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This podcast is a treasure trove! Figuring out what to listen to from the back catalog can be a little confusing, but only because there is so much excellent content and it goes back for years! Many of the episodes are live performances of things that are available as studio-mastered recordings, so there are some rough patches. Overall though, the content is imaginative and fun! I particularly enjoy the retro-spoof SciFi series Rory Rammer, Space Marshall :)
I've been listening to ARTC since I very first began my journey into the world of podcasts. I've been continually impressed by the quality of the stories and enjoying them all immensely. I'm so excited to hear about the upgraded format change and possible twice a month releases. Keep up the great work!
Love the ARTC: great quality radio theatre, esp. Lovecraft stories set to theatre...
I've never been a huge fan of theater productions, but after stumbling upon ARTC I quickly feel in love not only with the acting, writing and production, but the actual FEEL of the podcast. It has completely opened my eyes to OTR and I can't get enough of their Lovecraft productions.
I’m so excited by the growing audio drama category! There is some serious talent outside of Hollywood and it’s awesome that these talented artists are sharing with us, for free! I started with Night Vale, Hello From the Magic Tavern and Atheist Apocalypse and now I’m adding this show to my growing library of wonderful artists who can brighten my daily podcast listening. Keep it coming!
the combination of adaptations of classic sci fi and horror stories, with original comedy throughout... on top of performing in front of a live audience... FANTASTIC! i cant recommend it enough!
One of my favorite podcasts. They really do a great job. Keep it up.
Thank you for this podcast. I'm a huge fan of old time radio and this is brilliant.
Excellent productions.
Although I don't consider myself a horror fan, ARTC has given my a newfound respect for the genre. I agree with the earlier reviews, but would also like to add "Can You Hear Me?" to the list of the Creepy. For comedy lovers like myself, I heartily recommend The Rory Rammer series, especially "The Lance of Justice."
While perhaps missing some of the improvised and unpolished aspects from the live radio shows from the 1930s and 1940s, ARTC certainly brings back those days of yore. For a real treat, try the live performance of Terry Pratchett's "Guards! Guards!" with John Rhys-Davies. For a real chill, "The Brides of Dracula" will send a tingle down your spine. But my favorite is still "To Dine With The Devil," the theme and tones of which recall the ancient terrors and wonders of the oldest of fairy tales. So if you have never experienced radio drama as it could be, switch off the TV, turn down the lights, hit play and let your imagination show you things you'll never see with your eyes.
I have really enjoyed the Lovecraft podcasts. Excellent work! Please, please do more horror and science fiction! Poe, Blackwood, Wells, MR James, etc. Keep up the great work!
My wife and I discovered ARTC at Dragon*Con back in 2006 and have been hooked ever since. Whether it's adaptations of classic works such as the horror of H.P. Lovecraft or their own original creations like The Last Dragon to Avondale and Rory Rammer, they show that they are hands down the best at what they do and always entertaining. Absolutely worth giving a listen to.
I've been a fan of ARTC for a while, but it's only been recently that I've been able to catch up on all their podcasts. If you like drama, humor, Lovecraft, sassy superheroes, or tales with a twist, check out this podcast.
They say they've been around for more than 20 years, but where have they been hiding? I just stumbled on them, and what a find! Superbly written and produced radio theater in the classic sense - all their shows are performed in front of live audiences. The material ranges from adaptations of classic science fiction and horror stories (my personal favorites) to hilarious comic book spoofs (e.g., Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants). My only complaint is that you can't tell from some of the descriptions just what you are downloading until you hear it. But so far, every show I've tried has been superb. If you like radio drama, don't miss these guys!
These extremely well made shows are done in the style of old radio shows. These shows range from family friendly (i.e. Rory Rammer, A Buck Roger's spoof) to the horror genre (i.e. H.P. Lovecraft remakes) with a little comedy in between. My absolute favorite, at the moment, is the Brotherhood of Damn Sassy Mutants episode. It is a total gas! I can’t wait for more of them. Thank you ARTC for making these amazing shows available to us all.