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I've listened to most of these several times. He's so full of good ideas!
If you are tired of hearing the same old blather about how to lose weight, you'll like this podcast. Reinhard discusses the very specific strategies he has used to take off the pounds. He also examines the little tweaks he made to his approach in order to stay on course longer. For example -- he has what he calls "S Days" rule. He can only eat sweets on Saturdays, Sundays and special occassions (his birthday, a major holiday). It may sound simple but these little strategies are really helpful. People don't need more information about cutting carbs and working out , they need tactics to overcoming our own bad habits in order to do so. His down to earth delivery will appeal to both men and women.
Self-improvement and self-care can be very much a head game, in my opinion, and the way Reinhard re-frames the issues and articulates his philosophy really resonates with me. I am always ready to get on board with any solution that is elegant and simple (but not simplistic), and I think his tried-and-tested techniques totally fit the bill. That's not to say that they would all work for everyone (as he readily admits in his segments) but they're absolutely worth a look for possible adoption, modification, or just plain inspiration!
Like the approach, and look forward to hearing more from this writer.