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If you like Pogba slander you’ve come to the right place!
Looks like I am in a minority but I really enjoy the current version of The Game. I actually like the host, Hugh, having a point of view; it helps get the sparks flying. Gregor’s insider view of life on the pitch is brilliant and funny. Allison Rudd seems to try too hard to be clever, which she doesn’t need to do as she knows her stuff. Maybe I am just easy to please...
I really appreciate Hugh, Gregor, and the rotating team discussing the current topics of English football. Starting with Hugh's insistence on high energy responses to "how are you" to the lighthearted question/topic at the end, the conversation keeps moving. I also appreciate that Hugh is willing to bring forward the person of color experience to the rest of the team.
Love Hugh’s energy and ramrodding the broadcast. Obviously ( see below), i am a fan. Having said it, if this podcast insists on more commercials featuring taking our Creator’s name in vane, i will drop it like a hot potato and leave you to explain your actions —- in that day! George clark Listened to this pod for years. Very entertaining. Gab’s departure coincided with the decision to be headquarters for stuff-it-down-your- throat campaign. Pretty risky decision when one has multiple, interesting Cup competitions in progress. A new low reached when pod hostess asks Female english commentator why WWC attendance is so low and pre-provides her two choices—- both imply it is someone (fifa, etc...) else’s fault ? Classic! Enough is enough. Passing on podcast till WWC / stuff it-down your throat campaign concludes. Otherwise, Natalie is fantastic hostess. UPDATE: woozencroft a HUGE, positive add. Back on board! Thank you!
Informative and amusing summary of EPL, European and World footy.
People come to watch sports not political statements.
The host, Hugh Woozencroft, is really good and makes the podcast enjoyable. The sound quality from the other guests needs improvement, though.
Since he can’t use correct grammar (apparently doesn’t know the difference between”less” and “fewer” for example) I wonder. And that’s before we get to his lack of understanding of the difference between men’s and women’s football. I used to love Gab as the main host. Having a nagging psycho-moralist now makes this a definite unsubscribe. For real insight, humor, and fun check out The Telegraph’s Audio Football Club! P.s. if Gregor was the main host it might be better, but I would be equally happy if Mina R were the host of the Telegraph podcast.
This used to be a great show—up to season 2019–20. Now it’s a twice-weekly tiresome tirade against VAR. Predictably insipid and unbalanced “debates”.


Any chance we can get some men to comment on men’s football!?!?!?!
Just not the same since Gab left. The hosts try & do a good job, but Gab’s commentary was outstanding.
This just seems bland now without Gab stoking the coals. Also can’t stand hearing contributors mouth breathing into the mic the entire episode. There are better pods out there.
It largely depends on what you’re looking for in a football podcast, but for an American like me who likes 2x a week with insightful analysis, this a perfect choice. NBC Sports is so top 6 heavy, and the other pods are dailys that just get to be too much. Natalie is a charming, knowledgeable host and I think Gregor will serve as an improvement over Gab (who is fulfilling his destiny as a obnoxious talking head on ESPN). Only football, no gimmicks, with a talented array of guests. Looking forward to the season!
To preface this, let me say that I really enjoy Gab’s writing and technical analysis, and generally he’s alright as a guest on shows or podcasts. As a host of a show however, he is absolutely insufferable, constantly whining, cutting off and arguing with guests any time they try to say literally anything he doesn’t agree with, and displaying absolute contempt for certain teams, coaches, and players, so the point where he is actively hostile towards them when they are brought up even when they do something right. Alyson Rudd and Natalie Sawyer are both good, and if they were cohosts of the show, I would likely give the show 4*. Gab however makes it impossible to enjoy anything they say because whenever they aren’t praising his every word, he denigrates their opinions or takes. Not to mention that I’ve noticed on this show and others that he is much more combative and dismissive of female hosts and guests than their male counterparts. Please stick to the writing Gab, you are so painfully and clearly the weak link of the show, to the point that one has to suffer to make it through. The Times, you might want to consider looking for a different host and having Gab (at most) be a periodic guest on the show. I would definitely even approve of just having Rudd and Sawyer cohost.
