Reviews For Random Access Podcast

Need something to listen to but tired of your music? Come and hear stores from Andy, Dave and the assortment of wacky yet awesome guests. Listen the groanings from Andy, the tangents from the Mathematical Grammar Nazi that is Dave, the ocassional background laughter of the adorable Kate, and the moaning of a cat molesting articles of clothing--really, it happened. Random Access Podcast (from is a mostly hour-long near-weekly podcast from Dave Palay and Andy Low that provides updated news and information ranging from video games, technology, and ocassional variety entertainment. Of course, there is often mention of food in nearly every episode. I have listened to every episode at work on average of four episodes a day (Monday-Friday) and there are some hours where I must restrain my laughter. Dave and Andy are the two most handsomely-sounding voices to run through your ears.
As I stated in the title, this is one of my favorite podcasts to listen to. This is no easy feat considering that I listen to about 20 different podcasts a week. I feel so strongly about the quality of this podcast that I actually made an iTunes account just so I could rate it. I've been a long-time listener of the show. I'm not sure exactly when I started listening, but I think it was somewhere around episode 15. One of the reasons that I like the RANDOM Access Podcast is exactly that: the random-ness. Most of the other podcasts that I listen to are about one specific genre (gaming, movies, sports, television), but this one covers them all. It's also very educational. I don't think I've ever listened to an episode and not learned something. Maybe it wasn't something that I wanted to know, but educational nonetheless. It's also nice to listen to a podcast that doesn't take itself too seriously. It's always entertaining listening to Andy and Dave ramble on about anything. And often they will ramble on about nothing, which is still entertaining.