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Reviews For CCoG's Podcast

I love being able to choose between 8:30 and the 10:30 service! Thank you so much for this app, so much easier to listen on the go:-)
I am so thankful the Lord has blessed us with a Pastor who teaches the word of the Lord!
This church and it's Senior Pastor, Loran Livingston, are Christ-centered and an inspiration. I am so glad the Lord led me here. Pastor pulls no punches. Week after week he delivers Spirit-inspired messages that get to the heart of living the way Christ wants us to live. These are all wonderful sermons.
This is my favorite preacher. Loran is inspired by God and his preaching has helped get me through some of the toughest times in my life. I try to listen to him once a day. What a blessing he is!!! Thank you dear Jesus for such a wonderful gift!!!
Awsome preaching straight from the living Holy Word of God !!!!
I have watched the live Sunday services for years. If I lived near Charlotte, I would not miss a service. But it's a little far from KY :-)
I go 2 central and I'm soooo glad pastor haz a podcast :D


Pastor Livingston is AWESOME !!!! Str8 UP HOLY GHOST on FIRE PREACHING !!! I attended Central for 3 years my wife and I loved his messages through Christ! Buckle your seatbelt and get ready for a convicting, compassionate, set you FREE GOSPEL!!!! AMEN
Thank the Lord for men who are spirit filled and willing to preach the Good News with no fear. The living word is being preached here!!
Thank you for preaching the word that sets us free!
I am so glad that I am able to listen to the undiluted gospel (as it should be preached). I used to attend this church when I was back at home but now I'm off at school - this is so perfect. I would encourage any and all believers to subscribe to this podcast and more importantly to take heed to the message being delivered.