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I came here expecting lore and deeper explorations of D&D and, with exception to Lore You Should Know, found only idle chit chat and inside jokes. The podcast derails from D&D every chance it gets. It sounds more like a water cooler conversation between people who have played D&D once or twice than an official D&D podcast. The interviews and introductions are especially bad.
Love that I always learn something new about a fame and community I love so much. The hosts are hilarious and really engage listeners and streamers alike into their show.
The banter between Greg and Shelly is fantastic - both of their laughs are contagious. Definitely agree that the regular bits are the best. The interviews are great - even those I don't like are informative and I learn a lot about stuff I don't know about. All in all, a great podcast to keep on in the car or while at work. They deserve all the poddys!
As a family who is learning about DnD, this provides a good entry point in the past, current, and future of DnD. The guests bring a new perspective to the DnD world and the hosts Greg and Shelly have a great podcasting chemistry.
And then stop immediately after that, everything else is a painfully insipid listen. I have tried numerous times at the urging of a friend, whose taste I respect, and I just cannot listen to the introduction or the interviews. Bad podcasting.
I just wish there was a dedicated lore you should know podcast. Every episode I just skip to that section and stop listening after. I usually find the other segments pretty hard to listen to.
I LOVE lore you should know and sage advice, but I feel that the hosts need to trim the banter at the beginning.
The information in the pre-recorded interviews are invaluable. I love Lore You Should Know, Sage Advice, and interviews with guests. I like Shelly and Greg, but their opening banter could be cut down to maybe 1-2 minutes.
This pod is a mixed bag. Good inside information on the game we love. Hit and miss on the interviews. Where they really shine is the regular segments; until recently that is. Sage Advice and Lore You Should Know are outstanding. However, Random Character Generator is just painful. I love Kate Welch. She’s an outstanding creator and I’m excited for her work on the design team. But last episode they spent five minutes of the segment looking up “feral tiefling.” Not an entertaining pod segment. A talent like Ms. Welch could be used better.
This podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. Greg and Shelly do a great job and their enthusiasm is infectious. The segments provide great insight into the history of the game as well as seeds for future adventures. And the interviews cover a very interesting range of aspects of the hobby.
Raise your hand if you skip the first 10 minutes of every episode? The Ghosts of Saltmarch episode was so rambling, I kept skipping ahead and now I think I have figured out that Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a Rosey Beestinger adventure based on Fiddler on the Roof. I stopped listening after about 45 minutes of the hosts and guest laughing at inside jokes. As far as getting insider info on D&D, you basically HAVE to follow this podcast. I love the Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments. I 99% adore the interviews with non-WOTC creators and players and DMs and artists. I hope you don’t think I am a jerk if I say that one or the other host would be better than both. Either alone is great. Together they are having too much fun to deliver the news and conduct an interview. If I were the boss of them, I would insist they work together because they clearly enjoy working together, but swap segments or interviews or entire episodes. When one or the other is on vacation, they are more efficient and more thorough. These rambling 2 hour podcasts could deliver the news in 30 minutes. Editing is the soul of all art.
Shelly and Greg are a great duo and fill my D&D knowledge quota each week. I really enjoy the lore you should know with Perkins and Sage advice with Jeremy Crawford segments.
I know, I know, you are busy. Your life is full of multiple things that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to get them all done. Listening to podcasts is a convenance thing, something to fill the background with noise while you are doing another task. How can anyone sit down and listen to over an hours worth of audio content? Trust me when I say that this is exactly what you should do with this podcast. From the witty banter between Greg and Shelly, to the deep dive questions asked of their guests, you are gonna want to dedicate some time to listen. Especially if you are someone who wants to know more about the lore of the Forgotten Realms, or find out exactly how a rule is intended to work within the game. Often, as I too listen while I am driving, something is said that makes you think about your home games, and you have to try to remember until you can write it down, or you have to pause the recording to make a voice memo. Inspiration is around every corner in each of these episodes, and it’s never safe to take your hands off the wheel while driving. Find some time each week to listen fully, and let your imagination run wild as ideas pop up out of nowhere during the course of be conversations. You won’t regret it.