This pod is pretty good, but imagine if you could hear anything anyone besides Gab is saying, it would be great. He’s next to the mic screaming and there’s 5 other old British doods 20 meters away whispering incomprehensible east london nonsense.
Audio is poor, very low volume then a loud laugh that ruins the enjoying experience. One of the duller football podcasts as well
Marcotti is the weak link here. He is not a good host (good writer though), he is not objective enough. And the show needs some wit. I listen to pods during my daily long commute, the last thing I need is a boring show, so I only listen to this when I have exhausted all my other football podcast.
Talent and knowledge is there... Marcotti is a good provocative host who does interrupt a bit too much - the journalists are excellent except the dreadful Alyson Rudd who doesn't appear to have watched any of the games she talks about and talks a lot without saying anything - former players are good - Scowcroft and Robson especially - some discussions on the major games could have a bit more structure PD
This podcast creates such inner turmoil within me that I cannot continue to listen, at least as long as Gabe Marcotti is hosting. He is a self promoting, interrupting, flow-killing monster. If I had a penny for every time Alyson Rudd was about to argue a good point only to have Marcotti cut her off to make an idiotic comment, I might actually be able to pay my rent. Seriously, try listening to one podcast without Marcotti cutting off Rudd mid sentence. I wouldn't go as far as saying he disregards her because she is female, but I truly would not rule it out. Someone let me know when Marcotti gets fired and I'll be back on this podcast for sure.
I've enjoyed this pod for a few years, but the lack of chemistry seems to indicate this could use a reboot. Marcotti is a smart guy, and I enjoy his written articles, but his hosting is painful these days. He seems to delight in arguing, being told he is correct, and lording over his panelists. The old pros recite tired cliches, noncommittal safe opinions, and the occasional boring rant. I enjoy Allison and Julien most of the time. The focus on predicting games and arbitrary "best lists in the league" are basically crappy click bait fodder in aural form. Thankfully, Rory's dry analysis is absent these days. Again, I want to like this podcast, and I still listen to it on long commutes, but please do try to improve it.
I'm a regular listener here and to Guardian Football Weekly. Gabe is one of the best football writers working today, and Allison and Julien are consistently good here. But I wish Gabe would ocassionally take an aggression suppressant. He's not the best host, as he regularly talks over guests when he disagrees with points they're trying to make after he asks for their opinions. Still, an entertaining pod and essential for behind the scenes scoops.
Informative, argumentative, condensed and funny. Very good host and even better guests.
I enjoy listening to Gabe and the crew discuss football. Allison Rudd is awesome and the other panelists are also fun. Different than other football podcasts which makes it a nice change.
Takes itself way too seriously while citing a joke of a journalist like Duncan Castles as a source of information. Try Football Weekly.
Look forward to every Monday so I can download this podcast. The primarily focus on the premier league but touch base on other leagues and competition. The moderator is sharp and quick witted along with his counterparts. Usually the same crew each week. They give honest opinions and surprisingly they make sense! Shocker!
Since I'm no longer in the UK, these podcasts keep me up to date with UK football, but The Game is the poorest of the bunch. They definately need a new host, Gabriel Marcotti runs roughshod over the other presenters, and doesn't seem to have a feel for the flow of the episodes. I'm unsubscribing as it doesn't provide a meaningful update on the weeks news...
The biggest problem with this podcast is the host. The other contributors range from good to excellent, especially Rudd and Cascarino. But Marcotti constantly interrupts everyone else's comments and opinions while bluntly promoting his own. Anyone who seems to disagree with his point of view is immediately shouted down. I don't know how the others can stand being rudely interrupted every time they open their mouths. If the host was actually hosting instead of dominating the conversation it would run so much more smoothly.
Very nice podcast. Aren’t very many reasonable BPL pods. Sid Lowe only covers La Liga and Grant Wahl has a more general focus.
