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I'm loving this podcast service. When I cannot read, I listen to some great thoughts of the greats. Many thanks!
I am gad that I found this podcast about Aristotle. I understood the reasoning behind logic better than when I took logic class in school. Great narration too!
While certainly not complete, these podcasts are a great intro to major works, and they get your brain working!
I enjoy the readings and am left with thought. It is alot to take in, so I relisten and rethink.
These are well done presentations of the philosopher's ideas and meanings. On a long car drive listening to one gave my husband and I many miles of conversation. Since podcasts can readily be replayed from the beginning, middle, or the last few words, if a concept requires more than one listen that is easily accomplished. I look forward to each new one.
Was a philosophy major in college (along with business) Have not really kept up the reading but it all came back to me listening to the podcasts - very well put together and look for more
The reviews previous pretty well cover the main flaws of this broadcast. No one, however, has mentioned the alternative (and frankly, far better) 'philosophy bites', and 'philosophy the classics' podcasts. Not only do they offer the original material, but analyses by some of the world's greatest modern thinkers.
I don't know why people keep saying that the readers are so terrible. Have a feeling it must be 1 person that got angry and is now trying to be a hater. Anyway, I am enjoying this series. It is good to listen to one a few times in a row so that you can get a good understanding. The readers are not boring.
Perhaps one might be turned off by the, at times, monotonous readings but it kind of is what philosophy is at its root. It is a lot of repetition expounding upon the central idea/s of the authors intent or argument. The excitement is acquired from the discovery of these remarkable writings and the application of them today (or disproving). If you want a bedtime story with onamanapeas and tonal fluctuations then try an audio book; the accent in this podcast, however, is provided in the diction and the philosophical lexicon by these western philosophy titans. I think it is a great introduction to philosophy or just a refresher for some.
This is a very, very basic introduction to philosophy in the form a random snippets from various texts, all freely available elsewhere. There is no attempt at serious teaching and the readers are the kind of people who rhyme Nietzsche with peachy. That is a cruel trick to play on people who earnestly desire to learn.
Hey I have been listening to some podcasts and this is one of the better ones. The Alan Watts podcast is really amazing and recommended as well!! I would like to hear some more maybe on Claude Levi Strauss and Lacan..... thanks
For those who really like philosophy, like myself. This will be a good chance to avoid reading, and just get a feel for listening to great works from some of the lesser known philosophers like Voltaire, who I have had very limited knowledge of before, but fell in love with now. It could use some better selection, like mabye some Hobbes, Locke, Kant, Hume, Nietzsche, etc. Thanks!
The Philosophy Podcast engages the mind and lifts it to a higher plane of thinking and reasoning. My only dissatisfaction is that I would like to see a larger quantity of material provided.
I needed to brush up on some good ole Aristotle, this served me quite well.
I am real need of distraction from my mind current occupant. There is a possibility of death for one whom is very close to me. This podcast certainly fullfill this purpose. Thanks.
I love the idea and how you put all the stories into context but the speaking is terrible. robotic like, fast, there is no personality. If you work on the speaker this could be an amazing podcast.
to wander in the garden of knowledge... to pick freely from the thoughts that lay at our feet... what a time, what a time...


By pluky
Great podcast that gives you something to think about. The varried topics keep it interesting.
As someone who reads these works frequently, it is nice to have Nigel summarize the key concepts so as to help retain the vast works from all the world's greatest minds. Nothing quite like making dinner and hearing Nigel's summary of Plato's Cave. This Podcast is absolutely neccessary for the avid philosopher. My only complaint is Nigel's frequency of post as it is hard to wait for his next cast. Love it!
What happened? Did the podcast go defunct?
I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to these podcasts. The content and length are great, but the reading should be more animated. Please keep producing these podcasts. I'm grateful that they're available.


i love this podcast, educational and interesting, it hasnt been updated in a while though


By yozaul
It's very hard to find anything on this subject and this helps greatly
This is a great resource for undergrad philosophy students and philosophical minds in general, I just wish there were more works to listen to.
This podcast is good composite of classic philosophy. It is a welcome change to hear the works outloud.
I'm not sure what it is about the voice of the reader, but I don't like it. Please keep this podcast up, it's great to listen to when I'm working.
Gives the listener a clear rudimentary introduction to key concepts of the most important thinkers that shaped our nation.
This is a great service. The reading of Wittgenstein Tractus made me buy a copy. Great job.
There is all variety of podcasts out there, and this is one. However, I think I can say without exaggeration and with reasonable certainty, that this one brings a unique value to the corruscant constellation of spoken thought.
This is a nice podcast if you are interested in philosophy. keep posting Wittgenstein
I never stopped laughing. I am a solipsist, so you can imagine. :(
I subscribed to a few episodes for the heck of it and was surprised at how interesting it was. The same material that bored me into a coma my freshman year in college has been put into really manageable chunks. Give it a try.
Imagine some of the most challenging and stimulating philosophical texts read by the most boring, robotic voice imaginable. Great concept, terrible execution.
The right selections, the right length, well produced. The best liberal arts education consists of reading for 15 minutes a day from a five foot shelf of books. Excellent and appreciated.
As someone who hasn't touched the classics in ages, I found this to be a fantastic way to dip my toes in it again. However, I have a very hard time getting through the podcasts because the readers are so robotic. They don't ever seem to emphasize any words, concepts, or sentences and they never place appropriate pauses to let you digest what you just heard. The day they get some better readers for the text, I'll be the first to give it another try.
Someone reading a few pages from books that are in the public domain.
To be handed essential ponderings of the great thinkers, plucked out of all their volumes and distilled down to 10 minutes -- what a gift to an ADD-type person like me, with a short attention span.
I love everything about this podcast. The sections that they present give the true essence of the full work. I went to the website, became a member and downloaded all kinds of stuff! Its great! Thanks learnoutoud! Please keep this going!! (patiently waitng for Hume on miracles and Russell on, well anything!)
I can't believe this is a free service! This information is priceless!