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This is a very good show i love your take on the episodes, they are very intuitive. i have a re-quest, It would be cool if you could do a commentary for the feature length movies such as: Batman: The Mask of the Phantasm, and Batman& Mr.Freeze: Subzero. that would be amazing.
If only I could find more podcasts like this to listen to for similar animated shows, like "Teen Titans." Not only is this commentary objective to the material sources, but Trevor also draws creator's notes from blogs and the such. It's too bad there's only so few commentaries, because there are a lot of other DC animated episodes/ series out there!
Excelant podcast. I have checked back monthly for a return sense it seems to have ended but hopefully he will come back!
This is a fantastic podcast, it's too bad he only did a few of the episodes from each series. I want more!!
If you enjoy DC Animation, this is a great companion. Great insight. I hope more come out soon.
One day I decided to try and find a good podcast on DC comix, and I found Trevor Balena. Honestly...DC needs to have this guy do the official commentaries on any episodes the producers don't want to bother with. I think he even does a better job than Bruce on a few episodes. This is a must for anyone who wants an impartial view of the DCAU. Trevor, we anxiously await moreā€¦ :0)
According to Trevor, he just puts the DVD in and starts talking into the mic--you'd never know it by listening to this podcast. Trevor has a great "radio voice", fantastic stage presence, and most importantly is very knowledgeable about each episode. He's comfortable talking about behind the scenes comments he's learned from the producers' usenet postings, does his homework on the voice actors and their biographies, will bring up the comic-book sources if needed, and offers insightful, well thought out opinions of what worked and what didn't work in each episode. Every now and then, he'll even take a minute to talk about a non-speaking background character, why he's there, where he came from, and how s/he matches up with the comics. Also, when Trevor does have a criticism of the show, it's presented gently and maturely ("...I probably would have done this...", or "...this didn't make sense to me...". An A+!!! My only complaint is that is hasn't done the entire DCAU yet!
Trevor's commentararies are excellent. He provides info on the creators, storylines, & characters. This really enhances my animation collection. How about some more Superman TAS commentaries??!!! Keep up the great work!
This is a must have podcast. The recent JLU DVD release has 2 paltry commentaries, so I strongly suggest you get these. Very informative, entertaining and simply fun! Great work Trevor!
I am a DC extreme fan because of their impressive genios creations like Batman, Superman, Flasyh, Darkseid, and Wonder Women! And this is a informative podcast of thier animative Works! It is awsooooooommmmmme!