Just really good talk and guests and lore about everybody’s favorite RPG!


By SaxMac
This is a test
Greg and Shelly and great hosts leading us through the weekly D&D news. Their banter makes listeners feel like they’re long time friends just talking about what’s going on in the world of tabletop. Keep up the good work!
“Lore you should know” and “sage advice” should be there own podcast. Greg and Shelley are loveable, but terrible interviewers. I understand why the intro is 15 minutes of Greg and Shelley spouting ads for WOTC products and events,(why else have a corporate podcast?) but I skip the intro and the interview almost every time. Could be a great podcast, but the hosting style and the obvious influence from the marketing team hold it back.
Lore and Sage advice segments are great. Host and guests tend to delve into political agendas more often than not. Just stay out of all politics please.
This podcast has been amazing from the beginning. The chance to listen to the game designers break down how the games were made, how books came to be, and other industry experts of the Dungeons & Dragons community has proven a fount of knowledge that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Perhaps the most valuable bit of this podcast is The Lore You Should Know segments. This has been incredibly useful and cut my prep time for DM-ing down drastically. My only issue is that those segments aren’t longer.
Fantastic content! Lore You Should Know should have its own show, or could use longer segments! Hope for more official game discussions and Sage Advice!! Great hosts and great guests!!
The intros can get a little annoying but the interviews and lore you should know segments are great!
I love, love, love this show. Listening to Greg & Shelly is like sitting down with old friends and talking D&D. And “Lore You Should Know” is one of the best segments ever!


Omg. For the first time ever I wasn’t greeted by Tito’s “Hellllllloooooooo and welcome to Dragon Talk!” crap. This time he “played it straight” and it was 1000x better. I normally skip the first 10 min of this podcast because of the “witty” banter and 10-min commercial that I pretty much can’t stand. I tune in for the convos with the guests, which are usually pretty good.
Just like sitting in a pub and arguing with your cleric and barbarian about whether or not to go after a troll... This podcast is full of witty banter and lots of info that I use weekly. Greg and Shelly are amazing! I wish I could work with the, I love how much they care about their jobs.
They spend too much time making unfunny chit chat. The Lore You Should Know segment is great. The rest is iffy.
Love the lore you should know segment. Would be great as its own podcast, honestly. Some of the interviews are pretty boring or have guests of relatively no renown or expertise, but thats not usually the case.
I know it’s marketing, but still really enjoy it. I’ve been listening for years, and the quality has definitely improved over time. I think Greg and Shelley are cute cohosts, and even though the silliness may not always hit the mark, I find them endearing. They’re from my goofy tribe. The best parts of the podcast, hands down, are the Lore You Should Know/Sage Advice segments. To hear Jeremy Crawford, Chris Perkins, and Matt Sernett talk D&D is always interesting and informative. I wish there was more like this. Maybe a DM/player tips segment or something. The interviews are a bit hit or miss, depending on the guests, but mostly hit, I’d say. I’ve often found myself inspired by these segments. And I’m a sucker for D&D origin stories. One nitpicking critique: when they recorded a bunch of these all at once and had no idea what Lore/Advice segment would be edited in, the banter that followed wherein they joked about knowing so much more about the, that got old quick. And they kept. On. Doing it. Maybe its because I binged a bunch in a row that it got annoying. Glad to see them “time traveling” a bit less now in 2018. Keep up the good work.
I enjoy a lot of actual play podcasts and DMs tips videos. If you're looking for that type of content, this is not the place. The hosts are not that engaging in my opinion. Their intros and commentaries tend to feel unfocused and despite this being the official d&d podcast, they dont seem to get that deep into the game or lore. Or the business. Or the industry. Its all surface and digression.
I like the segments. I wish they’d cut the first 10 minutes of awkward banter. It sounds like they are hanging out in the office breakroom with coworkers they don’t not like, making forced conversation about work stuff.
