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i've been listening to wiggly for a long time and want more episodes!
Wiggly is self sufficient! He explains his views, questions everything and brings you into his life without knowing him or being there. The masses will dislike his insight and that is only because the truth hurts most people. He has a cornucopia of talent that has not been fully utilized. The reason behind that is he wants to enjoy life and not be a slave to the machine. I applaud him as a true individual who believes in hisself.


Very smart and very entertaining.Keep up the good work,Wiggly.
If you want the to known the real truth about anything wiggly delivers. It the best podcast ever it is much better than Cats . I'm going to listen again again.
Makes you think and laugh. Awesome.


By bigraj
Heard about this show from the Smart Wrestling Fan podcasts. I really like Wiggly's takes on a lot of subjects covered there and decided to check out his solo show. Really great, and thought-provoking show. I'm now a subscriber.
I love this show. Got here by way of SWF and not going anywhere. bring back 3M.
Ever wish you had a friend who was smart, funny, and just had time to sit down & BS with you about the secrets of the universe? If you said yes then you need to met Wiggly of A Wiggly World. This podcast Lets you hear an unscripted talk from a man who is self educated and, more importantly, self driven to understand more about life and living and what those things mean. You might not agree with him, but you get the feeling he listens to a wide variety of opinions, you why don't you give him the same courtesy. A mind is like the light in a fridge, it only works when its open and you are looking for something. It is Like a Wii fit for your mind.
i am a avid listener to swf and once i listened to one wiggly world podcast i downloaded every single one i could find. Wigglys take on religion is unbelievable..for not being a "bible scholar" he is very knoweldgable in the world of christianity.....A MUST LISTEN for anyone
Wiggly was born to entertain. He certianly does this every time he hits the record button on his computer. It is very rare that you can be inspired and entertained at the same time.
Nothing like the swf podcast, but godd none the less. Very insightful thoughts about topics such as religon, life, and other things.
For those looking to expand your horizons, this podcast is for you. Wiggly offers up perspectives on the world that are universal, yet unique. Through straight talk and humor, Wiggly can entertain while informing, can enlighten while challenging, and can open your mind, while still book marking any topic week to week. Or maybe this is all just crazy ramblings from a man in a chicken coop. I vote for the former. Either way, this is worth your time. Love ya Wiggly!
This podcast is possibly one of the better ones on ITunes. Many different topics are covered and it is not just pure ranting. Wiggly will talk about his view on the subject but does not shy away from giving other perspectives unlike most people. He is fair and just and it is always a pleasure to listen to him. You may not agree with everything he says but you just have to think positively and accept that your way is not the only way. I could go on forever but this podcast is well worth suscribing to and there are plenty more podcasts under Wiggly's name and they are just as goo das this one. SO give Wiggly a chance and check him out!
Awesome podcast. Great Audio very clear. You can tell the best of the best equipment is being used here. This podcast is one of the best out there cause the host talks about anything thats on his mind and most of time its stuff Im thinking of about also..LOL. Great views on a huge range of topics. Whatever Wiggly has on his mind he'll get on the mic and spit it out. Its not annoying or loud its just done right! Its also very educational. You can also learn alot from listening to this podcast and you might even find it helping you thru some trying times you may going thru and also answer some questions you may have been wondering about yourself. You'll quickly find out that Wiggly is highly intelligent person but also very very down to earth. Topics from religion to diets this is just a great podcast! I always look forward to new shows! Keep up the great work!
Great show that not only gives you insight into the creator but encourages you to think for yourself about things and find out why things are they way they are.
Great podcast. So many thoughts, ideas and advice come from the episodes. So many good things in the episodes that if you listen to them all it could hurt your brain and head, right where your brain and head live.
Everyone knows it's great to spend time with friends and Wiggly takes time out of his chaotical life to give his friends time with him. I'm glad for anytime he spends making these great podcasts. To know Wiggly..is to love Wiggly (As Afriend)
You may recognize Wiggly from his fantastic work with Trap Door, Chikara, The Smart Wrestling Fan Wrestling Review Show, or the Magic Milkshake Machine. However, the Wiggly World podcast is, to me, the jewel in his podcast stable. Tune is as Wiggly takes you through topics as diverse as the world in which we live. If you like to think, enjoy being mentally stimulated, and aren't satisfied with the over-polished, under-nourished mainstream media, this podcast is for you!
This podcast covers a plethora of topics and always provides an intruiging outlook on them. If you've ever found yourself feeling skeptical about the world around you, Wiggly's opinions should be a breath of fresh air. A lot of effort goes into this project and it's definitely worth checking out. Plus, it's free!
good for people who like podcast journals but if your getting this just because you listening to swf or milkshake mashine you should skip this
Wiggly is quite possible one of the greatest minds of all time!! Hearing his thoughts on different topics is always entertaing and always make since if you open up your mind and truly listen. Congrats on yet another great podcast Wiggly!!