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get job with the solo time on ep 102
Theman661 definatly knows the Xbox 360, he always has insightful information on his podcast.


This show used to be entertaining, but listening to that negative-nancy SempriFi talk about videogames is like listening to Star Jones talk about the Atkins Diet, it makes no sense. Get rid of SempriFi and possibly the show would be better.
I have to say I have been listening since April, yes I know not that long, but out of all the podcasts I listen to I find this to be in my top three favorites these days. You guys are doing a great job and I do enjoy the free form discussion you have regarding games and what your playing. Keep up the good work and thanks for the entertainment.
I've been listening to Xcast for a while now, and it's one of the best places to get your Xbox news. The hosts really know their stuff, and are entertaining and informative. Great stuff!
Just came over from the Married Gamers to drop a review for you guys. I made some comments on TMG forum waaaay back in November that were apparently just recently discovered. Seriously though, you guys do have a great podcast and I really enjoyed listening to episodes 72 with Doc from Sarcastic Gamer and 73 with Mr and Mrs Lefty Brown. I might even have to reconsider subscribing to this 'cast....just kidding, I'm hooked and added you guys already. Keep up the great work. :)
Fantastic podcast for any XBox 360 freak. Wide variety of hosts who provide excellent views and opinions of all things 360 in a humorous way. A must download for 360 fans.
I have been listening for awhile at this point, i really like the shows, they put together a weekly show that has great quality compared to others
This is an excellent podcast!! Must listen every week. Proud member of The Gameplay Network
XCast is the most informative gaming podcast out there. They cover all the days news, reviews, etc in a refreshing and hilarious way every time. No biases here. Just an all around great show. I recommened to many and would still recommend to many. I suggest trying 'em out. I guarantee you won't be able to stop listening once you start.
Smart, funny, intelligent gaming podcast. These guys know what there talking about. You should definitely download this podcast.
You have to listen to this show!! This is by far the best and you need to listen to this.
Just wanted to say keep up the great work. I find the show very entertaining and full of info. I look forward to many more episodes from you guys.
Sorry for the leet speak but if anyone desires an accolade of the 21st gaming century, it's these guys. This indy show keeps it short and sweet but delivers all the important news in an op-ed, insightful way. Just FYI, I know for a fact this podcast so good even Peter Parker subscribes. He listens to it while he's pwning noobs on Halo 3.
I heard about this podcast from my favorite xbox360 podcast Achievement Junkies - and these guys are up there in quality. I reallly enjoy listening to these guys go over the latest news and strong dose of commentary and opinion. The chemistry between the guys is great its fun hearing them make fun of each other (in a friendly way). I would strongly recommend giving this show a listen, even if several of the guys are from the New York area and don't know the proper way to make pizza or hot dogs...
I don't think you guys were doing to much to promote yourself, because I never heard of you before, but now that I heard of you on Achievement Junkie, I think you guys are great. Opinions and news in under an hour (the perfect amount of time). Keep it up :D
Nice job guys, I really enjoy the podcast and the camaraderie! I also like the honesty in the reviews... if you don't like something... just say it! :) Keep up the good work!


By andfan
i have to say you guys could be better then N&N even though i have only listen to 1 episode good job
i always enjoy Semp's articales and the rest of the cast has great input all and all great show way to go guys.
TheMan661 As a designer who needs to keep in touch with the trends of young people, I really appreciate your show. You are all very funny, bright and articulate. I am very impressed. Keep up the good work.
the graphics should of been a hell of a lot better nd all thats new in halo 3 is the weapons nd thats not enough to meke me buy it
I enjoy this podcast because there's something that is always funny being said. They cover all the latest games by actually playing them (something I can't afford) so I know whats good and what's not. There are times where I disagree but that can be expected. Also, there are some times that the podcast could use a little more structure but for the most part, everyone stays focused and on the subject. Oh, and the segue's are great. haha. Keep up the good work!
Everyone should give this guy a listen. he is very active and fun to listen to, as well as play xbox live with.
Great podcast. TheMan661 is the most active xbox community podcaster I subscribe 2. I always have a great time playing with him on Xbox Live and he brings me news and information when I need it. If you own an xbox360, if you play on xbox live, subscribe to this podcast now! ACTIVE RELOAD!!!! Arizona Jedi


By M1tcHK
way to go frank i actually get drawn into this and its really up to date good job on that interview for an HOUR with knuckles see more from u in the future dude