Reviews For MusicalTalk - The UK's Independent Musical Theatre Podcast

This is a quality show. Give them some iJuice.
I used to like your podcast, but how dare you! Why have Colleen on your show unless you are playing along in good fun?? Your snarky and rude behavior toward her seemed to be in poor poor form. MirandaSings is making Americans laugh by the thousands. What's in it for you to try to tear her down?


By launcue
I'm an American living in Seoul, South Korea. We have a thriving and FASCINATING musical theatre scene here but most is in Korean so it is nice to hear about English speaking Theatre. Love the British perspective! Thanks guys!


By JLC14
It is great to see a podcast where you actually have guests who know what they're talking about. It is a wonderful podcast!!!
These guys truely know what they are talking about. They arent some idiots at home on a computer, sitting there trying to think up something to say! They have REAL theatre guests (ie. Stephen Swartz, Stephanie J Block etc.) and they have awesome discussions (ie. Wicked: wonderful or popular, best of Movie Musicals, and the awesome Flop episode) keep up the awesome work!
Informative and entertaining. Great for musical theatre lovers all over the world.
Thanks for addressing the many topics of musical theater...I have been waiting for a podcast like this....def. turning on all my dramat friends in the LA/SoCal area to you. Thanks
This podcast is what I've been looking for. I started listening to podcast last year and they iTunes had nothing about musicals or B'way/The West End. I love every one of there cast and I hope you two go on and become very famous in your career.