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For a official dnd podcast you’d think there would be more dnd in this podcast but no there is not. I wanted to here about dnd not you’re kids lucky I can find a way better podcast pretty quickly. Honestly I don’t get why all you ever do is random character generation. But what I am trying to say is I don’t like it at all.
There’s a lot good here. Some of the snippets are perhaps extremely informative but that is completely contingent on the host. For instance ice-wind dale lore, phenomenal, well constructed well written and very open conversations with the host and questions, that segment is 15 minutes…in a usually 1-2 hour long podcast episode. The rest are either commercials for products they are advertising or pontificating on real world politics that do not revolve around the informative circles that most DMs and even players would want to, or care to listen about. I was hoping for actual advice, for my games, for my play style, even my world, rather than someone on a soap box me how to think. It’s rated 2 cause it has some value, but more common shows such as Dungeon Cast, would better inform you about that dnd itch. The average dnd content show host is held by the fans, and unfortunately WoTC is out of touch with its audience. Look for fan made podcasts instead. Highly disappointing.
Every time I listen, I still can’t believe how good this podcast is!
This is one of the best places to get news on D
WotC is a terrible bigoted brand and this podcast is insidious in how it trots out their propagates their lies and attempts to rehabilitate their public image
The intros can get a little annoying but the interviews and lore you should know segments are great! Also keep spouting your opinions. Who cares what the sore losers think!
Why are you guys inserting politics wherever you can? No one needs to be assured of your personal beliefs. I’m pretty sure if I never knew what you thought about “x” my life would continue unchanged in every way. Grow up. You are confusing your job with someone else’s. Love Sage Advice!
I really like the podcast. I truly enjoy the previews and in-depth focus on upcoming 5e products. The interviews are fairly entertaining and the host are charming. My only real gripe is the random character generation segments. I find them tedious and boring, especially since they take up so much time on the episodes. Please, enough is enough.
This “official” D&D podcast has done random character generation chatter for the last 3 episodes. Can’t any unofficial podcast do that?
The official Wizards’ D
Lol if you think that this is cringe then do you even play d&d?
I’m glad your personal life is much better with a new president but dnd is not for your personal opinions. Keep the politics out so we can all enjoy the game we love. Your political thoughts really aren’t worth anyone’s time.
Pretty cringe. Keep your SJW Politics out of my D&D
I have been playing D&D for less than a year now, and I am ready to DM because of this show and it’s excellent hosts. They are fun and full of knowledge.
I expected more unique content but frankly there are other less cringey podcasts that are more concise and more entertaining. Too much political commentary for a podcast about a game. Good guests sometimes but the hosts are just good for helping me sleep. How is this show still on the air? They have Matt Mercer as a guest and spend the first 15 minutes blabbering about their dog’s character and their visits at the office, and their cat? Blech! Gibberish!
Just advance the Podcast to the Lore You Should Know or Sage Advice segments and spare your yourself listening to the first 10-15 minutes. Its always very rough. Shelly M & Greg Tiro are just not good at carrying the show by themselves, without someone else to talk to. It seems like they try too hard to convince listeners that they are superfans that understand & play the game. Any segment with Chris Perkins or Jeremy Crawford are must listens for players and DMs alike. Experts at their craft and seem very genuine. Again, Greg sometimes tries a little too hard with questions and he comes off like hes a noob. However, hes much better when talking with someone other than Shelly. Lastly, Shelly’s & Tito’s interviews are usually decent enough, as they dont have to carry the show on their own. Decent questions and points are usually made.
The hosts try way too hard when left on their own but the interviews are solid.
Hosts are painful. News flash, we tune in to hear about D&D and not your political agenda.
I found Dragon Talk a little over two years ago and have tried valiantly to make it through the entire catalog. Greg and Shelley know their stuff, format a great show (thanks to Pelham, Ryan, et al.), and create a genuinely entertaining podcast. Every episode gets two listens, Wolfgang Bauer gets more. If you’re a fan of fantasy role-playing specifically or storytelling in general, try spending a few hours here every week. You won’t be disappointed!
I enjoy this podcast. The hosts are entertaining. The topics are pretty interesting most of the time. I enjoy the D&D celebrities like Chris Perkins. Sometimes they invite real amateurs to the show too. Those are very hit or miss. It’s nice to think that someone like me could be invited to the show. But frankly they’re usually pretty horrid guests. Boring, awkward, trying to sound cool. Cringe worthy stuff. Nonetheless, I like most episodes.
