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Fun informative and officially the best podcast by a officemate I've ever listened to. Keep up the good work!
This is geekspeak's premier podcast. Brian and company come back episode after episode with great topics and even better conversations. This is a great hodgepodge of nerd news and whatever else you're looking for.
Amazing show and Bryan is awesome!
I started listening around season 3 some time and since then I've kept up to date with geekspeak. There's wit, care and love that goes into the podcast and you can tell that they like doing what they're doing (otherwise they wouldn't be doing it). They do a great job of making you feel like you like that this is a community (esp. on the forums). It's a Nerd News show so the information isn't the same as most other sites; it's very refreshing to hear about news about science or robotic tech rather than only video games or only comics. Definitly worth a listen if you're on the fense.
1) rotating cast keeps things energized and original. 2) running jokes. Jacob is a robot. Bryan's Shorack the Barbarian comic strip. A ro-bocalypse is coming. Steve Wagner rants like George Costanza. Best of all, Jacob's mom is a M.I.L.F. 3) wide range of nerd news; science & tech, video games, gaming industry news, movies, TV and comics. The show is heavy on gaming and light on comics. 4) greatly improved since earlier reviews. Format streamlined into Five Topic Countdown. Video game chat (which still dominates the show) spun off into new podcast. The inside jokes and college references are gone. 5) this show is fun and comfortable like Cheers or Friends. I love to hang out with the gang each week. These are the coolest nerds I know.
This is a great podcast to listen to. Whether you are a "geek" or not, this podcast will make you laugh, make you smile, make you giggle like a school girl and make you think. Their weekly top 5 stories are plucked straight out of geek news, but usually span the spectrum of news genres. A must listen for me anytime I turn on my Ipod. Whether in the car or at my desk, the hilarity that ensues once the opening credits run make the time go by and leave me waiting for the next episode.
Great Podcast I always look forward to it. The news is a must have for every geek and all of the guys are great with their comments. Keep up the good work guys.
Excellent podcast. They talk about comic books , movies, video games.

By BDP36
This show is a ton of fun to listen to. Great info, great personalities and a super way to get your geek on while at work. Subscribe, it is well worth it and I highly recommend it.
The Official Geek Speak Radio podcast is a wonderfully eclectic podcast covering the breadth of geek news. From movies, to TV, to games they talk about it all. I think everyone would enjoy this podcast not just geeks.
Surprisingly enjoyable. A simple premise, a fairly unorganized structure, and occasionally things slip off into the realm of unintelligible inside jokes. However, the cast is fun, and has a very coherent chemistry with each other, their banter is often enjoyable, and topics cover a variety of events that are interesting and well assembled. GeekSpeak is a sleeper hit, a relative unknown outside its local area. I shall do my best to spread their fame and infamy much, much farther.
I love the content and conversations of this podcast. However the sound quality is really bad. Some of the people sound like they are using a bad cell phone from the inside of a tin can in a blizzard. And the music is blayd thu the whole thing. An intro theme is ok but not over the top of the conversation. This podcast hase alot of potential they just need to work on there production values. FYI for an example of how a podcast shold be done check out "The FoeceCast".
I listened to my first one ever last night and now I'm getting 15 more from iTunes. They are a bit long, but very funny. Even if you don't consider yourself a geek, dweeb, or nerd (which, it sounds like, none of the hosts are) you will still love it.
It could be argued that another podcast commenting on developments in technology, video games, comics, and movies is unnecessary, and adds nothing to the genre of oversaturated geek podcasts. However, when such comments are presented in a funny and thoughtful manner, it's totally cool. The guys and gal of GeekSpeak perspective alternate from down right absurdist humor to thought provoking analysis. It's a perfect mesh of humor, news and intelligent conversation (plus they rock the countdown better than Keith Olbermann, and I'm a communist admitting such things).
I was searching the net a while back and someone mentioned this in a forum. I took the time to try a few out and have been a loyal fan ever since. Great job guys!
simply put this is a great podcast. all the hosts have great personalities that every geek can relate to theyre little random jokes they have keep me laughing and the news keeps me informed. without this podcast i would probably be lost. anyway subscribe its totally worth it!
Not just a podcast, but a true community unto itself. I've been listening since season 2, and these people can do no wrong. Subscribe now, then go get on the boards at
but bryan carr, scooter pak, steve wagner, jacob lahmann, and steve watts are geniuses. they produce a constantly entertaining, always funny, very informing show every week, and that is a hard thing to do. i can honestly say that this is one of the 10 best things i have ever downloaded.
Great podcast. Very fun and informative on a variety of subjects. And since you can talk to them while their on the air it makes you feel like part of the show. Keeps getting better as the seasons go on.
This podcast is one of the best out there. It originally started out as an award-winning college radio show from Central Michigan University. This year, it's seamlessly seged into a great traditional podcast. The only problem I see is that it's a bit high on testosterone- girl geeks have something to say too!
Cover a variety of topics and keep you entertained. They also allow direct interaction via chat and even phone calls.
A great overall podcast and Wednesday's @ 10pm you can interact in the podcast!!!!!
Never a disappointment. A great cast of regulars that casts their unique light against today's geek culture. This podcast is certainly worth a listen. If nothing else, it will leave you laughing.
Geek Speak Radio is a great show to listen to. There are three regular hosts, Bryan, Lindsey, and Frank. Bryan gives the geek news, Lindsey does the "Two Minutes Of A Girl Talking", while Frank gives the wrestling report. There are occasional guests on the show that also add to the excitement and flavor. The show, while geeky, doesn't go overboard with the geekiness. We can all let our guards down, and let our inner geek shine while listening to the show. Tune in and Geek out!