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This show is a fun trip down memory lane and also reveals games you may never heard of in the past. Real funny banter between the hosts and they are knowledgeable about gaming history and the tech stuff with games. “Here on this show, there will be no warmies”!
By far this podcast is my favorite! Kyle and Wiggly and the gang have a Gem right here
I'm hooked. Love the arcade gems (and s*!t) they review. Awesome. Wish it was longer but, keep it up! I'll continue listening!
As an original listener, going all the way back to the first season, We Talk Games is one of those shows that someone has to do the dirty work. Every other video game show goes over every game you've played. But Wiggly, Kyle Von Kubik, and Stinky the Game Master(Whenever he feels like it, he's picky. I should know.) start sifting through the past of video game history to bring jewels(and the occasional can or old shoe)to the new generations. Plus, it hovers around a half hour runtime, because I have stuff to do! Give it a listen!
"We Talk Games" is a weekly half-hour, retro-gaming podcast that reviews Arcade games from 1979 to 2000. Most of these arcade games are underrated or have been completely forgotten. The shows usually focuses on one game each week but sometimes, time permitting, they'll discuss two. The audio quality of the show is top shelf. The hosts discuss the visual presentation, game-play, audio, and controls of each game they review but they also explore the title's contemporaries and their possible influences. Peppered throughout the game talk is a roster of characters that are reminiscent of MST3K, but NSFW. The hosts will also riff and go off on tangents but these are short distractions that are often enjoyable and make the listening experience more "getting together with three friends" than being lectured on video-game history. There is a strong familiarity between broadcaster and audience. That being said, the historical knowledge is present and shared during each episode, spurring interesting conversation. We Talk Games is for those looking for a comedic retro-gaming podcast with a lot of heart.
Already the long intro doesn't bode well for the show. There's a point where you can over-produce it and it sounds like an obnoxious top 40 radio station morning show. The "Stinky" segments aren't funny(just childish), and makes it hard for the game talk to be heard.
I Love the rebirth of the WTG franchise. Wiggly, Kyle Von Kubik & John E. Capcom are the Un-Holy Trinity if video game podcasters. It's "Super Terrific Chaotic Podcast Turbo S" good. I do miss the Council of International Video Game Quadrillionaires... Hopefully a reunion tour is in the works.
We Talk Games is one of the best produced and enjoyable podcasts on the internet. They were one of the first I got into when I started listening to podcasts, and they've been one of my favorites ever since. Through all the years, changes, and hiatuses, We Talk Games has remained humorous and wacky while still being very informative. The combined video game knowledge of Wiggly, Kyle Von Kubik, and John E. Capcom is unmatched, and so is their comedic stylings. They are a must listen for a fan of podcasts and video games alike.
Glad all the haters got it out of their system during year 1. WTG covers the history of yesteryear, the news of the day, and the trends of the future concerning videogames. Most of the current consoles are covered separately in their own segments. For those looking for quantity in addition to quality, the main show can usually run anywhere from 2 to 5 hours. Between main shows, specialized subject matter of videogames, items on its periphery, or special guest interviews are covered in indivdual POD shows that usually run just under an hour. Whether you are an elite player or a casual gamer, this podcast is worth your time and attention.
Best thing since sliced bread! Second best Podcast next to DAB!
I wrote a nice long review but the iPhone interface lost it. That said awesome podcast.
I have no complaints at all about this show, it has it all: - a cool host with a cool delivery style and unique perspectives on.....everything! - entertaining correspondents - cool guest interviews with industry heavy hitters - catchy bumper music - a "robotic" female semi-cohost who throws out bits of comic gold - a mildly deformed ogre-like gamemaster with a slight odor problem who also utters classic lines -too much more to list JUST TRY IT!!!
I really tried to like the new format of season 2. Really. But with the main host constantly yelling, lack of a co-host format like season 1, and outragious lengths (come on... a 4 hour podcast?!) I've given up on listening to the whole show. I'll listen to the first 10-15 minutes to get the highlights of industry news and then I need to bail. While this new format may work for some, it is such a radical departure to how it was run the first time around that I just have to wonder what was going on when these decisions were made. The host knows his stuff, there's no doubt about that. I just don't have the patience for the new format. If this review was based on season 1, it would get 5 stars easy. It was because of the early shows that I spent a ton on eBay buying games I used to own and always wanted to own but with the new format, I think it's lost it's retro charm.
We Talk Games is almost better then breathing! I hope they have podcast in heaven. (or hell)


By 7XL
Idk, I enjoy listening to it somewhat but its just kinda of blah! Too much talk about games most of us never even heard of. Plus unlike other podcast that may be weekly this show u really never know when it will be up for download. Once a month podcast for an industry that changes aleast every week just doesnt work. Wiggly seriously needs to decide if he wants to put more of an effort into this show, get on some kind of schedule aleast!!!!! Anyway give this show if u want... But i warned u!