Good podcast, but they go off track easily, and it is hard to listen to every single episode, since they are so long, so I only listen to select episodes.
Found this in seek of some campaign lore. I’ve checked out a handful of episodes and there is an uncomfortable amount of judgmental woke stuff to navigate through at times form the hosts as well a some of the guests. Seriously, spin that off into a separate cast if your intent is for this to be a welcoming gaming podcast for all. -2 stars for some overt virtue signaling -1 star for some really drawn out off topic opening segments
Amazing podcast, I have listened to it for 1 year and have been looking forward to Thursday’s ever since. I just wanted to express my absolute love for this podcast!
While this podcast has some excellent D&D content, they often launch into “social justice” issues. Unfortunately, the most recent wave features a highlight on advocating the superiority of white people over others, which this podcast chose to advocate for. Disgusting. Real politics doesn’t belong in D&D.
I started one month ago I love dnd dis is the best Rogen Ninefingers aka the bloody nine of the north rocks!!!!!!
As a newbie, DM this is one of the first podcasts that I listened to. From everything to hearing about a module I like to hearing various approach to the art and craft of dungeon mastering, I am grateful for this show and what it offers the D&D community!
the middle segment is the only worthwhile segment, but it’s good enough. shelly is just a bit annoying, but greg is at least somewhat insightful and asks pretty good questions most of the time. the lady who greg does the random character generation with is SOOOO over the top energetic, but it honestly feels like she’s never sat down and made a real character before, lol. all in all, if you wanna learn some lore or have about 30 mins of decent d&d talk, i’d recommend it. otherwise don’t waste your time.
The personalities are decent, but the first 20-30 minutes of each episode are advertisements. Unfortunately the self-advertising segment is enough to push me away from the show.
This podcast needs work… At roughly 1h 45min per episode, the podcast is bloated. And it might be okay if there were more content in each episode, but most of it is chit-chat, asides, vamping, etc. The structure of the show is waaaaay too loose. The content seems like it’s planned out the day before. There doesn’t appear to be a script. There are tons of audio issues. I’m amazed that a product of this quality is allowed to be called the official podcast. Shorten the episodes, make the episodes follow a structure, improve the basic audio issues. Basically, start over. If the cliche example of a terrible, pointless podcast is friends saying, “we’re funny when we just sit around and talk… we should be recording this…” this is a terrible, pointless podcast.
Great listen for anyone interested in the intersection of imagination and human beings. I listened so much to the backlogged episodes that I made a drinking game out of it! 1 drink every time Greg makes a segue and then calls attention to the segue!
The interviews are fascinating and inspiring because they’re always with incredible, creative, passionate and downright good people doing interesting things in and around D&D. Shelly and Greg (and Kate, Chris, Jeremy, Adam and the whole team) have such a warmth and joy for what they do that they always bring out the best in their guests and each other. And the B segments (Lore You Should Know, et al) are absolute gold.
Its hard to listen to a show that constantly degrades you. This show seems bent on booking only guests that proudly poopoo white people. Interviews are regularly an hour or more of how awful the hobby is because its full of white men and boys, and then a few stories of bad games they had where they were uncomfortable and had to start their own company/stream/group that played the game they wanted to play. The irony is thick, one guest complained about how he didnt feel at home playing in groups that leaned on the normal "white" centered fantasy themes so he created his own group that is asian only with asian only fantasy themes. /facepalm
Well maybe not all, but this podcast is really bad. The hosts are terrible. Shelly is especially awful. I’m convinced she doesn’t like D&D. It’s a paycheck and she would rather talk about anything else. As many have said, the intro is crucially skippable. It’s as bad as listening to a screeching 20 minute long rendition of “everything is awesome”. Lore you should know is the one consistently worthwhile segment of the podcast. The interviews are.... well, the guests are usually twitch streamers and/or special snowflakes talking about being marginalized for like, an hour (man, I gotta say, I can’t wait till we’re past the Critical Role era of D&D). Occasionally some guests are interesting, but Greg and Shelly are such bad interviewers, they will always ruin an otherwise good segment by going off on some very random tangent.
Much like many reviewers, I skip to Lore You Should Know, then shut it off at the end of the segment. The LYSK segments are absolute gold.
