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If you understand French and are looking to get useful information about WoW, I highly recommend listening to this podcast. The commentators are well versed in the game and provide detailed information on how to enhance your gameplay, and they do so in a witty and engaging way. Merci Patrick, Daniel et Nath pour un podcast de haute qualite, et pour une bonne heure d'amusement chaque mois. T. "Work before you play, BUT PLAY!"
Love this podcast! J'aime ce podcast enormement! I have a question also, and it would love if someone would reply. My question is: how do i film myself playing? J'ai un question aussi, je veux savoir comment je prend a film pour voir a quoi je fais dans le jeux plus tard. Merci!
I must say, I have a hard time understanding all of French Radio I hear, but I understand most everything they say. They speak very well and not too fast. Thanks guys!