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I recently found this podcast and it is a wonderful and enjoyable way to practice my Spanish listening skills. Ben and Marina are fun and really dedicated to teaching the listener.
I’ve listened to Ben and Marina for over three years now. I have listened to almost all of their Intermediate, Advanced, and Gold episodes. They’ve been really helpful. The length is good for me; I listen while I get ready in the morning. I often listen to them more than once, sometimes trying to catch each word. The topics they discuss are interesting and pretty diverse. I highly recommend their podcasts. I haven’t tried their Beginners podcasts because I already had been learning Spanish for a while when I first started listening—but I bet they are great too! Thank you for your help with my Spanish, Ben and Marina.
I listen most days as I travel through Spain and it has helped quite a bit. Gracias!
The couple's conversations are clear yet sophisticated with real expressions you don't necessarily learn in a textbook. The topics are engaging and present a valuable insight into Spanish life even 7 years after the podcast was made. Kudos for predicting video streaming in the last episode :)
Really great, interesting conversations to listen to. Perfect for those who have taken a couple semesters of Spanish and need a bit of review.
I listen to this podcast pretty regularly and my comprehension really has improved. My speaking skills still aren't very good but I can now understand most of what Ben and Marina are talking about. The worksheets are helpful for the words and phrases I'm unfamiliar with. They usually pick interesting topics to talk about too. I like that they are a native and a non-native speaker - Ben's Spanish is very good but the pace is slightly slower. Also, they just seem like very cool people.
I love the Notes in Spanish podcasts. These are totally free and really a great way to learn real conversational Spanish. I live in California and my co-workers who are native speakers compliment me on my improvements. I confess, I did purchase the work sheets after a while because I enjoy the series and now my learning has really taken off. The podcasts are full of helpful suggestions to increase your abilities and the topics are interesting in any language. Totally worth the time and money. Perfect for me, as I had some previous school Spanish.


By jdp2233
I listen everyday on my commute to work in preparation for a trip to Spain!
Finally! A spanish podcast with a straightforward, no nonsense, conversational style- no music or jingles here, folks. THIS I can listen to. Perfect.
These podcasts have been absolutely phenomenal. I listen to the on the way to work which helps me to always be up-to-date on all the newest slag and idioms of the Spanish language. Thanks so much!
I started with the intermediate and was hooked from the beginning. It is real Spanish on real topics. It doesn't go back and forth in English. These podcasts train your ear to listen and understand Spanish. Great job. I look forward to moving on to the next level.
This podcast is perfect for someone with a semester or two of college Spanish, or a few years of high school Spanish. The two hosts speak natural, everyday Spanish (they're Madrileños) without stopping to explain every single grammatical construction they use. When they do stop to explain a difficult word, they give you the explanation in Spanish. An excellent podcast! It's nice to be able to simply listen to people speaking Spanish and understand it.
I liked this podcast, but eventually deleted it from my iPod because it in Spanish for Spain. I've been trying to learn Spanish Latin America, which is what is spoken in South and Centrel America, and is the Spanish taught in High School
Ben and Marina are amazing! These podcasts-- all levels, are a great way to learn, practice and improve your Spanish. The transcripts are available at a reasonable price. I first listen to each podcast "cold", then go back and read the transcripts, and then I go back and listen again and find my comprehension has really increased. Their topics are current and interesting. I can't wait to listen to their next one!! These podcast have been a "treasure find"!
A great, user friendly podcast. A wonderful way to learn to listen to Spanish and also improving your speaking.
Excellent subjects and practice material. All of the dialogs are using Spanish as it is spoken in Spain with current themes and interesting topics. It has been very helpful for my Spanish at both an intermediate and advanced level.
I swear, I listen to each one every night before I go to bed and it has helped me so much in spanish (I'm taking a spanish 4 class in high school)... The topics are also interesting so it keeps me awake!!! Thank you so much and keep posting, please~
My spanish teacher has us listen to this podcast in class. She has even assigned it as homework. This is very useful to help you practice listening and understanding spanish, especially if you are in a class.
This is exactly the podcast I have been looking for! Ben and Marina say things very cleary and I understand most of what is said. I am studying spanish and this podcast is great for me to listen to to improve my spanish comprehension. Thank you Ben and Marina for making such a useful tool. Muchisimas gracias!
A great way to practice Spanish comprehension, if you already know the basics. The pace of speech is slow and more unusual words and phrases are explained, in Spanish, so that we can get the meaning without having to revert to English.
I speak pretty decent Spanish, but need a lot of practice with my medical terminology if I hope to be an interpreter. This format of this podcast is exactly what I need in order to do so. I have lists of vocab, but there's always more to learn, and this gives me a chance to practice interpreting myself in some realistic situations.
I've been looking for a program to develop my listening comprehension for years and this program is it. Ben and Marina are fun to listen to and their conversation is very natural. Ben even makes mistakes from time to time and Marina corrects him. I listen to the podcasts once or twice cold, then I listen again while reading the transcript (available at their website for a small fee). Great program.
Ustedes tienen un podcast que me encanta. Es el mejor. Gracias por estar aqui, sus esfuerzos son relucientes.
Not only are these outstandingly clear dialogues educational, they are highly entertaining. I also strongly urge serious students of Spanish to purchase the written work sheets and to have a simple Spanish-English dictionary on hand while reading through each lesson, adding your own useful notes. My interest in returning to visit Spain has only been strengthened after listening to these top rated dialogues in Spanish! Gracias
I just started listening to this podcast & I'm glad I found it. I was shocked by how much of the conversations I could actually understand. I think this is great for those who don't get the chance to use spanish on a daily basis.
This podcast is great for people who have had a couple semesters of Spanish and want to improve their listening comprehension. Fortunately, the 10 minute conversations between Marina & Ben are interesting and the pace is perfect. Transcripts are also available on their website and highlight useful vocabulary and phrases. Listeners who have far more experience should jump ahead to Notes In Spanish Advanced. There you will benefit from a quicker pace and hearing additional native accents. Highly recommended.
I have been looking for a program like this for quite awhile. For those of us who just want to develop our ear, who don't want a lot of English explanation/clarification, this program is ideal. Both "teachers" speak clearly and at a good pace, using interesting story lines. The worksheets, available on their website for a small fee, include the direct transcript of each episode as well as exercises. They're great for looking up the occasional phrase or words for review. They also have advanced episodes, but I haven't check those out yet. Thanks for this great product!!
Great for those whose Spanish is a little rusty or who need to brush up on European Spanish. Very engaging couple whose conversations are topical and interesting.
As an American, these really help me hear the Spanish accent and style of speaking, as an American, I learn spanish from Mexico, and the difference is ever so slight, but interesting. As a current spanish student, I find these to be helpful and interesting.
The dialague is great for those who are trying to improve their spanish. To get the most from it one would need to at least have basic spanish speaking skills. Its also important to realize than this is spanish as spoken in Spain so their are words that wouldn't make sense to someone from Mexico or many other countries for that matter.