I came here expecting lore and deeper explorations of D&D and, with exception to Lore You Should Know, found only idle chit chat and inside jokes. The podcast derails from D&D every chance it gets. It sounds more like a water cooler conversation between people who have played D&D once or twice than an official D&D podcast. The interviews and introductions are especially bad.
Love that I always learn something new about a fame and community I love so much. The hosts are hilarious and really engage listeners and streamers alike into their show.
The banter between Greg and Shelly is fantastic - both of their laughs are contagious. Definitely agree that the regular bits are the best. The interviews are great - even those I don't like are informative and I learn a lot about stuff I don't know about. All in all, a great podcast to keep on in the car or while at work. They deserve all the poddys!
As a family who is learning about DnD, this provides a good entry point in the past, current, and future of DnD. The guests bring a new perspective to the DnD world and the hosts Greg and Shelly have a great podcasting chemistry.
And then stop immediately after that, everything else is a painfully insipid listen. I have tried numerous times at the urging of a friend, whose taste I respect, and I just cannot listen to the introduction or the interviews. Bad podcasting.
I just wish there was a dedicated lore you should know podcast. Every episode I just skip to that section and stop listening after. I usually find the other segments pretty hard to listen to.
I LOVE lore you should know and sage advice, but I feel that the hosts need to trim the banter at the beginning.
The information in the pre-recorded interviews are invaluable. I love Lore You Should Know, Sage Advice, and interviews with guests. I like Shelly and Greg, but their opening banter could be cut down to maybe 1-2 minutes.
This pod is a mixed bag. Good inside information on the game we love. Hit and miss on the interviews. Where they really shine is the regular segments; until recently that is. Sage Advice and Lore You Should Know are outstanding. However, Random Character Generator is just painful. I love Kate Welch. She’s an outstanding creator and I’m excited for her work on the design team. But last episode they spent five minutes of the segment looking up “feral tiefling.” Not an entertaining pod segment. A talent like Ms. Welch could be used better.
This podcast is a lot of fun to listen to. Greg and Shelly do a great job and their enthusiasm is infectious. The segments provide great insight into the history of the game as well as seeds for future adventures. And the interviews cover a very interesting range of aspects of the hobby.
Raise your hand if you skip the first 10 minutes of every episode? The Ghosts of Saltmarch episode was so rambling, I kept skipping ahead and now I think I have figured out that Ghosts of Saltmarsh is a Rosey Beestinger adventure based on Fiddler on the Roof. I stopped listening after about 45 minutes of the hosts and guest laughing at inside jokes. As far as getting insider info on D&D, you basically HAVE to follow this podcast. I love the Lore You Should Know and Sage Advice segments. I 99% adore the interviews with non-WOTC creators and players and DMs and artists. I hope you don’t think I am a jerk if I say that one or the other host would be better than both. Either alone is great. Together they are having too much fun to deliver the news and conduct an interview. If I were the boss of them, I would insist they work together because they clearly enjoy working together, but swap segments or interviews or entire episodes. When one or the other is on vacation, they are more efficient and more thorough. These rambling 2 hour podcasts could deliver the news in 30 minutes. Editing is the soul of all art.
Shelly and Greg are a great duo and fill my D&D knowledge quota each week. I really enjoy the lore you should know with Perkins and Sage advice with Jeremy Crawford segments.
I know, I know, you are busy. Your life is full of multiple things that you just don’t have enough hours in the day to get them all done. Listening to podcasts is a convenance thing, something to fill the background with noise while you are doing another task. How can anyone sit down and listen to over an hours worth of audio content? Trust me when I say that this is exactly what you should do with this podcast. From the witty banter between Greg and Shelly, to the deep dive questions asked of their guests, you are gonna want to dedicate some time to listen. Especially if you are someone who wants to know more about the lore of the Forgotten Realms, or find out exactly how a rule is intended to work within the game. Often, as I too listen while I am driving, something is said that makes you think about your home games, and you have to try to remember until you can write it down, or you have to pause the recording to make a voice memo. Inspiration is around every corner in each of these episodes, and it’s never safe to take your hands off the wheel while driving. Find some time each week to listen fully, and let your imagination run wild as ideas pop up out of nowhere during the course of be conversations. You won’t regret it.
Just really good talk and guests and lore about everybody’s favorite RPG!


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