I enjoy the writing of Gabriele Marcotti so when I stumbled across this podcast, which he hosts, I hit subscribe. Little more serious than Football Weekly, and Gab or one of this guests always has an angle on a story I had not considered.
This guy is constantly knocking United, nothing we do is good. I hope at the end of season when United has won the league he enjoys his words and hat as he eats them. Most unbalanced commentary as far as United goes.
I stopped listening to this show because Gabrielle Marcotti has just become intolerable. He seems a very likeable man as a TV pundit but he's terribly poor as a podcast host….. argumentative for no reason, gratuitously contrarian and occasionally infantile. Cascarino, Evans, Culkin and especially Rudd all do creditable work but this podcast never really shines, sings or makes you laugh. The brand needs to be refreshed.
I gave this podcast a real go and was never not disappointed. :-) The real weakness is the host; Gabe Marcotti. He has a nice voice but fails to give any evidence to why he is paid to comment on football. Pay attention, I imagine you will rarely agree with him and he's neither interesting or controversial enough to pull you in in spite of this. He's a bit boring at his best, boorish at his worst.
An excellent, articulate, knowledgable and panel- led by the excellent Gab Marcotti who brings with him above all global and European context to the discussion and always as the right questions. Analyses minus the hype and insight that can only come from people who regularly deal with clubs, managers, players, agents and journalists. The 45 minutes is a breeze. Wish they ran an hour and added a segment on some of the European leagues. SUBSCRIBE
Decent enough podcast format and intelligent, listenable guests. However, Gabrielle Marcotti's argumentative style (often about his pet subjects or technical minutiae) breaks up the flow. Also, the presenter has a terrible habit of interrupting his guests. Give the job to Allyson Rudd, please.
May as well just shut up these guys!!
Straddling the fence between being entertaining and informative is a difficult task for many podcasts. A doff of my proverbial for the times' bold decision to eschew the fence entirely and be neither lively nor insightful.
Great podcast love Gab Marcotti and the guests
This is my favorite podcast. Plenty of wit and insight. I don't know what these people are talking about! Marcotti is a great host. My summer is not the same when this lot go on break..
Rubbish..... If Marcotti was chocolate, he'd eat himself
Downloaded it after a friend recommended it. Read the reviews that it is a Liverpool podcast more than anything so I figured it must me a few angry ManU fans, but I downloaded episode 33, which goes as follows - tragedy as Muamba falls on the pitch at white hart lane (just one sentence about 5 seconds).. but FIRST, liverpool vs stoke and Downing scored (and a 18 minute discussion about liverpool). Absolutely terrible, especially when you have so many quality football podcasts. If you're a liverpool fan, ull love it. If not, skip it. I learned that Dalglish is the best liverpool coach since Dalglish btw.


Crap boring not fun absolute rubbish
Folks who have no humor and take the entertainment out of football and are missing the point. Missing it big time. Professional sport is not essential to sustaining life on this planet, it is one of many forms of entertainment available. If you live off the back of an entertainment industry shouldn't you make some effort to be entertaining yourself? Those good folks in Liverpool who populate the Kop on game day understand what football is all about. Anyone who has had the privilege of being at Anfiekd on gameday can't help but admire their passion, knowledge AND humor. Like the Kop the Football Weekly podcast seems to have found the elusive balance between serious discussion and entertainment whereas this podcast has not.
Over six years, this has become the definitive football podcast out there. They don't try to be funny, they just give you sharp, incisive analysis without a know-it-all attitude. Oli Kay and Paddy Barclay are the best in the business. Only gripe is that George Caulking isn't on enough.
Even for a Spurs-Man!


By drkotoh
This, Football Weekly (Guardian) are easily two of the best football podcast around. Gab Marcotti's knowledge about the game is incredible.
Arguably the worst podcast I've ever heard. Zero personality. Zero wit. Zero insight. Pure garbage.
Poor knowledge (Huddlestone injury) and horrible manners.