podcast. Paul is funny and offers an intelligent view of films. The "Cobra" podcast is my favorite episode. Dave Serat, is great in that episode. What happened to the M.O.M. (Mistress of Maliperprisms)? Mom was funny and I patiently await her return. I would like to hear more reviews on 80s action movies in all their over the top action glory though. Truly a winning podcast.
I love the variety of movies on this show. The reviewers are very funny and make very good observations on the movies. I think their opinions are a bit more honest and less influenced by other media. Great show!
When a movie podcast puts Drive Angry on the same level as Clockwork Orange and tries very hard and very nerdily to make a case for it, you know it's time to cancel your subscription to this podcast.
It's an OK Podcast with OK people.