I'll start off by saying if you're looking for extended talk of news within the video game industry and detailed analysis of each new release, WTG isn't exactly it. Though it does feature talk of new releases, they also cover old (and sometimes not so old) favorites, as well as having intellegent analysis from guests, and some cool interviews with some video game industry vets! So if you want a fun, informative show about the ART of video games, join Wiggly and pals because the new We Talk Games is hitting its stride!
I listen to a lot of video-game pod-casts, but "We Talk Games" has become one of my favorites. There are a lot of video-game podcasts out there -maybe too many- but this one is completely different. It's a lot like "Mystery Science Theater" meets your favorite video-game podcast. The show features a cast of character from all over the globe. They review both retro and contemporary games. The shows format is well paced and avoids both dead-air and double talk altogether. This show isn't just people talking at a mic; it has serious production value, loads of content and information. Their special guests have blown my mind. Some of the most influential people within the video-game industry have been on this show! I'm glad I stumbled upon this gem and can't recommend it enough. Subscribe now and tell your friends!
The interviews w/ some of the early VG forefathers were amazing. The show is really making me excited and I am only a casual gamer. The historical aspects and the group seasons at the end are my faves. In my top 10 list of podcasts!
The original format of "We Talk Games" is now titled, "Smart Video Game Fan". If you miss a good show, check it out. Otherwise, listening to the current format of "We Talk Games" is a waste of two hours of your time. Wiggly interrupts every caller he has with humorless quips that Wiggly, and only Wiggly, could find funny. He had no talent when he was on the original "We Talk Games" and on his own he makes you want to pull your hair out! For the sake of everyone, Wiggly, please quit doing this podcast.
Has completely turned me around on the new format of this podcast.I listen to ALOT of VG podcasts and We Talk Games is once again number one in my book.Volume 2 episode 4 might be the greatest we talk games episode of all time...other then the "controllers" episode of coarse. Im really glad that Joe and Eric have gone off to do there own thing and that Wiggly has continued to do his. Thank you ,Wiggly and please keep up the great work. Mr.Fabersham.
I'm really surprised to read people complaining about Wiggly. I think the show is a ton better without the crosstalk and the tense feeling like everyone has to get their fair share of talk in, in order for everything to be kosher. This is a lot more free-form, relaxed and FUNNY. Wiggly's timing with the effects and computer-voice gimmicks is FUNNY. Wiggly is FUNNY. I'm a Wiggly fan.
What was once a fun and interesting podcast about games new and old goes directly into the recycle bin with Wiggly going at it solo. Its funny how Joe keeps SWF as a fun and listenable show whereas Wiggly has destroyed WTG in less than two episodes. I would have sworn it was going to be the other way around.
back during the days of joe, wiggly and eric this was bar none my favorite podcast on games and i would always be anticipating the next right away, now honestly this show has become a dissapointment. don't get me wrong wiggly is great, but just having one host just has made it lose what was great about the podcast which was them just shooting the crap about games, giving their opinions on games and the industry as well and it has lost that with only one host and one viewpoint, so i don't know what happened between joe and wiggly if anything happened, but please resolve it!
Get Joe back on the show or just cancel the damn thing.
I loved this podcast more than any other and then came volume 2. Wiggly Joe and Eric were great I dont know what happened but hopefully it will get back to the way it once was. I still like the podcast but again it could be so much better with the old cast.
Wiggly is a great guy. I've been a fan of his podcasts for two years now, and I've loved them. Smart Wrestling Fan was and continues to be a great source of weekly entertainment. We Talk Games is a different story. Wiggly is doing this one all by himself, and is using annoying computer voice software as a cohost. I tried to listen to it, but it was far too painful and I had to stop halfway through. I don't know what happened between Joe and Wiggly, but I think the animosity between them is due to the fact that Wiggly cut off the flow of subscription funds once he left Smart Wrestling Fan. Wiggly needs to apologize or beg Joe to come back to the show, and get Eric back up on Skype because I just can't take this podcast as it is.
Like his other podcasts, Wiggly takes to ruin it with his inane banter. (See: Smart Wrestling Fan) You have been warned!
Awesome video game podcast. Great at once a month because it keeps content high and filler low.
pretty good but i like orange lounge radio better
If you're looking for up-to-date information on the world of video games, or ample reviews for the latest next-gen wonder, this isn't the podcast for you. We Talk Games, instead, is an excellent conversation between three people as they look at the past, present, and future of video games. Their love for all things video gaming is equal to their knowledge of video game history and culture, something terribly lacking from a lot of other podcasts. You'll either listen to the podcast and reminisce as they talk about games and consoles you yourself loved, or you'll learn about things you never knew before. Either way, it's an enjoyable time.
Your show got me back into gaming. Now do this show bi-weekly please!