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Whether I agree with her opinions or not truly doesn’t matter. I simply can no longer abide Tracie Hotchner’s rudeness. She invites amazing guests and spends her entire time on-air with them spouting off, over summarizing, answering her own questions, and barely allowing guests any semblance of a chance to get an edgewise word in. I listened longer than I should have because I enjoyed book recommendations, but every time I listened, Hotchner made me want to throw my phone in frustration. Seriously, Hotchner, learn some interview tactics (and some manners wouldn’t hurt either).
Unfortunately this podcast is a waste of time. They do invite some special guests who have written great books but Tracy keeps criticizing most of them telling them what she thinks and how things should be according to her. Like the interview to Chopra's son in which she had the audacity to ask him if he knew that dogs could be house-trained! She is very rude and disrespectful and she supports the purchase of puppies! The worst episode is 10-15-2010 when she interviewed a supposed "trainer" who refuses to adopt a dog and encourages people to buy a puppy instead. I think that it's a shame that a woman like Tracy doesn't take advantage of the great guests that she sometimes has and she just wastes everybody's time talking about superficial stuff and her ignorant opinions.
great radio show and great advice even if i don't agree with her sometimes. all pet lovers make sure to subscribe.
Yes, she is opinionated, but she is very informative. The podcast is fun to listen to and informative to boot. The information that is given is from experts. You can lear n about anything, from basic training to basic care. However, the podcast should be under training, not comedy. There is no jazz painist on the show! There is an astounding breadth of info presented. For example, If you are interested in learning about canine nutrition and what to look for in dog food, or if you are interested in how dogs are trained for search and rescue or police work or If you are interested in Canine health or getting expert veterinary advice on everything from diarrhea to diabetes or if you wondered how to get started in dog or agility shows, etc this is the podcast for you.
I listened to the first 30 of these and then unsubscribed. You could listen to one and get the gist. The rest are all the same. There is not really much info on training or behavior. Mostly the show covers health. Her answer to all health problems is the axe she has to grind on food. I got sick of her going on and on about food. She disagrees with her well credentialed guests that they aren't as "researched" as her -- but fails to back up any of her opinions. I don't know what to believe when I don't get the proof and all I get is info from someone who "wrote a book." Speaking of her book - she will mention it about 50 times each show. Don't get me wrong -- I REALLY liked her at first. It just wears on you. Try "naughtius maximus"
Hotchner is super-opinionated, so she's fun to listen to. But sometimes her opinions can grate on the nerves, especially when she talks more than the great guests she has on. She sometimes openly disagrees with vets she has on (her actual credentials are murky) especially when it comes to what to feed a dog. She insists all kibble, no matter how high quality, is bad as a main food. I know plenty of experts who think that's bunk. If, like anything else, you take her ideas and put them into the mix, then make your own decisions, the podcast is lively and entertaining. And she does seem to care a lot about about the welfare of dogs.