HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs

Reviews For HOW TO: Digital Performer-TIPs

These How To: Podcasts are an excellent resource for anyone who uses Digital Performer. The podcasts are consice and informative and cover a wide variety of topics. I look forward each week to new episodes, and you can't beat the price!
This is at the level of video training that you'd normally expect to pay good money for. It's pretty amazing that it's a free podcast. Their how to record drums podcast is equally, if not more, helpful.
Let me just say that I've paid for DVD tutorials that were no where near as good as these free ones. Hats off to HOW TO.
Easy to understand and to the point tutorials. This is a great way to see tips and tricks played out in front of you like you are in a classroom. Thumbs up!
I really got a lot out of the DP tutorials. I am new to hard disk recording since most of the music making I do is live. The pace is a bit quick, but the fact that I can watch it over again made it rewarding- eventually! I see a light at the end of the tunnel. I can do this thing! It's going to be a gas making music in this format. Thanks for the tips T.D.. Keep em comin!!
Clear, concise, thoughtful graphics even in the small screen of my iPod - this is a great reference on the GO!