As the official D&D podcast for Wizards of the Coast, Dragon Talk keeps listeners up to date on the latest Dungeons & Dragons news as well as interviews with industry contributors. (Unfortunately, rumors or sneak peeks into future products aren't allowed, but that is the nature of the beast.) A lore segment has been added (and should definitely be kept) that explores the background of campaign elements and/or game rules.
Is it me? or these podcast being sped up?
Lots of supplementary ideas for any campaign especially forgotten realms
Became a regular after hearing the pegger and Peggie episode that had me laughing so hard I had to pull over.
I have been listening for over a year. I always enjoy getting to work and seeing their is a new episode to listen to. I could listen to Lore You Should Know Segments all day. The guests are all so different and make each week exciting to listen too. Can’t say enough good things.
This podcast used to be current and released the same week it was recorded. Now that they stream the show to Twitch it now takes about 2 months to post to iTunes!! Can’t give it a 5 Star because of this.
This IS the official Wizards of the Coast Dungeons & Dragons podcast. This is where many, many new products, storylines, and lore are revealed. Edit: Too sales-y. Lose 1 star. The segments called "Lore You Should Know" and "Sage Advice" are fantastic segments, but I have too many issues being able to listen to Chris Perkins and other lore-masters and creators. This IS a podcast and listeners should not need to drastically adjust their volume to hear the content (lose 1 star). Continuity: Thanks to the fact that this podcast is originally aired live on Twitch, podcast listeners must wait over 1 month to listen to each episode. And confusion abounds for several reasons (lose 1 star). 1. When Greg Tito and Shelly MooMoo can’t tell you what special lore or rules segment accompanies each episode. 2. Release dates and events that are revealed (live may be correct) are either past, now irrelevant, or confusing. I’m done with this podcast. I listened for 8 months. Loved it, and now I just want to fast forward through some of the wasted talk.
So much great information!
Great DMing, storytelling, voice acting, editing, and music. What more could you want from a role playing podcast.
Love the Lore and Sage segments.
Sure, there's a bias being that this is put out by Wizards of the Coast, but I still look forward to hearing Greg and Shelly every week on this podcast. The Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments are great and get my DM brain working, and there's always a fun and interesting guest. Great insight into WotC and DnD presented by two fantastic hosts.
Awesome interviews, funny hosts that don't force stuff, good discussions about rules, all thumbs up for Dragon Talk!
Love DnD and this podcast gets some great interviews. The Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments get 5 stars. Unique info you can't get outside of WotC. The intro banter by the hosts goes way too long and is not entertaining, so skipping forward 4-8 minutes each show after giving it a shot for 20+ episodes is annoying. The guests are hit or miss as well.
If you are crazy for D&D this is the podcast for you.
A wonderfully educated take and upkeep of a beloved game !
Best place for staying up to date on D&D


By Drujo
Such Variety Many Yums
This podcast is awesome! The hosts, Shelly and Tito, are great people with positive attitudes and the guests are also very interesting and applicable. The reason it's "almost there" is because the first few I listened to happened to have the internal-company interviews regarding game mechanics (it's not as boring as it sounds, especially when a developer of the rules is explaining it) and that helped me immensely. But then I realized the majority of the inner-company discussions are in regards to Lore and as much as I love the history of these fantasy worlds, a lot of D&D games are so fun bc the DM & players have made their own worlds where that lore may not apply. So with that said, MOAR game mechanic discussions/tips/hints would be awesome! Those discussions provide a good basis for listening DMs to utilize those mechanics in unique ways. Again, not that the lore isn't awesome - but maybe less of it and more game mechanic/DM tip focuses from the devs/writers. Great job though, 5 stars!
Greg and Shelly do an amazing job with this podcast. They're funny and ask their guests great questions. I love Lore You Should Know and the majority of the Sage Advice is great. I blame this podcast for having as many 5e books as I do. Not a bad thing! Only thing I wish this podcast I wish had was some gameplay. Especially when new content comes out. Keep up the great work guys!